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My parrot fish have laid eggs

Recently moved my fish from a 10 gallon tank to a 29 gallon and it appears as they have laid eggs inside a clay pot.

does anyone know how long it will take for the eggs to hatch or even if they really will hatch? 


My Blood Parrots had babies, Fry


I am new to this site have 2 blood parrots and seen something odd swimming around thought a worm?  I then realized was baby fish I took out with Turkey Baster.


Mating Photos

OK, here is the latest spawning of Dory & Cory. #1 Shows Dory in the foreground swollen with eggs. #2 Shows Dory's ovipositior ready for egg laying. #3 Shows Dory laying her eggs with Cory waiting to fertilize them, which hasn't done any good so far. This is their 3rd spawning and as yet no fertile eggs. Fascinating to watch but I'm beginning to feel sorry for them, especially Dory as she keeps looking for her babies . . .


2nd Spawning in a month

Well Cory and Dory have done it again. Came home to find eggs on the heater this time! Can't imagine how that will go but at least they keep trying. It's a community tank so they don't seem to be inhibited by the other fish. Plus they don't hassle the other fish, just stake out their spot and go about their business. I'll have to get some pics to post.


They're at it again

I dont know if I wrote in my last couple of posts that my Parrots, well the females anyway, are egg laying machines. The male will hang with both females when they are laying eggs but he is definitly paired up with this one girl who has become a very successful egg layer. I bought this new cave thing that the both of them have been in for the past two days and I dont know for sure yet but I think they might be on the verge of a successful breed. Theres about fifty eggs being extremely well protected and they appear to be getting larger.


Hundreds of eggs

I found another reason why Ive never seen eggs before, they blend in with my gravel! The eggs that are being laid are clear to an off white. I guess the eggs are coming out bad from the get go because all these guys are doing is eating them. It seems like a whole lot of trouble to go through with all the preparing just to eat the eggs. I think they probably dont plan on eating them but if there is something wrong with them then they do eat them.



There are those of you who I am sure have read all my past posts on my fish and the egg laying or non egg laying rituals she sometimes (they), go through. Well, this latest time has all the usual activities in place. She is at the stage where her and her partner are in the cave taking turns who stays in the cave and who takes a quick swim around the cave chasing away any fish that come close. She has removed most all of the gravel that lays beneath one of the stones.


what are your thoughts

In my tank I have a small 1" white parrot. Petdumb told me it was a Blood Parrot and would turn orange eventually. I've learned it's probably a jellybean cross and will never turn orange. I also have 2 Blood Parrots (Dudley&Deloris) who are much bigger and bully the small jellybean (Fionn), often not allowing him out of his castle. My female blood parrot laid eggs and they hatched. Dudley and Deloris are very protective and move them around. Since BPs are sterile, my assumption is that my little Fionn fertilized the eggs but I'm not sure how.


crossing with red devil

I really, really want to try my hand at breeing my own parrot babies. I have 2 parrots which I know are female (have previously spawned with male parrots) and have just bought a young (hopefully) male red devil. I was thinking of adding both females to the tank so that he can take his pick and then remove the extra female.

Does anybody have any experience with this? Is there anything I should do to encourage them?




Solo egg laying?

After three years, my blood parrot cichlid began laying eggs.  She's the only fish in her tank and always has been.  Previously, I'd read the fish wouldn't lay eggs without a mate present.  Has anyone else ever had a fish begin laying eggs alone?  Is there a "maturation" age for fish?  Are there water conditions that suddenly triggered my fish to begin laying eggs alone?  I don't really mind that she lays eggs since she's very (ew) diligent about cleaning them up.  I'm mostly just curious if anyone else has experienced this.



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