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This is a community ebook that any member of can contribute to! Our aim is to collect the wisdom of all our many years of experience caring for Parrot Cichlids in one place! Private message me to get authoring rights. Many of the articles need work, so don't be afraid to jump in!



i have two parrot fish i think they are king kong parrot fish One is of Yelow colour and other one change coloue some it look yellow and some some time light pink.

well the light pink one love to dig arround and larg then the yellow one. there is a U shape Tupe is comming out from the bottom. and he/she is aggrasive with other one.

The yellow one is calm and quite dont dig arround at all. it also have tube coming out from the bottom but bigger or round then the other one. The yellow one color is brighter then other.

I want to breed them. i have a 30 gallon aquarium. tell me do i have a male and female and what setup should i make?


If the dorsal-fin of just one ids more poited at the trailing end than rounded in shape, you have a female. And if they do DO spawn a fry: Congradulations! You just found a way to maka extra money... And alot, for what this speicies goes for!