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Greens/Veggies-Good as Part of a Regular Diet?

I've heard that feeding peas aids in the digestion of fish when they are having GI issues, and that feeding greens/veggies weekly aids in good digestion. I was curious as to whether this was true or not. I was going to alter my parrot's diet and offer him a bit of greens once a week. I was thinking of purchasing the "emerald entree" frozen food. Suggestions?


its been awhile

but now i got a 4 inch blood parrot thats in charge of some mean african cichlids he was with community fish but he killed som.of those hope he dont kill my africans or firemouths is it possible?

Site Updates!

Hi all, 

I am in the process of upgrading the site to the latest version of Drupal, so it may change appearance randomly. Please be patient till I get it right!! 

Our original photo gallery is online again! You can view it here:



My Last Blood parrot has this bump

Can  anyone tell me what it is? She's had it a long time and it does not seem to bother her or bother my other fish but now  the skin is  appears to be ripping away from it as it gets bigger. I have tryed several treatments but nothing  has worked so clearly no one  so far knows what it is. Then I remembered this site and thought I'd run it past you  folks.. Any Knowledge on  what it is, how to get rid of it would be much appreiated. Thanks. Sorry for the bad photos, sometimes she hides when I take photos and this night was one of them.

need some advice....we had 4 parrots and all was well until ....

my hubby brought home a gourami....it didn't look well, missing some scales and kinda pinky looking flesh.  I told him next time to wear his glasses when he is picking out fish.  Anywhoo, thought it would get better, in short, the fish died in a mattter of a few weeks.  Next thing my parrot is showing the same signs....scale loss, looks like a skin disease almost peeling.  I removed him, then another one got it....this is all within 2 weeks.  I am now left with my 2 oldest parrots who so far have not shown any sign of scale loss or discolour.  I have done water changes every 3 days and turn


using nerite snails to control brown algae

Just got 3 tiger nerite snails yesterday to reduce some of the brown algae or diatoms on my aquarium glass. I just finished closing up the top lid excluding my 2 power filter openings to keep my snails from sneaking out the tank. I'm impressed so far from the algae they have consumed. I did a research and nerite snails were the best snails for eating algae and they will not reproduce on fresh water. They are also cute and fun to watch, but poop a lot. Has anyone here have nerite snails, and how long have yours lived or living? I'm fascinated with lifespans of living creatures.


Biggest and longest lived or living blood parrots

Just checking to see what is the biggest blood parrot known from personal experience or rumors? And the same for longest lived or living. This is for regular blood parrots only. I got my 2 bps about 2 yrs ago when they were about an inch and a half.


Something to keep this site fun/interesting

I check into this site from time to time to see if anyone has posted anything new and sometimes weeks could go by without something new being posted. I am interested in knowing what everyone else who tunes into this site has in their tank. Like me for example, along with my 2 adult Blood Parrots that I have in my tank since 2011 I also have two juvenile Blood Parrots, 2) 1 8in. Red Tailed Tinfoil Barb, 3) 4 Silver Dollars 1 of which is a true Silver Dollar while the other three may have some Pacu in them or they are from a different body of water.

Wanting to interfere

I basically returned two adult male Parrots over the course of the last 6 months because of their behavior when the two females start to lay their eggs. I have since bought two babies that I dont have any idea what their sex is and decided that if they do the same stuff the prior 2 males were doing I'll live with it. Whats happening now is I have these two females who have a cycle in which they lay eggs where when one is done the other starts. One of the females is more dominant than the other and doesnt allow the other one to lay her eggs in peace.

Say hello to my little friend(s) ;)

Meet Cheddar (big) and Pylon (little)!  Plus Spike, the photobombing pleco. 

files/Cheddar and Pylon.jpg

Hoping to add a new baby Parrot tomorrow, pending the powers that be - and the warehouses in Singapore - come through for me.

Black coloring on fin

Okay, I have had my 2 BP cichlids for about a month now. One of them had grayish black spots on its face.

files/fish face.PNG


ALL BP's are dip dyed?

I was just at the local fish store to see if they had any Parrots in. She told me ALL orange Blood Parrots are dip dyed. Everything I can find online says BP's are naturally orange (and can also be tan, brownish, etc.). I don't want a dyed fish, but I do want an orange one. Am I out of luck or is she just an idiot?

I tried telling her that my 10+yo parrot was still orange the day she died, but she just said "sometimes the dye takes years to wear off".


BP's and Tiger Barbs? Q's about cohabitation and tank size.

I could use some input on my planned tank community before I implement it. I want to do a dedicated Parrot tank (no other cichlids) and would like to put my school of 12 Albino Tiger Barbs in as dither fish. Currently my tank is an established 75g with two juvenile BP's and a handful of baby yellow labs we're growing out before we put them in the cichlid tank. The labs will be evicted before any changes are made.

The Barbs are still quite small, the largest are about the size of nickels. They're currently in the 20g Time Out/Hospital Tank but we're going to need that back!


My male Parrot

Im getting upset with my male Parrot, he figured out he cant fertilize the eggs of either female after numerous tries so now when she lays her eggs he aggressively eats them while she is laying them and attacks her as well. He has become quite vicious with these attacks. I took him out of the tank a while ago to measure him ( 6 1/2 in.) and to my suprise I found this guy has hard teeth up front so I know he is hurting my females. I actually want to see if another cichlid like my Severum would fertilize the eggs because I would love to have fish that were born and raised in my tank.

Growth on Face of Parrot

Hello eaveryone!  This is my first post and I need help with one of my Parrot's.  On the center of his face os a large growth.  It started out red like a large pimple but has grown to having a cauliflower look to it.  He has had these one other time and they cleared up, only to return.  None of his tank mates have any of the same problems.  He still eats and swims ok.  I have him in a hospital tank by himself now with Melafix (thought maybe it would help).  He also has missing scales on the sides.  My water is all within the good range.  I think I am a bit overstocked so I am reducing my fi


Parrot with large white patches

I have two Parrots that are about 6 years old they have been in the same tank for that period of time with various other Cichlids.  A few weeks ago I found one of the Parrots laying on the bottom of the tank the other swimming (no problem) I moved the sick one to a hospital tank it had changed color from orange to almost white.  I added another bubbler into the tank and after 24 hrs it seemed to be doing much better.  It's color seemed to be with some orange but white patches had formed on it's body.  The next few days the other Parrot was turning white but still had some orange but with sa


Can I have one blood parrot or do they need others?

Right now I have 2 young blood parrots. They are both about 2 inches. Right now they are in a 30 gallon tank. I know this is too small but they were a friends that had them in an even smaller tank. I know I will have to upgrade if I want to keep both. But I was wondering if I could keep one in this tank? It is a bow front so it is a little wider. One of the fish comes out and swims and I can tell is the more dominate one of the two. The other just sits in the cornor or in one of the hiding places. 

Dwarf Parrot Cichlid

Has anyone came across this species? TOPPY PARROT FISH CICHLID.

Pearl White in color and ARE SAID TO REMAIN SMALL (2 in).

What are it's possible parents?

Cichlid Stones for Blood Parrots

Hi Everyone, Has anyone been able to find a cichlid stone with a large enough opening for a Blood Parrot?  My guy (or gal!) is about 4 inches tall and long.  Does anyone know of where I can find a stone large and tall enough for him?  (His name is Mr. Peaches, and I've had him 4 or 5 years.)  He had a stone that he loved when he was smaller.  I've looked everywhere for one for him.



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