Growth on Face of Parrot

Hello eaveryone!  This is my first post and I need help with one of my Parrot's.  On the center of his face os a large growth.  It started out red like a large pimple but has grown to having a cauliflower look to it.  He has had these one other time and they cleared up, only to return.  None of his tank mates have any of the same problems.  He still eats and swims ok.  I have him in a hospital tank by himself now with Melafix (thought maybe it would help).  He also has missing scales on the sides.  My water is all within the good range.  I think I am a bit overstocked so I am reducing my fi


Parrot with large white patches

I have two Parrots that are about 6 years old they have been in the same tank for that period of time with various other Cichlids.  A few weeks ago I found one of the Parrots laying on the bottom of the tank the other swimming (no problem) I moved the sick one to a hospital tank it had changed color from orange to almost white.  I added another bubbler into the tank and after 24 hrs it seemed to be doing much better.  It's color seemed to be with some orange but white patches had formed on it's body.  The next few days the other Parrot was turning white but still had some orange but with sa


Can I have one blood parrot or do they need others?

Right now I have 2 young blood parrots. They are both about 2 inches. Right now they are in a 30 gallon tank. I know this is too small but they were a friends that had them in an even smaller tank. I know I will have to upgrade if I want to keep both. But I was wondering if I could keep one in this tank? It is a bow front so it is a little wider. One of the fish comes out and swims and I can tell is the more dominate one of the two. The other just sits in the cornor or in one of the hiding places. 

Dwarf Parrot Cichlid

Has anyone came across this species? TOPPY PARROT FISH CICHLID.

Pearl White in color and ARE SAID TO REMAIN SMALL (2 in).

What are it's possible parents?

Cichlid Stones for Blood Parrots

Hi Everyone, Has anyone been able to find a cichlid stone with a large enough opening for a Blood Parrot?  My guy (or gal!) is about 4 inches tall and long.  Does anyone know of where I can find a stone large and tall enough for him?  (His name is Mr. Peaches, and I've had him 4 or 5 years.)  He had a stone that he loved when he was smaller.  I've looked everywhere for one for him.


tank size

Hi I would like to know why most web sites dealing with blood parrots say a 55 gallon is the minimum tank size for 2 adult parrots. I am hoping that the tank size on this web site is correct as I have a 46.75 gallon tank and love the parrot fish. I have not purchased them yet because I thought my tank was too small.  Any thoughts? Thanks so much for any help.  



Sick it time to humanely euthanize? Pleas help :o(

Please help. I am so upset and sad about my fish and if it's time I want to help him/her die peaceully and quickly...or should I keep trying to save?


Swim Bladder - Cure

Guys Please help, 02 out of my 04 parrots are showing symtoms of swim bladder disease. I have tried served them peas, added salt no improvment. They are with me for more than a year now, it is the first time i am expereincing swim related problems. 



Parrot Fish Biting the Other one

I have 2 parrot fish, (The red parrot fish) but one is biting each other... SO IF YOU PLEASE HELP me what do I have to do? Only one is biting  and the other one is not biting at all, I don't know whats going on.  I don't know, but I am soo afraid if one of them is injured as I don't know if one of the parrot fish came up ... The upper fin is tore up by another. please help me. what should i do? My aquarium size is 2ft*1ft.


Emergent Plants in Aquarium

Emergent, fast growing plants are good for dealing with nitrates in the water. I'm using lucky bamboo successfully. Has anyone found any other effective emergent plants?

Thank you!


Dying of Old Age?

Hi all.  I have been away for awhile...hope everyone is well.  Anyway, to refresh...I have four large blood parrots (8-9 inches) 2 are 8 and 2 are 7 years old. 

Black lips

Just noticed that my parrot has black lips can any one help with what it could be 


They're at it again

I dont know if I wrote in my last couple of posts that my Parrots, well the females anyway, are egg laying machines. The male will hang with both females when they are laying eggs but he is definitly paired up with this one girl who has become a very successful egg layer. I bought this new cave thing that the both of them have been in for the past two days and I dont know for sure yet but I think they might be on the verge of a successful breed. Theres about fifty eggs being extremely well protected and they appear to be getting larger.


Shy Parrot

I got a lovely female about two weeks ago, and while she's awfully sweet and gentle, she is VERY timid.

Before I go on, she's in perfect health, her color is bright, eyes are clear, she's eating fine. It's just every time I walk past the tank, or even when the dogs walk past the tank, she takes off like a bat out of hell for one of her caves. :/

Hundreds of eggs

I found another reason why Ive never seen eggs before, they blend in with my gravel! The eggs that are being laid are clear to an off white. I guess the eggs are coming out bad from the get go because all these guys are doing is eating them. It seems like a whole lot of trouble to go through with all the preparing just to eat the eggs. I think they probably dont plan on eating them but if there is something wrong with them then they do eat them.



A while ago I posted having to return one of my Parrots, a male, for overly aggressive behavior towards all of my fish (during an egg laying situation with his mate) Well, the same thing is happening with this other guy! Its weird because I had four Parrots, two of them orange and two of them this yellow kind of color. It turns out both orange fish are definitly females and these yellow types are both male.

Aggressive BP when cleaning tank?

I've had Einstein since mid-July. No clue if it is male or female but I've assigned it a "he". He is around 3 inches long and lives in a 30g with 2 Emerald Corys and 1 Leopard Pleco. He has been fine with them. My question is about his aggressive behavior towards ME. He has become more and more aggressive towards my hand when I am rearranging or cleaning his tank. It doesn't hurt, per say, but it scares the crap out of me and he has become pretty relentless.

The mysterious egg case solved!

After months of posts about my female acting like shes laying eggs but never was I able to see any, I finally know why. I recently purchased this driftwood cave like thing for my tank. Its big with a few different ways in a few different ways out and the coolest ornament my tank has ever seen and for a hundred bux you know this things gotta be nice!

pH question...

I don't actually have the parrots -yet- but I absolutely plan on getting two of them. My question is this:


The current pH in my tank is 8.2. Through research, I've found that this is a bit too high for parrots. My problem is that I live in Ohio, and our water is just...hard as heck.


How do I soften it? Do I actually need to soften it, or would they be okay with that? I found something about peat moss but it didn't really say if you had to plant it or what to do with it...


Help? lol


My Parrot Fish Has Become Lethargic, What Could Be Wrong?

My biggest Parrot has become lethargic overnight. He is usually the boss of the tank, first to greet me when I come near the tank, first to get to the food. I noticed last night that it now hides all the time and does not come to me with the other fish when I come near the tank. At feeding time he doesn't look too interested in food. He may eat a little, but then spits it back out and thrashes around. This is a greedy fish who can eat a pea whole, never spits out anything.


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