Thinking of buying a couple.

I had some several years ago and just got rid of my Discus so, I have  a 75 gallon available.  Can someone tell me the difference between the jellybeans and the blood parrots?  Do they do better in a group or singly?

blood parrot massage

Found this on youtube and like to share it. My only concern is rubbing off the fish's slime coat.

One Parrot bullying the other

My two blood parrots have been living in harmony for almost 2 years.  About two months ago, I started noticing that the female fish was not growing at the same rate as the male fish and that she was having trouble eating.  I starting hand-feeding her but she could still not keep up with the amount of food the other was eating.  Two weeks ago, I notice her lip was white/swollen and it appeared to be a fungus growing on it.  I removed her promptly and she spent 8 days in a "hospital tank" getting medication.  I returned her to the main tank two days ago.  This is when the problems really star

new addition

Hi all, long time since I posted, just lost 2 of my blood parrots 3 weeks ago,on the same night,had them for ten years,and were a pair, no problem with the water or anything, everything tested fine,no diease that I could see, I have waited till now just to make sure, my other two parrots are doing fine as are the other fish so i think I,m going to add more now

I think 3 baby ones together so no single one gets bullied, sort of share the aggression about!

one of my long time parrots died

I have a question, I had purchased a pair of parrots back in April, 2008, they havd been inseparable for the past 6 yrs. I think one was a female and one a male (not sure) becasue they would lay eggs periodically and stick them to rocks and fan them for several days. Well, this week I found one dead. I believe, based on the size and color (a deep tangerine orange) it was the male. the other one is smaller and more pineapple color.

My question ..... is it best to re-pair it  (no pun intended) immediately ? Or is it advisable to give it some time.

king kong parrot

I was thinking that is sometimes of parrots mouth closing is ok????

prime seachem water conditioner new label I have been using prime for over 2 years during my water changes and have not run in any problems so far. So I decided to save some money by ordering a 2L bottle from amazon received today. I noticed the container design is different. The front has english and spanish.

Mystery Illness

I have two medium sized parrot cichlids (about 5-6in.) that are housed in a 36 gal. tank they were moved into about two months ago. I have had them for over 4 years now but I am by no means an expert keeper on parrot cichlids so I am looking for some help! While one fish is always healthy (knock on wood), the other seems to get sick quite often. Right now, he/she just stays near the top corner of the tank and appears to be quite lethargic. This fish is also quite large and pale in the belly area and has little to no appetite at all.


Mating Photos

OK, here is the latest spawning of Dory & Cory. #1 Shows Dory in the foreground swollen with eggs. #2 Shows Dory's ovipositior ready for egg laying. #3 Shows Dory laying her eggs with Cory waiting to fertilize them, which hasn't done any good so far. This is their 3rd spawning and as yet no fertile eggs. Fascinating to watch but I'm beginning to feel sorry for them, especially Dory as she keeps looking for her babies . . .


is this normal?

I have noticed my blood parrots above their noses and between their eyes seemed to be missing some skin and exposing their flesh. They both seem fine. I dont recall seeing other blood parrots have this. Is this normal? Its beginnging to worry me. Attached are pics one of them.

Funny behavior

white spot mouth fungus

I recently noticed one of my bp has a white spot under her lower inside lip. I did an online search which matches something of a mouth fungus. My water conditions are fine: 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 15 nitrate, 84 degrees My 2 bps share a 50 gallon tank with 10 tiger barbs and 2 nerite snails. This is the first time any bacterial infections have happened. I just did a 50% water change today and added aquarium salt. My bp seems to be normal and still eats. Hopefully in a few days the mouth fungus will go away. Has anyone had any mouth fungus with your bp?


Parrot Color?

Hi! Got a question about my parrot's color. Sometimes, she's bright bright tangerine orange....but most of the time, she's very washed out and pale. Is there anything I can do to get that healthy orange glow to stick around? My smaller parrot is bright all the time, just a gorgeous dark the larger one sick?


2nd Spawning in a month

Well Cory and Dory have done it again. Came home to find eggs on the heater this time! Can't imagine how that will go but at least they keep trying. It's a community tank so they don't seem to be inhibited by the other fish. Plus they don't hassle the other fish, just stake out their spot and go about their business. I'll have to get some pics to post.




Hello from MA

Hi, I've been reading here a while, just decided to join today. I wish it was a bit more active, but a lot of good info here. Someday I will figure out how to post a pic of my 3 parrots.......frown

P.S. Looks like I found it below! LOLOL

Wow! try this

Searching Flickr for "blood parrot" gets you back an incredible display of more fish than you can imagine, and some really nice tanks:


My BP Pair

Hope I did this right. Cory is broadside and Dory is behind looking toward the camera, in the first photo. As you can see Cory is much paler and doesn't have the radical BP face. Dory is very BP looking and much darker. You can see her a little better in the second photo. This is when they first started digging holes. They have since spawned but I don't think the eggs are any good. Just as an FYI: I've noticed many posts about how shy the BP's are . . . mine are not shy at all. That's a big reason I got them. At the store the clerk pointed out what a personality they have and that his would eat right out of his fingers. When I brought them home, even while they were stilling floating in the bags they were all curious. Cory, the male, always comes to wherever I am around the tank, up to the surface when I open the lid and stays there while I talk to him. Dory was starting to do the same but now has eggs to watch, so I'm not very important. The tank sits on a low counter between the kitchen and living room so they are 'exposed' on all sides. Doesn't bother them at all.

Community TankMates

My 2 BP's seem very sweet natured and have turned out to be a pair as already have 1st spawning. I had no idea what would or wouldn't work with BP's so just went with what I like. Initially a male Betta, a female Betta, 5 Fire Dwarf gouramis and a few days later 4 small Blue Gouramis. First the female Betta got nailed, then the male Betta.


What Fun Fish

Can't believe how excited I am to have discovered Parrot Cichlids. Bought 2 at the local PetSmart which meant a new aquarium. Haven't had a tank in years. Knew nothing about BP's but the Internet sure had lots to say, much not good. Thrilled I found this site. Have much to share, including photos once I settle in and get more familiar with posting process here.


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