Newest Fry

I have 2 BP's in my tank (Dudley and Deloris) and although Bp's are generally sterile I have successfully had fry 3 times. D&D are very bonded. I had Dudley first and he wasn't doing well, he was my first ever fish and I was inexperienced. In fear he might die I was asking the pet shop advice and they had another beautiful BP that I picked up as a replacement. The moment I put her in the tank he was a whole different fish. He became bright orange and literally swam circles around her (wish I had video of this). They have lived together in a cave for about a year now.


Okay, so, I have 3 parrots in a 75 gallon. All 3 get along alright, though one of them seems to be the lowest in the pecking order. But just recently, the bullying has gotten worse. Now, both of the other fish are attacking the third fish, and I'm concerned. I -think- it's because they're all kind of in the breeding mood, the two bullies have been digging up the sand in the tank as though they're trying to find a place to lay eggs, and I'm pretty sure their egg tubes are out. I'm not entirely certain of the sex on all the parrots.


What is wrong with my baby? :(

Molly is about 3 1/2 years old. I've noticed lately that she shakes. It's rather odd, and I'm kind of concerned. Is there something wrong with her? 


I recently got King Kong Parrot fish and now one of them has some black stuff above his head. Ever since I got them, I changed the water once and I feed them regularly. Is it a sickness or is it stress. PLEASE HELP

NEW BLOOD parrots

thought i would post picture of my new guys .


omg i tried adding a couple zebra cichlids and my peacok cichlid.and bloodparoot

Chased both.them.relentlessly and killed them

i have a blood parrot a lace catfish and a few tiger barbs in a 55 gallon tank

My other three cichlids died water is still good is there anything I could get with the blood parrot lace catfish and tiger barbs?

does anyone know how long they take to grow

id like to move mine with my other cichlids when he gets bigger and anyone know where i could find a kirin parrot cichlid?

blood parrot he calmed down.

He turned nice and.the angle fish and.him.get

blood parrot vs anglefish

I got a new blood parrot today and my angle fish started picking on him then the blood parrot started fighting back the angle fish is twice his size but he's pushing hard pretty good and I was wondering if I should.leave there or put the blood parrot in the 55 gallon with the couple African cichlids fire mouths and jewel cichlid

White Blood Parrot

gettin blood parrot today

I'm him in my community tank until he grows a bit cuz I got some.cichlids.for free so far little aggression auratus 2 fire mouths 1 jewel cihlid 1 peacock cichlid and still have the lace catfish if he has problems in.that tank I'll move the blood parrot to community if he don't bother the angle fish or other fish

bully bp.

I have 5 parrot fish with different colors. yellow, white, green, blue,and purple. i think the yellow and white are teaming up. and the yelow one bullies the other 3 fishes. is this normal? what do you think guys. pls educate me.


has anyone else seen the youtube video where someone puts a single blood parrot in a tankof pirahanahs how could someone be so stupid

open tank

I have two 55 gallons one is a community one has just a synodist catfish could I add a blood parrot with the catfish all the African.cichlids got.disease a few months ago and died now I'm.sure my tank ready and.could I.get.some other semi aggressive fish or will the catfish.and blood parrot be too mean also I have the peaceful community tank I can't put a blood parrot in there due to cherrry barbs.guppies.ect

Thinking of buying a couple.

I had some several years ago and just got rid of my Discus so, I have  a 75 gallon available.  Can someone tell me the difference between the jellybeans and the blood parrots?  Do they do better in a group or singly?

blood parrot massage

Found this on youtube and like to share it. My only concern is rubbing off the fish's slime coat.

One Parrot bullying the other

My two blood parrots have been living in harmony for almost 2 years.  About two months ago, I started noticing that the female fish was not growing at the same rate as the male fish and that she was having trouble eating.  I starting hand-feeding her but she could still not keep up with the amount of food the other was eating.  Two weeks ago, I notice her lip was white/swollen and it appeared to be a fungus growing on it.  I removed her promptly and she spent 8 days in a "hospital tank" getting medication.  I returned her to the main tank two days ago.  This is when the problems really star

new addition

Hi all, long time since I posted, just lost 2 of my blood parrots 3 weeks ago,on the same night,had them for ten years,and were a pair, no problem with the water or anything, everything tested fine,no diease that I could see, I have waited till now just to make sure, my other two parrots are doing fine as are the other fish so i think I,m going to add more now

I think 3 baby ones together so no single one gets bullied, sort of share the aggression about!

one of my long time parrots died

I have a question, I had purchased a pair of parrots back in April, 2008, they havd been inseparable for the past 6 yrs. I think one was a female and one a male (not sure) becasue they would lay eggs periodically and stick them to rocks and fan them for several days. Well, this week I found one dead. I believe, based on the size and color (a deep tangerine orange) it was the male. the other one is smaller and more pineapple color.

My question ..... is it best to re-pair it  (no pun intended) immediately ? Or is it advisable to give it some time.


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