Update on the Tank



Still cycling

 My tank is still cycling after more than 3 weeks. I am trying to be patient, but i want to have a clear tank. I have added beneficial bacteria, done 15% water changes every other day, and still cloudy. What elase can i do to clear things up, or am i in too much of a hurry?

BP health size & diet

Whats up club I'm new here and I have 2 blood parrots in my 30 gallon. I recently had a 10, and this 30 gallon is huge and they love it. They are small, 2 inches so far. I rescued my first one from walmart he was hiding, and he looked good with a smiley face stress spot. I saved him and within a week he will let me feed him by hand and it insists in me touching is as it does come up and kiss my hand/arm. The second one is acting the same as the first did when i first got it. Hiding and not coming out. i have plenty of nice hiding spots.


I have a big Pleco

  I have some Parrots, some silver Dollars, a clown loach, 2 oscars, and an electric blue cichlid in my 75 gallon tank. I also have a 5 inch long Pleco in another tank. I would like him to be in the 75 tank, but several people have told me that plecos can be nasty especially since they are nocturnal fish, and I wouldn't see their true behavior and interaction with the other fish. What does anyone think about adding him? Do you think he will leave the parrots alone, or will this be a bad idea?


Need some advice for my cory

I have a 55 gallon with 2 BP's, 4 tetras, and a cory cat. I had some other fish that didn't survive and ick outbreak. I initially had three cory cats. Two of them died after the ick was clear. I had water tested at the lfs, and they said everything tested fine. Please don't ask numbers because that was a month ago. I have one cory left who for the last week I kept having to pull off of the filter. I thought he was dead, but when I get him with the net he takes off. He hasn't been as active. I've put him in a nursing tank just to be safe. Any idea what might be wrong with him?

Regular maintenance

Proper maintenance of your tank and fish includes keeping a healthy and clean environment. You need to do regular water changes,, cleaning the gravel, rinsing/cleaning the filter media, removing any dead/decaying material (fish, plants, food), and monitoring the water temp and chemistry. It is vital you know at least the pH, ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate levels. Keeping your water in proper balance can help to avoid disease and fish loss. You may be able to detect a problem and correct it before your fish become ill or die. Invest in a water testing kit.

My parrot is ill. Help pls

Hi. For a few days already, my four year old parrot becomes so pale in the morning and goes to the surface as if it could not breathe. This is the first time it happened for an unknown reason. I have 2 other parrots that are fine and healthy.

I also checked the mouth but I couldn’t see any obstruction. During the afternoon and evening, it retains its red-orange color but becomes pale again early in the morning.

My tank is a 50-gallon, densely planted. I keep the water temperature at 24-26 degrees Celsius. I have a few guppies and shrimps in it.


new tank mates


i want to add some 3 German blue rams and a new parrot to my tank 

i have:

2 sword tails

1 black skirt tetra 

1 elephant nose

1 Parrot cichlid

do you think they will get along fine??


thanx laugh



i know this has nothing to dowith bloodparrots but i like advise from here i have a ten gallon tank that id like to set up as a 10 gallon nano reef tank  i know i can only have 2-3 lil fish in there with a couple invetabrates but any help or advise is appreciated this would b my first saltwater tanki know i have more work to do than a freshwater tank


My baby blood parrots in new tank

heart I tryed today to see these shy little guys...I took their log out just to make sure I still have 6 healthy cichlids. They all came out and didn't act too upset about my rearranging the log. A couple of them actually ate a few flakes. I really didn't want to disturb them but it's been 3 days and I haven't seen them at all. I am so excited to finally have them in my new 75 gallon tank.


im just going to keep posting until someone helps me so whatkind of fish should i get in with my

1 blood parrot

1 africanccihlid shy of the blood parrot

4 tiger barbs soon to be 8

1 lace catfish in a 55 gallon tank


Can any one help

Hi I have two small parrots and they are very shy and reclusive. Have had them now for about 6 weeks. I started out with just 1 but it was acting like it was dieing by liying on its side.the guy at the fish store suggested byeing a second one for company. That hasent worked. So now I have upgraded my tank so that have more hiding spaces. That to has had no affect can anyone help me as I am clean out of ideas.  

help with tankmates

I have one blood parrot a lace catfish an african cichlid not that mean and 5 tiger barbs i was wondering wat else i could add there is this site called pet soloutions i can order live cichlids and wat cichlids would b good with them and the cichlids i can get in my area multie africajn cuz they r assrted for american ones red devil jaguar convict blood parrot but i want different ones variety of fish firemouth a jewel cichlid not sure were that came from jack dempsey red flowerhorn red texas cichlid us anything on pet soloutions so tell me wat else i can put with.my fish that live in a 55


New to this

I am just setting up a small 22-gallon tank with my goal to buy one really nice Parrot cichlid.  I know this is a small setup but might be moving so want to start here.  I would like advice as to what would be some nice fish to put with him as well as any links to how to make the tank itself attractive.  I know this is basic and I am reading, but I wanted to at least get something started.  Thanks much.


Are They Friendly

When ever I put other kinds of fish with them, the new fish die. Even the fish who eats, ceans after them. Once I went to a store and he have those kid of fish and I asked him about them. He said they are strong and they do not welcom any other types of fish. When I first got them i had added with them extras on later days but all of them ( the new and old) are orange parrot cichlids, I think that is why they did not fight. Now the tank have orange Parrot Cichlids.  

What fish do not fight with them? What kinds of fish can live with orange Parrot Cichlids in peace? 

The Fish Is Up Side Down


The fish I have sometimes have prolems. They go upside down like if the fish was deas but its not and it have hard times to swim and if it wants to eat. I read in some websites and some people say the fish become like this because they have air inside thier body due of lots of air in the tank because of the air- pumpers but I had lots of other types of fish and all of them did not have this problem. I am looking forword to read your comments to help me with this problem. 

blood parrot tankmates

Is there any cichlid i could keep with one i got one an african cichlid thats chicken of it tiger barbs and a lace catfish could i add anything thatl get as big as a blood parrot

An unlikely pairing

Hi, I recently took on a tank of freshwater fish (50 gallon) and I'm rather perplexed to find a Kissing Gourami and a parrot that appear to be besotted with each other. They swim together, sleep next to each other and when I've taken the parrot out of the tank and put him in a 'fish hospital' (inflamed gills when the tank was established) the gourami looked visibly distressed and 'searched' for the parrot. I have seen the gourami 'kiss' the parrot a couple of times, but after a 5 minute tussle (no nipping or damage done) they're back to being pals.


Do your research before getting any fish or any other living thing. I have read many posts on here where there are too many fish in a tank, too many aggressive fish put together, or fish too small put in with large fish. Fish die or develop disease from improper care including tank size. I would not listen to advice from your local fish store unless you know that person absolutely knows what they are talking about and are an authority. otherwise it's up to you to do the research so you are knowledgeable.

Killer Parrot Cichlid

Hello All,

I have a Parrot Cichlid who has grown to about 6" long. He had lived in 30 gallon tank with 3 Buenos Aires Tetras and a pPeco. I upgraded to a 55 but just weeks before I moved him to the 55 he took out the biggest Buenos Aires (2 1/2") and the Pleco (3-3 1/2'). He had lived with both for about 2 years.

I got the new 55 gallon tank and figured. I'd try to work some new fish into the mix before I put the cichlid in. I put 14 rosys in to cycle the tank, of which 5 lived. I added the following to the tank:

4 Cory Cats (1 1/2" each)



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