my male died and my female is lonely

I'm not very knowledgeable when it comes to fish. I was given a pair of red parrots and fell in love with them. They spent their lives together and now the male has passed away :( I've never added any fish to their yank and have heard some horror stories. What i do know is that my female is being skittish and looking lonely and i need to get her a friend or give her to someone that has room for another. Any advice on adding anything new for her?

BP couple have destroyed the place

BP male and female have completely destroyed the place. Dug holes everywhere. Ripped up all the plants. Knocked over the statues. Built high walls of gravel and are spawning like rabbits. They have been at it for 48 hours now non stop but I see no eggs. But the male seems to fertilize then go back an eat some invisible item. These are rescue parrots and I know nothing about cichlids. Or really much about fish for that matter. For the first 4 days I've had them I bragged and gushed about what cute little water puppies they were. Had visions of plants for hiding behind, cute driftwood.

Help with filter

Hi all, you all have helped me before and need help now. I have a 60-gal tank from Petsmart with stand and 2 parrot cichlids. It is set up with sand and hardscaped. I had 2 aqueon quiet-flow filters that have not been able to keep the tank clean. My fish are growing well and each around 2-1/2 to 3 inches at present. I went to Petsmart and bought a Marineland C-360 canister filter but it will not fit inside my cabinet and I have hardwood floors as well as pets and am a little concerned about what should happen if this filter failed, which I have read of happening.

Colour loss

Yesterday, I came back from a 2 day trip. When I came back, all 3 of my KK parrots were hiding in the corner. In the begining they would hide and not eat. But 10 min later they started to eat. Also, I noticed that one of the smaller KK parrot fish was losing its orangish colour. I thought it was sick but then I looked at the bigger one and he was not that orangish. Then, today, I saw that the fish is more orange. Is it natural, or are they sick.


Hey Guys Whats up? I don't Know if any of you guys remember me, but its me Jelliott haha. I just felt like coming back on here to see what was going on with the Site and stuff. I also have gotten a new BP recently its pretty tiny only about 3 inches but it gets along great with my other two adult BP's. The last time i was on here was like 3 Years ago when i was like 14 Haha now im 17 obviously, but i just wanted to like keep and update and stuff with you guys as well as whats going on with my old friends like Chrisplosion, Broncomaniac, NeikoMaster and many more!

Is it worth it?

I have 3 KK's in a 20 gal tank. I know I have to upgrade so I went to the fish store to check some tanks out. I found a 75 gal tank with the stand and a filter. It costs $500.Is it worth it?? Please reply quickly the tank was on sale and was $600 originally!

Color change?

I have 7 blood parrots that when I bought them they had some black markings that have gone away as the fish matured.  I recently purchased a parrot fish that they called a "Panda" parrot.  He is a pale orange with black markings.  Does anyone know if the panda parrot will keep the black markings as it matures or will they fade away like the blood parrots' markings did?  If they will keep the black and pale color pattern I would like to get another panda parrot but if they will go away I won't get another.  Please let me know your experiences.

Thank you,


Adding new bp to my already paired set.

So I havea 55 gallon tank with 2 bp had the first one 2 months and added second a mth ago both are happy ana couple  even have laixd eggs (no results lol) they are 4 inches and 5 inches both were adopted .. We are BUying two new ba bies   I want to add them to tyhe tank but worried if fighting will occur? I will have lots plants and hiding spots and will be getiing dither fish Giant danios? with the bristlenose pleco thats in tank these are friendly babys they play with my handsand i can stroke and pet and feed them...

3's a Crowd

I've noticed several posts about BP's who are stressed or being bullied. Very often it's mentioned that there are 3 BP's in the tank. 3 is often the worst number of animals to be kept together because 2 usually buddy up and the 3rd becomes odd man out. Best to have 2 or several instead. 2 works well because if it's a male and a female they might pair up; if it's 2 boys or 2 girls there's no competition for a mate. A large group cuts way down on conflict because rarely is 1 fish/animal singled out and harassed; there's interaction amongst all of them.

Cory & Dory Spawning

First link is actual spawning.

Second link was pre spawning nest building.

is my parrots growth stunted?

my 3 inch blood parrot is in a 10 gallon tank. my parents wont let me get a bigger one because they say its fine. but i feel like i really do need a bigger tank

odd behavior for my Parrot Fish

My fish Effie used to always greet me at her tank, follow my finger, and never hide. I recently changed her water completely becuase i havent in about 2 months (i do partial water changes also), i changed the decorations and put her in. She now hides under the filter in a slanted position and hides all the time! she eats well but barely ever comes out. She comes out but only for certain periods of time. She is 3 inches long and in a ten gallon tank

Newest Fry

I have 2 BP's in my tank (Dudley and Deloris) and although Bp's are generally sterile I have successfully had fry 3 times. D&D are very bonded. I had Dudley first and he wasn't doing well, he was my first ever fish and I was inexperienced. In fear he might die I was asking the pet shop advice and they had another beautiful BP that I picked up as a replacement. The moment I put her in the tank he was a whole different fish. He became bright orange and literally swam circles around her (wish I had video of this). They have lived together in a cave for about a year now.


Okay, so, I have 3 parrots in a 75 gallon. All 3 get along alright, though one of them seems to be the lowest in the pecking order. But just recently, the bullying has gotten worse. Now, both of the other fish are attacking the third fish, and I'm concerned. I -think- it's because they're all kind of in the breeding mood, the two bullies have been digging up the sand in the tank as though they're trying to find a place to lay eggs, and I'm pretty sure their egg tubes are out. I'm not entirely certain of the sex on all the parrots.


What is wrong with my baby? :(

Molly is about 3 1/2 years old. I've noticed lately that she shakes. It's rather odd, and I'm kind of concerned. Is there something wrong with her? 


I recently got King Kong Parrot fish and now one of them has some black stuff above his head. Ever since I got them, I changed the water once and I feed them regularly. Is it a sickness or is it stress. PLEASE HELP

NEW BLOOD parrots

thought i would post picture of my new guys .


omg i tried adding a couple zebra cichlids and my peacok cichlid.and bloodparoot

Chased both.them.relentlessly and killed them

i have a blood parrot a lace catfish and a few tiger barbs in a 55 gallon tank

My other three cichlids died water is still good is there anything I could get with the blood parrot lace catfish and tiger barbs?

does anyone know how long they take to grow

id like to move mine with my other cichlids when he gets bigger and anyone know where i could find a kirin parrot cichlid?


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