I just purchased two Flag Fish that are about an inch and a half in length. I was told that they would be fine in my tank which currently houses 3 Parrots, 4 Rainbow Cichlids, 2 Silver Dollars, 2 Plecos, and 3 Gouramis oh and how can I forget my 7 inch Tinfoil Barb!. Anyway one didnt make it overnight! There is no sign of this fish in my tank and he didnt jump out because there wasnt a dried up fish on my basement floor this morning so I can only believe that he was eaten! I feel like he was killed then eaten. But who is the culprit?

Follow up on Wheres the eggs?

After 4 days of non stop chasing all the other fish in my tank and no sign of eggs I had no choice but to take my male parrot back to the pet store. I really felt that not only were all my other fish being abused but the parrot himself just couldnt be happy. For a good five days he relentlessly chased all my other fish trying to protect a nest that had no eggs and was abandonded by the female. He lookes so stressed out and I just couldnt watch anymore so I returned him to the pet store. He is now in a 200 gl.

Moved to NEW 90 Gallon Tank with 29 gallon sump



Wheres the eggs?

I have four parrots for well over a year now and finally I know that I have at least one male and one female! They have coupled off built a nest and are doing everything that a couple thats trying to have babies together would do. The female has this long white egg laying tube coming out from right behind her anus. She is swimming upside down in "their" cave and it looks like shes sticking the eggs to the roof of the cave, then the male follows her swimming upside down and it appears that he is trying to fertilize the eggs.


I got myfirst BP a 2 months ago, bruno. He is in a 20 gallontan by himselfbut ifelt like he was lonley. So i deicded to start researching tank mates. I eventually decided on another BPwent topetsmart, asked if i needed  bigger tank, they said eventuallybut not now. Got my new fish, named him gimli. Like 2 days after i put gimli inthe tank, Bruno lays eggs!!! oh and about 12hrs after beingin the tank Gimli starts developing black spots, like a lot of them, morethan bruno ever did i got worried so i started doing a LOT of research. but i just wanted your opinons about everything.

I had a tankful of adult parrots --

.. they were about 10+ years old and were about as big as your fist.. went outa the country for project, and left them in the care of a neighbor and - came home to find that all had perished - (I failed to properly monitor the PH it turns out - heartbreaker..) have now replaced with 9 3-4" young parrots, and about 8 clown loaches (which i also love) along with a few catfish - all in a set-up 90 gallon bowfront tank, which sits across from my desk.. feels great to have parrots back - I've had them for about 20 years.. coolest fish on the block IMHO..

Parrot doing headstands!???

My 15 y/o parrot (Leo) is doing headstands.  Will swim horizontal, but doing ALOT of vertical swimming.  Eating fine, but this is new and odd behavior for him.  Maybe he's got buried treasure?

A few years ago had problems with floating sideways and upside down and was sure I was losing him.  Read numerous posts and then took a chance since he looked like his days were numbered and treated him and the tank for fungal infection with PIMAFIX.  Worked like magic, so I started the 7 day tx again.  Also changed 30% of the water tonight............Temp about 80. 

Parrots losing color

My parrots lose color, don't eat and just lay on the bottom of the tank for 3-4 days each month it seems like. When I do partial water changes every other week they come right back to life, eat like vaccums, bright orange color and very active. my water parameters are good and i keep regular water change schedule. I have a 55gal tank with 2 parrots, 2 angels, 1 featherfin catfish and 3 small dwarf red guaramies. Is the tank big enough? I feed them sinking cichlid pellets, blood worms, and flake. Any ideas?


sick red parrots

Help, my cichlids are turning pale and lathargic. I have two rp cichlidsin a 29 gallon tank, dont lecture me, I know I need a bigger tank, not here to hear the bs, my rp is just laying there, eats sometimes, but for the most part it just lies there looking pale. 29 gallon tank, I know!!! 2 rp cichlids, but babies, 3 corey cats n a pkeco, 0 Ammonia, ph 7.8 to 8, temp 82.5, I put live plants in the tank, are there  some live plants they dont like? Could make them sick? Water wisteria and mondo grass, something like that, help, before they die


Happy to find

Just wanted to say thanks for accepting my membership -

I've had Parrots for more than 20 years - glad to find others who enjoy them as well..

Many thanks again -



my parrot fish i think has something wrong with its egg tube its rubbing and itching it digging in the gravel and spitting stones attacking the other fish it looks like there is something tissue like protruding out of egg tube she is losing her colour. she got over this once but its come back what is it and what do i do she s angry and itchy



I have my parrots for about 6 months, and are slowly learning they are picky eaters. I was feeding them small minnows, and red wigglers plus flakes, pellets. Now they are off & on about feeding on minnows? Any suggestions on live feeding would be appreciated.


Parrot digging

My parrot fish keeps digging? Dose this mean anything?

Gravel and Tank moving advice

Upgrading to a new tank and need advice. Wet/dry sump with bio balls down below in 29 gallon and overflow sponge filter.







Coral / Puka Shells Substrate for new 90 gallon

Love my fish and I am upgrading to a 90 gallon with wet/dry sump eith bio balls and sponge filter ( lower tank for sum is 30 gallon) and beautiful set up.

I currently have two large blood red parrots 6 years old in 46 gallon tank with bio wheel and rock substrate. I keep an extra clean tank and change water frequently.  I just want it to be a good adjustment.


parrott fish

Hi my name is carlo, my parrott fish is a monster, everything I put into my tank he eat, now the only fish in the tank with him is a pleco he had a mate , but died because of a power failure, then I had a silver dollar in the tank.

i need some help

How can I tell if my bps are hybrids or not because I been reading up on bps some more amd theirs more and more bps males becoming fertile than unfertile and my question is how do I know if I have a hybrid or not and I just got a new bps about a month ago and today she just laid eggs alot ppl say take them out right away and some say leave them for a couple days and if they go white their dead but if the stay clear and start turning pinkish their good so idk if she was in a tank of jack Dempsey's or not so thats why im keeping them for at least a day or couple

Parrot fish

Hi ive just had my first parrot fish and been looking at a few pics and some parrots have a bumb like the one on at the top of this site. But my parrot hasnt. Why is this? 



Parrots Still hiding

Hey guys! I know I havent been on in a while I have been really busy with school and sports. But I have had my parrot fish for about 4 months now and they still will not come out of hiding I even re-did the tank layout to give them less spots to hide in and left the tank bare for a couple of days so that they would get used to me and they tricked me! I would go near the tank and they wouldnt hide when the tank was bare they just swam normally but as soon as I redecorated it they hid! Is there anything I can do to get them to come out?


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