Parrot fish being bullied

i have 2 parrot fish and 2 texas cichlid,..Parrot fish were the one who chases others..Even the texas stayed away from them but from today Onwards one parrot and one texas started fighting and now parrot fish being bullied by the texas..Even he lost his cave to the texas,..Texas were peaceful till yesterday but now they are just after the parrots..What will i do now?

Growth rate

How much time does a baby blood parrot take to be 5 or 6 inches long?

My parrot fish have laid eggs

Recently moved my fish from a 10 gallon tank to a 29 gallon and it appears as they have laid eggs inside a clay pot.

does anyone know how long it will take for the eggs to hatch or even if they really will hatch? 


Skin issues

Looking for some advice. One of my BP's is having some issues on his side just behind his eye. It looks like a piece of meat is missing. He's eating, and acting fine. I noticed it the other day, and today it looks like it may have worsened a little bit. I had my water checked, and the ammonia is high, so I'll be doing some water changes. I moved them to a bigger tank (75 gal), and that's when I noteiced it. I'm not sure how long this has been going on. He's the biggest in the tank, and no one messes with him. Anyone experience this, or have an idea of what could be causing it?

Tank mates

Hi all
I am fairly new to fish keeping. I currently have a 400L (105g) 4ft tank set up with 2 dolphin c700 canister filters and a 300w heater running. the tank has been cycled and I already added my first few fish in. my question is what other fish can i add to this tank. I am looking for more brightly colored fish that will compliment each other as the tank is for my 3 month old baby boy who seems very fascinated by the fish. 

My Blood Parrots had babies, Fry


I am new to this site have 2 blood parrots and seen something odd swimming around thought a worm?  I then realized was baby fish I took out with Turkey Baster.


you have to see this youtube video

very shy fish

I have two red blood parrot fish who have remained most shy after 3 weeks. I took the time to set the tank up and have been back and forth to the pet store for advice. They keep telling me it will take time... I have a piece of drift wood with a live plant on one side and a clay pot on the other side along with a taller live plant. The first day they swam around but quickly settled into one hiding behind the driftwood and the other in the clay pot.


blood parrots with yellow Africa cichlids?

I have a 55 gallon with around 15 yellow African cichlids in it. I also have a 35 gallon with a blood parrot in it with a couple silver dollars. I'm wondering if anyone feels that the blood patter will be ok to add in with the afticans? I have heard many different reasons it will and will not be ok. Does anyone have experience with doing this? the reason I have been thinking about it is I hate the 35 gallon tank. It's a corner tank and with the angles is a pain to place. And u have had nothing buy trouble with filtering the tank. It always looks crappy .


New fish


I am new to this. We have just completed setting up our tropical tank and have 2 red parrot fish. The first day they were inseperable and swam around the tank together. since second day one has been hiding under a fake log and anytime the other goes near the one under the log nudges it out the way or tries to nip at it. 

Any advice as to whether this is normal behaviour and why they might be doing this?

many thanks




Tankmates for Parrots, help please.

I have a 55 gallon tanks which currently has 4 Parrots and 1 Pleco. I am looking to add some variety, however my Parrots tend to pick on new fish, so I have not added anything new for awhile. Can anyone tell me if there is a type of fish,that I can add without them becoming a sacrafice? I have had them for about 6-7 years and they still seem good and healthy, but not overally large. I live in a rural area and only have one fish store to choose from, the selection is limited so nothing too rare, lol. Thanks for any insight you can offer.



My BP is a whitish color and Im not sure why. The water is fine as far as the quality. I had it tested this past week.

ANy suggestions as to why he's like this???

well i got a big problem

i got a blood parrot about 4 inches in  a 55 gallon tank i planned on getting a couple firemouth companions but my grandpa went ahead bought an oscar as a christmas present will these two be fine i dont have space for bigger tanks and no stores take fish back around here where i live

small mouth

Hi.  I'm new to the Blood Parrot forum but not new to fishkeeping.  Have an issue I am hoping you can help with.

I have 2 blood parrots in my 90 gal (with an ebjd, a gold sev, a juru, a royal pleco and 7 male congo tetras.  Heavily stocked I know but I have 2 cannisters, each rated for 175 gal and I do weekly 50% W/C's.  Nitrates never get above 15 - 20. 

I need help!!!

My blood parrot isn't eating. I've tried peas, flake food, pellets (both sinking and floating) and he doesn't have any interest in any of the foods I've put in the tank.
The water is fine because I just had it tested yesterday.

Anyone have any suggestions??????

help new tank cycling

I have never owned a fish tank. I have not heard of fish tank cycling until after I had got my tank and 2 BP. It has been 1 week and my water is cloudy. Yesterday it was very cloudy so I did a 25% water change and the water went back to being a lil less cloudy. But when I woke up today the water now smells. ANY information would be helpful. ex. How long will this smell last, should i do water changes, how long does cloudy water last, really any info would help


Only had BP 5 days and alot of aggression

I am new to this. Only had them 5 days. But one of my BP is really a bully. One is 3in and the other 2in. The bigger one constantly rams / chases/ Bites the smaller one. He always chases him to the top corner of the tank near my filter. It happens all day , no rest for the lil one. Does this go away with time? I was thinking of I might have to return the aggressive one for another BP. But does this happen with all BP? I feel sorry for the lil one and dont want him to get hurt.


New member

Hi thanks for letting me join.. I have 3 blood parrots at the moment but hoping to add more in the future :)

New to the aquarium scene

I just got 2 lil parrot fish one is about 2in and the other 2 3/4in. The bigger one is a bully chases the little one around the tank all day. Thr owner of the aquarium shop I went to told me that a 30 gallon tank is big enough for them but after reading online I now realize that they will need a larger tank. I know there is no exact answer but Approx. how long until they will need a larger tank. I have no other fish in the aquarium.

Losing Color

I have a female parrot cichlid that I have had for going on 5 years now. She has always been pretty healthy-eating normally and hardly ever losing her bright orange color. Just recently I have noticed that she is not eating like she would, with the majority of her food remaining untouched. She is also beginning to lose her vivid color. Other than that her behavior is normal. I am worried that she might be getting sick and want to get her better before any damage is done. She is kept in a 40 gal.


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