Hasn't eaten for days

usually a pig!  Just finished week long treatment for ich.  Water at constant 86. Very active tries to eat bit spits back out. Hasn't eaten in over three days for sure. Very worried. Have tried pellets, flakes, dried shrimp, and peas. Help


Sick Parrot

I have a 7/8 year old Parrot fish that has just recently developed a reddish lump on the side of it's face.

The aquarium parameters are al within the acceptable range.

The aquarium is approx 300 gallons and is set up with a continious water chage system.

I have moved the fish into a hospital tank and applied General Cure for now.

I am attaching a pic of the lump. Is this something that is curable?

Best Tank Mates


Swim Bladder / Peas?

Our big BP appears to be swimming oddly & I read something about giving them some kind of a pea. Recommendations & where do I get it (them)? Thanks. 

Orange clay pots?

I've seen pictures of aquariums with orange clay pots in them. Are they safe for aquarium use? Our large BP is digging in his new 55 gallon tank & the pet store mentioned it was because he doesn't feel like he has his own area. I'm considering buying a clay pot & setting it in the aquarium for him. Suggestions? Advice? Thank you. 



So, this is the second, maybe third time i have made one of these posts. But i am back, i dont know if any of you guys remember me but i used to post on here basically daily. If any of you guys are still on here (Chris, Neiko, Bronco) let me know, i would love to catch up and talk fish again sometime :P

Please help

I've had parrot chichlids for 10 years and my last buddy just passed away so I got two new ones. They are fighting like crazy? I even tried to feed them to distract them and they don't care. My tank already has plenty of hiding spaces but it appears that neither will back down. Any suggestions?


HELP!!! Psychotic Blood Parrot!?

I apoligize ahead of time for the long post.  I don't exactly know what information is going to be useful or not, but I want to be thorough. I have had Apollo, a blood parrot for almost 2 years now.  I bought him at about 2 inches and light orange in color from a local pet store chain.  He hid in his hide for the first 6 months. He is now about 4 1/2 inches long, bright orange and seems to be in good health.  He is not nearly as shy as when I bought him and he even seems to be curious about me when I sit by the tank.  But, about 2 months ago that changed.  He now tries to attack anything that touches the glass and he won't stop until the it leaves his line of sight. 


i have two blood parrots, they are in a community tank, my water parameters are excellent (i have underground spring water with a ph of 7 - 7.2.  anyway my one blood parrot cannot seem to shake this spot of fungus on his tail fin.  I have done 3 treatments with a product called fungus guard, i can see results of this spot improving and then it comes right back again.  i have a hospital tank but the heater and filter both quit, and i am concerned about treating him again in the community tank.  no other fish in my tank have this not even the other bp. oh, i also run a uv sterilizer.

Need swim bladder help asap!

So thinking my bp now has swim bladder disease. He's spinning. I tried peas, he won't eat, and I tried an Epson salt bath. I went to do the bath again today, and he started freaking out, tried to jump out this time. .. how many baths should I try? Last night after the bath it looked like he was trying to poop. .. had a little string coming out. Now looks like a small ball poking out out the bottom. Anyway, trying to save my little guy. ..

Where to Find Colorful Hybrid Cichlids

Saw them on internet. Any Kali's know where to view or appreciate these Colorful Hybrid Cichlids in local fish aquarium shop?

Hi Everyone

How are you all? It's great to be given the privilidge of joining your group! I'm still trying to figure out if this is the list I joined not long after getting my 2 parrot babies about 10yrs ago! LOL  I remember joining a parrot forum in search of finding a place that I could talk about my little stinkers without the usual, "They are hybrids, kill them!"

Male or Female

smileyNow, I know to identify the gender of a parrot fish you must vent them, which I am not to keen on doing for the fish's safety and we'll being (I'm not an expert fish handler) and was wondering if there is any other possible way of finding the gender of my parrot, Teeto. I believe that "he" is a boy but am not quite sure. He is very agressive which leads me to believe that he is male but then again, I'm not sure.

Please Help with my Blood Parrot


I have 10 year old Blood Parrot and he has those white things on his face or nose and its getting worst and worst. Other fish is fine, they are not getting sick like him.

He is eating, swimming fine, digging rocks every day like he been doing. But if its important about 3 month ago he got sick really bad, he stopped eating, than he laid on his side behind the rock for 3 or 5 days and I thought he was dying and on 6th or 7th day he came out and started swimming fine and started getting better and better.


Baby parrot fish doesn't eat

i have a 120 gallon tank with 6 relatively small BPs, one large BP and a few assorted small fish.  I just introduced a baby (juvenile) BP to the tank. I say he's juvenile because he is black and I assume he hasn't changed color yet.  He hides much of the time.  During feeding times he comes out but doesn't eat.  I have had him two weeks now and I have only seen him eat one flake, and I watch him carefully. I am worried he's going to starve himself to death.

Behavior questions

i have six BPs in a 120 gallon tank and a lot of the time they seem to bop each other in the nose.  To me it seems playful.  I've heard it is a mating ritual.  I don't know if they are really fighting or not.  Sometimes a fish will hide in one of the caves in the tank while another seems to stand guard outside the cave.  And if any other fish tries to enter the cave or even swim by, the guard will chase them away.  This goes on a lot from time to time.  Anyone know what's going on there?

Introducing a new blood parrot

I am wanting to get a yellow blood parrot as a companion for my current blood parrot that is mostly orange. I had bought dither fish for her but since she bit my hand and drew blood I don't think I want to put any fish smaller than her in a tank with her. I am going to give them her old tank when I upgrade.  Her jaw works well enough to have taken a small chunk of skin of of me. She was in a tank with other blood parrots when I bought her.  I watched the tank for behaviors before selecting her and could  see she was near the bottom of the totem pole from what I could tell.

Peace of Mind

Hi all,

I got three BP for about 6 weeks now, they are eating and playing well.

However, three days ago, noticed their colors were changing from red to pale and one even had a white spot at the tail end (last attached pictures)

If someone can refer to the pcitures and let me know whether they have "ICK", if yes, please let me know the steps to take.

blood parrot and pink convict compatible tankmates for 55 gallon tank?

i have those and a lace catfish what else could i add?


well disaster struck had a tank leak

moved fish out to diffrent tanks lost some because some were cramped in a 20 gallon lost one because it was moved to  the community tank and jumped out during cleaning and now all i have in this 55 gallon tank is a pink convict a blood parrot and a synodist catfish any ideas for one or two more tankmates


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