Eating fish

I have had tetras mollies and a little kisser fish all have died, their heads look like they were eaten. I have 3 parrot fish, would the parrot fish eat these fish... lady at the pet store told me that they are not aggressive?


just the two of them

i have two cichlids and a pleco in my tank. its roughly 10Gs is that too small?


Just for fun - My parrots perform for you on camera

I just got a great new camera, so I 'll be putting up a lot of parrot cichlid movies on YouTube soon. Here 's one to start with. You 'll see Micro and Twinkie first, then the rest of them come on set. --ParrotCichlidGirl

Winston's houses

Winston and Gazoo

Our two oldest Parrot Cichlids were purchased about 2-1/2 years ago. Winston is now about 10" tall from the bottom of his stomach to the top of his dorsal fin. Gazoo is about 2/3 of Winston's size.

Winston is actually female, but we didn't know that when we named her after Winston Churchill.

Winston is definitely the dominant fish in the tank, and Gazoo is "second fish." Winston tries to head-butt everyone in the tank when needed just to keep them in line. Gazoo almost never does.


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