Parrot fish Breeding??

Hi all: Well i have had my 2 parrot fish for about a month now, i had them in a community tank, but they were not faring well with the tankmates in there. So i set up another 20 Gallon tank and put them in there by themselves. They have two caves made out of riverrock. First they both got black spot disease the first week or so in the tank, now the black spots are completely gone. The one bigger parrot was quite agrressive towards the smaller one. Would not let it stay pretty much anywhere in the tank without chasing it around.


my parrot has laided eggs advise needed please

we have 2 parrots, with such personalities, for the past few days they have been moving the gravel inside their caves, the way they were doing it, was to block anything coming in, it was quiet funny to watch, today when we came home, mosie my parrot had laided tons of eggs, some are white the rest are transparent, at the min, mosie is having a rest in the other cave and my other parrot is constantly, what i can only describe as rubbing near the eggs like fertislising then, but being careful. its amazing to watch.


BP's and Tiger Barbs

I recently added 4 md. tiger barbs to my tank. (I had planned on adding 8, but my supplier didn't have them on hand). Last night when I got back from work the smallest, slowest of them had been torn apart. Do you think that one of my BP's did this, should I worry about the other 3, or is it just natural for the other fish in my tank to kill the weakest link? (and should I still go ahead and get 5 more, to finish my school - or should I transfer them to a different tank, and add a different dither fish?)


water testing

I was looking to purchase a water testing kit. I bought good one with all the test parameters. I also went from the pet dept. to the pool/spa dept. and for a quick check--- for a LOW $$$$$ ---I found a test kit there using strips. It only shows hardness, chlorine, bromine, pH & alkalinity. The bottle itself has the colors on the side to match your results with. I found it's a quick way to test. It is called " Spa Time 5-way test Strips" . 50 srips in the bottle. About $4.00. At Wal-M__t.

Need more help

In the last couple of days my parrot fish has acquired some white flaking spots above the eye and some on the body. I am still trying to get the parrot fish swimming the right way. I was able to feed it some peas the past 2 days. Had to hand feed it. Just not sure how far down to push the peas as it seems to want to spit out most of them. The fish is still in an upside world and almost more on its side the upside down now. I am not sure what is going on anymore. We are almost at week 3 and the parrot fish is still not doing well.


Little help please...

Okay, my first Parrot survived, so I named him Champ. I liked him so much I bought him a friend. I think Champ's new friend may be a member of the opposite sex. I think this because Champ now has some sort of appendage or possibly a tube like thing protruding out from beneath his/her body. I don't know if this is a penis or an egg laying apparatus. Furthermore, it appears that they are attempting to build a nest under the shelter of an archway which is part of an ornamental bridge. It appears that the gravel is too heavy for them to move.


Possible Breeding?

Hello! I have 2 parrot fish and 2 striped cichlid fish. Yesterday, they all started piling gravel into a mountain shape by using their mouths, moving 5 or 6 pebbles at a time. Now the mountain of gravel is pretty high, and I was wondering what exactly they were doing. I read some posts on this site and thought it might be a nest? Please let me know if anyone else has had this experience or has any insight as to what is going on. Also, if this is breeding, what is the best way to keep the eggs safe? Thank you, Amanda

Rock Stuck in Mouth/Other one throwing up

Please help...I have 2 BP's and one of them has a rock stuck in their mouth and either won't or cannot eat. The other one has also quit eating and has actually thrown up a bit. I am unsure how to help the one with the rock and do not know what to do with the one that is throwing up and will not eat. Please help!!


Dwarf Jelly Bean??

I had an un-dyed fish that looks exactly like a jelly bean and was marked " dwarf" I found an identical fish on but it has been out of stock for months and I cannot locate it anywhere else. Does anyone know what this fish is, or where I can find it? Thanks!!

Water Changes

I have a thirty gallon tank with one jellybean parrot and one rainbow shark. How much water should I change in a thirty gallon tank?


Dwarf Jelly Bean??

Hi, I am not sure what this fish is but it has been incredibly hard for me to find. A few years ago I found one randomly in a pet store that has since closed. It looks

exactly like this image I found

Does anyone know where I can find this guy or even what it is exactly? Thanks so much, I created this account to find this fish I love so much!

I hate black spots!!

I have 2 parrots, one a smallish (2-3 inches) jellybean purchased from a pet store, purple in color, the other quite large (4-5 inches) bright orange in color. I recieved the orange one when i bought my tank from a friend, so i dont know if it is a jellybean or not, but i was wondering, are they dyed? and the smaller one has developed black spots, was small and just on forehead, went away and now has come back and worse, is moving onto the sides and fins, the orange one has developed very tiny specks of black spots all over.


Eating fish

I have had tetras mollies and a little kisser fish all have died, their heads look like they were eaten. I have 3 parrot fish, would the parrot fish eat these fish... lady at the pet store told me that they are not aggressive?


just the two of them

i have two cichlids and a pleco in my tank. its roughly 10Gs is that too small?


Just for fun - My parrots perform for you on camera

I just got a great new camera, so I 'll be putting up a lot of parrot cichlid movies on YouTube soon. Here 's one to start with. You 'll see Micro and Twinkie first, then the rest of them come on set. --ParrotCichlidGirl

Winston's houses

Winston and Gazoo

Our two oldest Parrot Cichlids were purchased about 2-1/2 years ago. Winston is now about 10" tall from the bottom of his stomach to the top of his dorsal fin. Gazoo is about 2/3 of Winston's size.

Winston is actually female, but we didn't know that when we named her after Winston Churchill.

Winston is definitely the dominant fish in the tank, and Gazoo is "second fish." Winston tries to head-butt everyone in the tank when needed just to keep them in line. Gazoo almost never does.


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