Breaking News! Scientists recognize what we knew all along!

A big story came out a couple of days ago: 

Fish Can Recognize Your Face.

Apparently even though fish don't have the brain structure that animals usually use to discriminate between faces, they can tell people apart anyway! 

funny ink stain around her right eye only....

When my Parrot fish is about to lay eggs her right eye gets what I call a ink stain all around her eye. As soon as she lays her eggs her eye clears up! Then like clock work it gets a funny stain all over again. Is this normal?

Upside down

My BP seems to like to swim the length of his tank upside down. I have experience with swim bladder and this does not seem to be it. He doesn't have a problem righting himself, nor does he float that way. He just seems to like it, like he's playing. He usually swims tthe lenght of his tank towards the top and when he gets the end hes swims down to the bottom and where he curves downwards and continues swimming the bottom lenght of the tank upside down unitl he gets the the end then curves himself upwards until he's upright at the top or middle (like one big contiuous cirle).

Desolate Tanks: Being Forced To Leave the Hobby

I was forced to give-up my five babies to a reputable LFS the other day. The friend I kept them by, a 70-y/o lady with mobility issues, went into a care facility after a hospital stay & it appears she might be there for good. Her apartment was Section-8, so that means "Bye-bye, apartment..." and no place to keep the fish or equipment we've garnered over last year's time. I say "we" as it was initially just my way of trying to make her happy...


Stopped Eating

I moved my BP into a larger tank on Sunday. He hide half the day, but has since been swiming around acting normal (chasing me around the tank, dancing when he seems me etc), but he still will not eat his usual food (today is Tuesday).

Tank Mate Help

I just moved my 9.5" BP to a 60 gallon tank which has 1 red tailed shark, & 5 congo tetras. It's his/her first time with any tank mates, but so far so good. I would like to add a few more fish, but I don't know if I am already overstocked, or which fish would be the best choice. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Northfin fish food

Hey has anyone tried Northfin before? I heard it's as good or better than New Life Spectrum one of the best premium fish food out there.

There's Never-Enough Filtration... But It's Nothing Without Water-Flow!

I just learned a hard lesson or two... and my babies suffered during it because of my stupid ego. 

It goes like this:

During a water-change few weeks back, I decided it was time to singularly unitize my 40-gal's filtration into one large container. With it on-hand (API XP4), I eliminated the the two smaller ones setup in-series (XP2->XP3) and also rang-out the sponge media on the inlet tube. With part of the sponge media gone from within the previous canister setup, I thought everything would be fine... Or so I thought. 


Parrot Cichlids Make the BIG SCREEN!

The other night, I found myself bored... And typically in being so, I fliped-around on cable until I sa a title that caught my interest: "Blackhat" (2015) - A tale of an American prison-released hacker helping to track cyber-criminals in China via a joint effort between the two countries. Anyway... About an hour in, right in the middle of a foot-chase scene, they cut to a close-up shot of a fishtank... And what to my surprise do I spot? A small, mature (female?) Blood-Parrot Cichlid...


Worried about severe color change

Has been hanging out by heater almost constantly for the past three days. Body has Turned deep dark orange while nose area and fins have stayed regular orange.  I usually don't worry about color change but this is very drastic and didn't want to eat this morning.  Mood hasn't seemed to change and is still quite lively.  Anyone know if I should be concerned?  I've treated for ich twice and constipation once in the past 18 months.  If there is a problem I'd like to get ahead of it  thank you for any comments check out picture to show the drastic two color change.


2 parrot cichlids need help


I recently went to a restaurant where they had two huge parrot cichlids in a 30 gallon tank. This tank seemed way to small for them to begin with but now the restaurant has changed owners and the poor fish only have a little more than half the water left in their tank.  I asked them if they would give up the fish but they said no. Is there anything I can do? Anyone I can call? I feel bad for those fish.  




Red tube hanging out

My blood parrot cichlid has had this red tube hanging out for about 5 days. In the past it has usually gone away on its own but this time it only seems to be getting worse. I am not sure what to do and I am really concerned. The fish tank is 40 gallons and there is only one other fish in the tank, the algae eater. 


HELP NEEDED Poorly fish....

Please see attached picture has anyone ever encountered this we have no idea what it is? ?



True parrot cichlids

I am a new member. I am not a new fish keeper. I am looking for true parrot cichlids, not hybrids for purchase.

Need help determining gender


Hi All I am new to the group. I am hoping one of the experts here can tell me by looking at the vent what my parrot is. Can someone also clarify do both genders dig? Or is it only males that do? 



Neon Tetras: A Live-Feed Alternative for Your Blood-Parrot(?)

Let me begin with the following truth: I keep a community tank, and it's partially made-up of Angelfish. I originally had seven Blood Parrots in it but was forced to remove six--Four relocated to smaller tank, two juvies given-away--for sake of water quality. 


Crash-Starting a Tank & Setting-up a Aqua-Clear HOB For Best Results

Recently, I was forced to restart a tank that sat dormant & pretty-much dry for two months. Being short on time, I followed some advice on YouTube & made a few changes of my own to the effort with great success, as within one week I had crystal-clear water... And have ever since! Doing so went as follows:



Ok, I am new at large aquariums and very new with RPC but can any one please tell me what it means to have snags in my tank? I have tried looking it up but I can not find anything just that I should have them in my tank. Thanks, can't wait to find out.

New Mom!

Hello I am new on Parrot cichlid . Com and a new mom to 2 beautiful funny Blood Parrots, Mr Lipid and Barney. Barney the smallest is in a 55 gal and because of bad behavior Mr Lipid is is 30 he is only about 3-4 in so he seems to be happy. I am having a bit of trouble getting Barney to eat and I have tried all kinds of food pellets,flakes and frozen. He does eat some but not the appetite Mr lipid has. Any help would be greatly welcomed. Thanks Mikekay2

Why are why Blood Parrots now terrified of me...?

I have two mating young couples in a 20-gal.


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