Any suggestions for bloat/swim bladder disorders?

My 15 year old blood parrot, Mrs. Fish, seems to have developed swim bladder problems. I can't tell if she's constipated (she will NOT entertain the idea of peas-I'm pretty sure she flipped me the bird when I put them in there!) or has a tumor or has a blocked ovaduct. She was laying eggs very regularly until the last six months. She spent the last week and a half face down in a plant, then seemed to develop some form of head rot.

Help needed for 2x Young parrots


Please HELP! Our red parrot fish got white stuff.


Can you please identify the white bit on our parrot fish body (pictured) and advise me of how to cure her?

She has been with this for weeks, and it seems growing.

We change her water in two weeks usually (a half amount, 10 litters). The water parameters are normal.




Best Diet for BPs?

Hi guys,

I am looking to change my fish's diet soon, as I am running out of food. He currently is on New Life Spectrum Community formula. I have heard good things about Hikari and other diets, but was wondering if anyone had advice? Should I just get the same stuff if he's been doing well on it? 


Potential Fin Rot?

Hi all,

I have had my fish Russ for about 6 years now, and am hoping that he does not have some sort of fin rot. I have noticed that the edges of his fins and tail appear slightly jagged in places. He never had signs of white on his fins, which, when I looked it up, was a symptom that materializes before the pieces of the fin "rot" off. He lives alone, so he is not being harassed by another fish. 


HELP!! My parrot is developing a bump!

Monday or Tuesday our parrot fish developed a bump on his head.  He has had some major changes in the past couple weeks.  Switched from a 50gal w/ other parrots to a 30gal w/ no other parrots only a couple silver fish (have no clue what they are but they are fast growers, we had larger versions in the 50gal before we switched tanks.  They were recommended by the store where we purchased the parrot).  "Pappy" has always been inquisitive and would come to the surface to feed.

my fish

Is anyone know why my red parrot fish ( i put 6 of them in 60 gals tank) they always stay inside the stonehouse don't want coming out.come out when I feel they and back to stonehouse again. in happenning the week last week. stay until now.

if some one meet this before or how to solve this problem? let me know. ( other thing : water PH 7.6  temperature 78F intank)

and thank you.

Another pic

Red cherry strings hanging out of gills! Help!


I have a 5 year old blood parrot and two blood parrots that are approximately 7 months old.  My younger ones have bright red fluff, strings hanging from behind gills.  I have treated with antibiotics twice with no change.  My five year old fish is fine so I feel it may not be gill flukes. Please help if you have any suggestions.

Thank you!

Red gills

Red gills

Fat tummy on parrot.

Hi all....I am new to this forum... Great place.. Anyway my parrot has fat tummy.. Gave him a pea but spat it out.. Now what? I will upload a photo. He seems happy but now I am worried. 

How old are your blood parrots?

Let's have some fun and see who here has the oldest blood parrots still living. I got my 2 fish about 4 and 1/2 years ago. It's safe to say they are about 5 years old.

Breaking News! Scientists recognize what we knew all along!

A big story came out a couple of days ago: 

Fish Can Recognize Your Face.

Apparently even though fish don't have the brain structure that animals usually use to discriminate between faces, they can tell people apart anyway! 

funny ink stain around her right eye only....

When my Parrot fish is about to lay eggs her right eye gets what I call a ink stain all around her eye. As soon as she lays her eggs her eye clears up! Then like clock work it gets a funny stain all over again. Is this normal?

Upside down

My BP seems to like to swim the length of his tank upside down. I have experience with swim bladder and this does not seem to be it. He doesn't have a problem righting himself, nor does he float that way. He just seems to like it, like he's playing. He usually swims tthe lenght of his tank towards the top and when he gets the end hes swims down to the bottom and where he curves downwards and continues swimming the bottom lenght of the tank upside down unitl he gets the the end then curves himself upwards until he's upright at the top or middle (like one big contiuous cirle).

Desolate Tanks: Being Forced To Leave the Hobby

I was forced to give-up my five babies to a reputable LFS the other day... The friend I kept them by--a 70-y/o lady with mobility issues--went into a care facility after a hospital stay & it appears she might be there for good. Her apartment was Section-8, so that means "Bye-bye, apartment..." and no place to keep the fish or equipment we've garnered over last year's time. I say "we" as it was initially just my way of trying to make her happy...


Stopped Eating

I moved my BP into a larger tank on Sunday. He hide half the day, but has since been swiming around acting normal (chasing me around the tank, dancing when he seems me etc), but he still will not eat his usual food (today is Tuesday).

Tank Mate Help

I just moved my 9.5" BP to a 60 gallon tank which has 1 red tailed shark, & 5 congo tetras. It's his/her first time with any tank mates, but so far so good. I would like to add a few more fish, but I don't know if I am already overstocked, or which fish would be the best choice. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Northfin fish food

Hey has anyone tried Northfin before? I heard it's as good or better than New Life Spectrum one of the best premium fish food out there.


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