I have 2 parrot fish (blood parrots) that I have had for 2 years now - they are in a 75 gallon tank with a pleco.   Everything was fine until one week ago - when the larger Parrot started aggressively attacking the pleco.    There is no change in the tank - the water is good, there is enough food - nothing inside the tank was moved or adjusted.  Nothing has changed that I am aware of and I know Parrots can become aggressive.   The other parrot fish occ gets head bumped but I have never seen so much aggression in all the years I have had parrots.

Any ideas?    

I was wondering

Hi, how are you all? 

I was wondreng what kind of fish  may live pacefully with Orange Parrot fish, other than cat fish? 

Thankn you for the help. 

Strange colours fade away in water

Once when we got my first fish tank to be in charge of it, a family member notices something strange. While we were washing the equipments and the rockes Their clours went out ( the black rocks stared to wash out, the black stared to turn into white)!! it means they were colored. I guess strange colours are signs for unrealastic colours! ( black, red or blue etc...)

Red Blooded Parrot Help

Hello! I am new to red blooded parrots and I just started a 100 gallon tank with five parrots on December 8th, 2016. Four are approx 2 inches long and a bright red color, the 5th one is approx 3-1/2 inches long and is pink in color. When I first placed them into the tank the smaller ones were visible for about an hour and then they went into hiding. As for the bigger parrot it stayed visible for one day but then it eventually went into hiding. I have plenty of places for the parrots to hide so they should feel safe until they are brave enough to stay out of hiding.

Tank Mates

Hey guys, first time poster! I could really use some help, I have a large 2 year old parrot in my 55 gallon tank along with my 1 year old parrot which is medium sized. The large parrot constantly bullies the medium sized parrot to the point that I had to designate an area of refuge for the medium sized parrot. I've seen beautiful tanks filled with cichlids, especially parrots and would love to have my tank like that. Do you have any tips? Maybe add another parrot or 2 to take away from the bullying? 

Baby Pictures!

I guess it's about time I posted this:

Need HELP with Water Parameters

First of all let me explain as clearly as possible so that I can get help...I'm new and unexperienced and need your help getting established....So I'm counting on you guys!

I had a 37 gallon tank that has had 6 African cichlids in it for nearly 6 months - now re-homed . Did a 50% water change after getting rid of fish but didn't change the filters, just cleaned them in tank water.

On the same day of trade I got a 2 1/2" BP and 4 small serpea tetra and put them in the 37g.

Which tank should I choose?

I am upgrading from a 37g to one of these Petsmart tanks.
My fish are still very small but this is what I have:
1 X blood parrot
2 X angelfish
8 X series tetras

Which of these tanks would be the best choice for what I have? My wall space is limited to 40" otherwise I would go bigger.

(1) National Geographic
46 gallon boqfront
36" X 16 X 20

(2) Aqueon
65 gallon
36.4 X 18.4 X 25

Also what filter would be best?



Why does my baby BP have rosey cheeks?

I've only had him 3 days and I noticed that he has rosey cheeks (came that way). Is this normal? Could he be changing to a darker red color? He is about 2 1/2" and very happy in his 37g tank. I plan on upgrading to a larger tank a little later. 20161024_144110.jpg

Possibly need to re home my true parrot

hello! My names Joe I'm in Kansas. I had purchased two parrots from this place called Picasso exotic equatics in leawood Kansas. Anyways I purchased both of them juveniles a blood orange reddish lookin guy, and a bright yellow one. As time goes by, I noticed some changes in the orange after further research the orange one turns out to be the KKP virarity, and is not a true parrot, anyways the (KKP) is now almost twice the size of the other and very girthy now the yellow one is about 4.5 inches or so, she's gettin big to, but not near as big not near as fast.

Am I doing something wrong?


 From long time ago, I had nine Orange Parrot fish for about six years. Then they died one after the other. Now I have two Orange Parrot fish and one Oscar. Yesterday I resceved two Oscars but one Oscar had died today. I requrly clean thier filter and chage the water or at least renew half of the tank's water, specially if one fish died. I also have another goldfish tank. They used to be four gold fish but two died and yesterday my sister got a new gold fish. All of them are in a good health, the Parrot fish, the Oscars, and the Gold fish.  


Thank You For Your Approval

Hello! Our Red Blood Parrot Cichlid is named Axl and is 5 years old; turned out he lays eggs every 6 months and is actually a female. He was named after Axl from the lead singer of the rock band Guns and Roses because of his coloring and temperament! He was the size of a nickel when we brought him home, thinking he was a different species of cichlid. He lives in a 40 gallon tank on our kitchen counter and is quite the pet! Due to a health concern I have recently been diagnosed with, we are looking for a new home for Axl. My neighbor told me about this club and we thought we would write and ask about how someone who has a pet Red Blood Parrot Cichlid goes about finding their pet a new home and person who actually understands this species when they are concerned about the future of their pet Red Blood Parrot Cichlid. We live in Albuquerque New Mexico. We hope it was ok to co ntact this club with this concern of ours. We have come to believe because you may have an aquarium and be familiar with freshwater fish, doesn't necessarily mean you would understand the needs of the environment that a Red Blood Parrot Cichlid would need to do well. We have had many cichlid aquariums for over 40 years and Axl is like no other cichlid species we have ever known. Thank you for letting us contact you about our Axl. It's bearing hard on our hearts about his future welfare and we want to do the right thing by him if we could. Sincerely, Debby and Tim

Parrot fish

Hi all I currently have 2 parrot fish ( 2 inches each approximately) in a approximately 9 gallon tank. According to me I think they need a bigger tank and plus I have checked on the net which said that they do need a larger tank. But when I bought them from the shop the shop keeper told that 3 pairs can fit in that 9 gallon tank. Till now my parrots are still scared , shy etc. What do u think about it.

Is my Parrott male or female?

This one is very aggressive it make the other one stay on one side but why? Could this be the male?

Is my Parrott male or female?

Any suggestions for bloat/swim bladder disorders?

My 15 year old blood parrot, Mrs. Fish, seems to have developed swim bladder problems. I can't tell if she's constipated (she will NOT entertain the idea of peas-I'm pretty sure she flipped me the bird when I put them in there!) or has a tumor or has a blocked ovaduct. She was laying eggs very regularly until the last six months. She spent the last week and a half face down in a plant, then seemed to develop some form of head rot.

Help needed for 2x Young parrots


Please HELP! Our red parrot fish got white stuff.


Can you please identify the white bit on our parrot fish body (pictured) and advise me of how to cure her?

She has been with this for weeks, and it seems growing.

We change her water in two weeks usually (a half amount, 10 litters). The water parameters are normal.




Best Diet for BPs?

Hi guys,

I am looking to change my fish's diet soon, as I am running out of food. He currently is on New Life Spectrum Community formula. I have heard good things about Hikari and other diets, but was wondering if anyone had advice? Should I just get the same stuff if he's been doing well on it? 


Potential Fin Rot?

Hi all,

I have had my fish Russ for about 6 years now, and am hoping that he does not have some sort of fin rot. I have noticed that the edges of his fins and tail appear slightly jagged in places. He never had signs of white on his fins, which, when I looked it up, was a symptom that materializes before the pieces of the fin "rot" off. He lives alone, so he is not being harassed by another fish. 



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