will these fish be alright with my agresive parrot fish in a 3ft tank

we;; the fish i plan to put in with the parrot is 4 inch silver doller,5 inch texas ciclid, 8 inch plec, 3 inch combtail, 3 inch blue acara,3 inch plec, 6inch blue lobster.


Ghost Knife Fish

Has anyone tried ghost knife fish as tankmates with BPS.



can anyone advise whether a firemouth would be a better choice than a severum in a 50 gal with two parrots

still thinking!!!

Still thinking, can I have two severums and two parrots in 60 gall tank?

Green Parrot

Someone mentioned about green parrots the other day.

I found a pair of green parrots at our LFS in India. Actually I was shocked because I never dreamt of seeing one here.

The fish does not have any markings like the flower horn and is plain green like a normal parrot fish.

Is there anyway I could check whether the fish is dyed or not? Because I do not want to end up with a dyed parrot.

cant make a simple decision

kilin parrots are really hard to find here, so I have read up and severums seem to be a good choice for a 60 gall tank which will house my male and female parrots( which have been together for about three years), I am thinking of getting two females(am not wanting them to breed) so my two wont gang up on the newcomers, plus my male parrot will still be the only boy there, other option would be to add two female parrots, all these fish will stay with me for their lifetime, and I dont envisage ever upgrading again, so I want it to be right, have I the room?

freshwater butterfly fish

does anyone here have any experience with this type of fish? i seen one in a fish store and i really liked them. they would be a great top dwealing fish for my tank.



Hi Waldoparrot...thanks for your advice regarding angelfish needing at least 30 gallons. I planned to do some research before I started because I have never had them before...but your advice that they need at least 30 gallons is noted. I thought they might need more than the 20 gallon. Well, I have a ways to go before I can get any, but will keep you posted. Thx again.

PS All of you in the USA, remember that every vote counts so I hope you are getting out to be counted today.

will a 12 inch clown knife fish be alright with my verry agressive parrot

hi i have got a 3 foot fish tank and i plane to put my 12 inch clown knifefish in with my 7 inch parrot fish but my parrot is also verry agresive so what do you think.



how many of you have more than two tanks? do you keep other types of cichlids?

True breed of BPS

Can anyone suggest any website where I can order true breeds of BPS... Any color..

I would like to get a pair imported to India and I want to buy it from a reliable source. Please suggest some US websites.

Any help appreciated.


kilin parrot

I am soon to up grade to a 60 gal tank, into which will go general Finn, 7"and baby,5"plus assorted dither fish, have just looked at Kilin parrots,beautiful, question_ are there any ethical issues here, am I likely to come across dyed or tattooed ones,are there any differences in behaviour, can they go in with bps, am I better to get two to avoid my pair ganging up on the newcomers and last, am I better to try to get females for a quite life,( please no one tell me that I haven't room for four PLEASE)

Red Bellied Pacu with BPs?

My local pet store has a lone red bellied pacu living with two slightly larger parrots. The manager of the store said that it gets along with everything and will get to be between 7 to 12 inches in my 90 gallon tank. He said it will grow about the same rate as my BPs. I have read online that they do indeed get to be about 12 inches...(but they grow pretty rapidly), that they are very peaceful and are very personable and fun to own - according to their owners. I do understand the fish known as the "black pacu" gets up to 3 feet and just grows and grows no matter what the tank size.


my flowerhorn has made a full recovery from the body fungus that grew on some wounds from fighting. i am going to try to see if i can get a pair to form with my bp to make some kirins soon. if not, i have a texas that i can try, but he is still too young. i have wanted one for a long time, because, i think flowerhorns are beautiful, but my wife won't let me have 45 tanks. so i would like to breed the parrots so they can coexist with my other fish without killing them all.


I recently got my bigger BPS exchanged for a smaller pair. The older BPS stayed with me for around a month. But I have noticed that this pair of new BPS seldom hide in their caves like the previous BPS. These new BPS are always moving about playfully in the tank.

I have a pair of small spotted BPS with them and this does not bother the BPS. My tank is 75 gallons.


I tried to do this once already and some how screwed it up. lol. I will try again. I am just curious about the age your parrots have lived to. I have one and she is 13 years old and still going strong. Is this the norm for this type of fish, or is mine just a little freak. :)

My parrot fish

I just what to know if anybody can help answer my question. My parrot fish (8cms) its fully orange but its starting to get black colouration at the end of the tail and the top fin. What does this transformation mean?.


i have a cousin that has a 750 gallon tank. i just met him for the first time yesterday. and all he has in the tank is one lace gourami. i asked him why he only had 1 fish in his huge tank and he told me "i had no more money after i bought the gourami" i was laughing like crazy after he said that. i gave him a few of my fish(which includes 4 keyhole cichlids, 17 red eye tetras, 3 angels, 2 common plecos, 4 bala sharks and 1 red tail shark) his tank lokks pretty good now.by the way i breed all these fish (except for the plecos).

do parrot cichlids need lots of oxygen?

I have 2 parrots in a 46 gal tank and I have a HOB filter but I was wondering if I need to add an airstone or anything?

BFF's 4ever hiding w/ oscar

My BP Bubbles never used to hide. I just moved her and my Oscar into a 40gal tank (a lil small but better than the one they were in 20gal) and the Oscar has been hiding. Oscar and bubbles were raised together and they have formed a special bond I have never seen tow different spices of cichlids act this way. Any way bubbles has always followed the Oscar around and she has been hiding with him since the move. The Oscar is acting negatively to change (typical of the breed) but he is becoming less shy. Any one know why they are so close I did not think this was possible.


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