Red Bellied Pacu with BPs?

My local pet store has a lone red bellied pacu living with two slightly larger parrots. The manager of the store said that it gets along with everything and will get to be between 7 to 12 inches in my 90 gallon tank. He said it will grow about the same rate as my BPs. I have read online that they do indeed get to be about 12 inches...(but they grow pretty rapidly), that they are very peaceful and are very personable and fun to own - according to their owners. I do understand the fish known as the "black pacu" gets up to 3 feet and just grows and grows no matter what the tank size.


my flowerhorn has made a full recovery from the body fungus that grew on some wounds from fighting. i am going to try to see if i can get a pair to form with my bp to make some kirins soon. if not, i have a texas that i can try, but he is still too young. i have wanted one for a long time, because, i think flowerhorns are beautiful, but my wife won't let me have 45 tanks. so i would like to breed the parrots so they can coexist with my other fish without killing them all.


I recently got my bigger BPS exchanged for a smaller pair. The older BPS stayed with me for around a month. But I have noticed that this pair of new BPS seldom hide in their caves like the previous BPS. These new BPS are always moving about playfully in the tank.

I have a pair of small spotted BPS with them and this does not bother the BPS. My tank is 75 gallons.


I tried to do this once already and some how screwed it up. lol. I will try again. I am just curious about the age your parrots have lived to. I have one and she is 13 years old and still going strong. Is this the norm for this type of fish, or is mine just a little freak. :)

My parrot fish

I just what to know if anybody can help answer my question. My parrot fish (8cms) its fully orange but its starting to get black colouration at the end of the tail and the top fin. What does this transformation mean?.


i have a cousin that has a 750 gallon tank. i just met him for the first time yesterday. and all he has in the tank is one lace gourami. i asked him why he only had 1 fish in his huge tank and he told me "i had no more money after i bought the gourami" i was laughing like crazy after he said that. i gave him a few of my fish(which includes 4 keyhole cichlids, 17 red eye tetras, 3 angels, 2 common plecos, 4 bala sharks and 1 red tail shark) his tank lokks pretty good the way i breed all these fish (except for the plecos).

do parrot cichlids need lots of oxygen?

I have 2 parrots in a 46 gal tank and I have a HOB filter but I was wondering if I need to add an airstone or anything?

BFF's 4ever hiding w/ oscar

My BP Bubbles never used to hide. I just moved her and my Oscar into a 40gal tank (a lil small but better than the one they were in 20gal) and the Oscar has been hiding. Oscar and bubbles were raised together and they have formed a special bond I have never seen tow different spices of cichlids act this way. Any way bubbles has always followed the Oscar around and she has been hiding with him since the move. The Oscar is acting negatively to change (typical of the breed) but he is becoming less shy. Any one know why they are so close I did not think this was possible.



euthanise fish

If you have to euthanise fish,please dont flush! there are humane ways to do it

Hmmm we think she is a she

Her face is a lot pointer than most parrots I’ve seen and she is not growing much. But she is vary aggressive. No pics posted yet but soon. And she is veary found of my male oscar.


I have a “Miniature Blood Parrot” as Wal- Mart says (don’t think there is really such thing). I got her almost a year ago and she has become quite aggressive. We used to have a very old very large gorse looking gold fish in the tank. Bubbles was basically eating the poor thing alive until I decided to end the gold fish’s misery and flush him :( (do not recomend gold fish with chilids any way). After that she started picking on my cat fish after we moved the cat fish she went after the placo (the placo is about 3 times his size and it fights back so im not so worried).

Swimming funny

for the last week n a half. One of my parrots (about 1 1/2") has been acting strange. He will be sitting in one spot and just starting floating vertically. With his face upwards (almost like he is dead) while still flapping his fins and the other parrots will come over and lift him up and he takes off again. Only to do it again within the next 10 minutes or so. His left fin is also chewed up a bit and sometimes he holds it in. TIA

BPS with Spotted Gars

I just bought in 2 small spotted gars with my pair of BPS. I had bigger BPS but I have got them exchanged for a pair of small BPS.

Spotted Gars seem to be very peaceful creatures and do not seem to bother about the parrots nor do the parrots bother.

The Parrots keep themselves busy playing with eachother. I have also upgraded to a 75 gallon tank last week.

Will keep you guys updated about the gars!! Has anyone tried this combination before.


Site update

Hi all,

I just updated the site and I had to disable all forms of private messaging for a while because there is no compatible module for that out yet. I'm sorry, but the "contact" form available when you click each user's name is still working.



ICK! Help Please!

Ugh! I can't believe this. I am pretty sure my new 90 gallon tank is completely cycled and I was going to transfer Merrill and Punch into their new home this morning ... I went to start putting water in the bucket and noticed they have some faint white spots on them. I am guessing this is ick, (but I have never seen ick before) How in the world would I get it in my old/small tank? I added two cory catfish to the NEW tank yesterday just to make sure it was ok for my BPs, but I don't have any new fish in the small tank that my BP's are in now.


funny story

i have a story that my husband told me about when he had a oscar when he was 16. well he also had this cat that always bugged the oscar by trying to play with him. the tank never had a cover and one day the nosey cat was up on the corner of the tank and stuck his paw in there and the oscar grabbed his paw and dragged him in the tank! the osscar was 14" and after that situation, the cat never went into basement again...

Parrot is very dominant

this is not a problem, more of a funny story really, i have a parrot, a green terror, and an oscar. although the parrot is the smallest, it goes after the other fish! It is no big deal though because the parrot can't close his mouth and the other fish aren't bothered by it.

still confussed

can someone tell me from start to finish what I need to do with my tank, I know to add water hahaha and water conditioner but is there anythign else I need to add

new severum vs simon!!

i just bought two severums for my new 100 gallon yesterday! i got a turquoise one and a gold one. the gold one is no problem and he is only about 4-5" but the turquoise one is a 8" bad boy who thinks he can push simon around. well let me tell you this, simon wasn't so happy about the new fish in the first place and when the turquoise one(haven't named him yet) bit him, that was it! simon took a spaze and attacked him like mad!then after the spazem was over, the severum took his spaze attack! they have been doing this all day, but simon so far seems to be winning.


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