One of our parrots is turningg black

Alright, to start off for those of you that dont know, I work at a pet store. We have 4 Blood Parrot Cichlids in a tank. I love our parrots like they are my own. They have quite the personality. Well the other day I noticed that one of them had blood patches on its fins and body. I didnt think much of it. I had 2 days off and when I saw the fish again it was even worse than before. I dont know what to do. I work tomorrow so I wanted to see what you guys think. As far as medicating the one tank we can not move the other 3 into another tank, we have no room all 35 tanks are filled.

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What would you suggest -

A 20% water change every alternate day

A 50% water change every week

A 100% water change every 10 days.



Now Xmas is nearly here, how about asking for gift vouchers for your LFS, from all your friends and family, its a way of upgrading your tank without paying the whole amount yourself (here in the UK, all garden centers have aquatic depts)

Black Spots


I have 2 BP's in a 14 gallon tank, and the Bps are about 2.5-3 inches. Everything has been fine and they seemed healthy. Last night we added two small snails that were given to us. The parrots seem to be curious and try to eat the snails. This morning I noticed a lot of black on one of the Bps fins as well as on its underside. Is he/she sick!?

Please help!

Thank you!



new"ish" tank, one week on

New tank has been running for exactly one week, was stocked with all gravel,water and fish from old tank, plus old filter is running along with the new one for the moment, added 25gals of new water,conditioned and dechlorinated, no water changes as yet, Ammonia between 0 and 0.25 (hard to be sure,)PH 7.4, nitrite 0 nitrate 5.0, Im not too sure when it comes to cycling, hows it looking anyone?


i am new to this site and a fairly new parrot parent. So far my girl is doing fine and is friendly to me and her tankmates, however..........How on earth do you guys get good photographs? If i havnt got smaller fish darting infront of the camera, my parrot loses interest as she knows she isnt getting fed after ten mins of my face gawping at her! shes so bright and pretty, i jst want a good pic... help


Is there still a chat time or is it 'just-find-someone-online-when-you-are'?




I'm fairly new to having my H2O loving pet and I was wondering if play sand is really safe - i.e. from Lowe's - or should I get the marine stuff from the pet store? I realize that I'll need to clean it but I just got a new tank/filter and would really to like not screw it up!
Also- do Parrot's like a mixed substrate or should i look into removing the pebbles before adding sand. I thought that having some pebble with the sand might help keep the sand from compacting, but I really don't know. Any info would be helpful! Thanks!


PH Levels and Amonia

I was wondering if someone could help me out on what my ph, Ammonia should be. I will be getting a jelly bean parrot and just a Orange parrot chihild I am new to all of this and would like to know what all my levels should be at to keep them healthy. I have had my tank up now for a few days, no fish just cycling it for now


This is my 1st Parrot cichlid and I made the mistake of putting him in with an African cichlid. The parrot was bigger and the other cichlid was used to being the small fish in the tank so I thought it would work. I was wrong but I have gotten my parrot cichlid a brand new 56 gal tank. I am planning on getting him some tank mates or dither fish but I want to be sure that no one gets beat up again. Should I wait to get some more fish to let my parrot fish get acclimated? If not, what others should I be looking into?


this isn't about parrots

one of my male africans, an elongatus, was so obsessed with breeding that he has probably killed the female. she just released her fry like a week ago and she has had three straight batches of fry. she wasn't ready so he chewed off her face. she is in my hospital tank, but i don't have much hope. when i added salt she freaked and swam around all crazy as it burned. hopefully i can save her. she looks horrible right now, kind of like a zombie. it makes me want to feed that male to my daughter's cat.

rescue fish

I help to assist children to read at my local school and they had a fish in a small dirty algae covered tank no filter or air-stones, so dirty and neglected that you couldn't see the fish at all in the dead plants, no one took any notice of it and dropped a feeding block in now and again, well, what would you do?, when they all went out for dinner and the teacher went to the staff room ,I scooped it out in a crayon tupperware box and took it home and now my friend has it! I told them it had died! Im normally such a honest person and I don't regret it one bit!


My new tank looks good, pity Im here in England (am I the only Brit here?) as I have taken out decor and driftwood and have a big piece of brain coral, all free, will post pics once old filter is out,the trickle filter is great, I can change it without getter my fingers wet and no priming, the front corners are rounded, no seals, nice to see the fish, but now in their new tank I notice a little group of four tiny fish which although all different are schooling together, Im going to have to get a few more of each to make them all happy!


I have a big five inch plus orange jellybean parrot cichlid in a thirty gallon long tank with one rainbow shark and one common pleco. I now this is small but the aquarium is on the second floor . Anyway my parrot cichlid has always liked to hide but is now to big. I bout a cool cave at petsmart yesterday but the cave is to small. I have driftwood a log cave for my shark and a rock formation thing for my pleco but the my parrot cichlid named fred has none any advice on parrot cichlid decor thanks FREDDYBOY?

Red inflammation at one of the nares

I have a large beautiful Parrot fish in a 42 gal aquarium. Over the past few weeks, he has developed a bright red excrescence on one of his nares. His activity and feeding patterns are normal for him, tho his color paled for a few days and is now back again. I have added salt and Melaluca solution to the water, but this ? tumor ? inflammation continues to get worse. Any ideas ?


Tank Help

My BPs tank is a mess! I have two fish in a 20 gallon tank, not a lot of decor, no gravel. I have a 50 gallon filter with a biowheel that runs fine but within a week the tank is totally disgusting. A lite brown film coating everything. It is not algae, the tank is not in direct sunlight and I only leave the light on 8 hours a day. I test the water regularly and the ammonia and pH levels are normal. I have friends who clean their fishtanks every other month. I'm having to do a major cleaning every week! Does anyone have any suggestions?


today is water change day. i slacked off and went a whole week without doing any so my work is cut out for me. i have to change six tanks at 50% and vacuum 20 square feet of gravel. i had to work 7 days straight so i was too lazy when i got home to do a mid week change like i normally do. i will have to get back on schedule to doing one every 4 days. big fish make alot of waste, and i have alot of them.

My BP died.

One of my BP died yesterday night. I don't know how and why. There were no signs of any disease... black or white spots. I just did a 100% water change yesterday

Could a pair of smaller yellow parrots which are more aggressive than my BP be the cause of this? The yellow parrots move very fast and aggressively in the tank. I don't think my ghost knife fish did something because they are way to small for the parrot and there are no marks on the parrots body...

What happened.



sunny is a fish with alot of personality. he is very aggressive, but he is also very playful. he chases all my fish at different times and he will chase me while i am cleaning the tank. it is funny when i forget about him and get really into cleaning. he will sneak up, attack me and sometimes he really startles me. if he could close his mouth, he would probably have to be kept by himself, because he is mean. if he corners someone like other fish or humans, he rams them. my wife didn't believe me until he finally did it to her. i was kind of upset when we got him.

Repairing a leak

I have the opportunity to get a free 35 gallon tank with all the stuff and a stand from someone I work with. She says it has a "very small leak" that her husband says should be easy to repair. I checked online and it seems like it will be easy. Has anyone ever had to do this? Any input about your experiences would be helpful. Thanks friends.


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