water change

I had a 30 gal tank which I did a 25% water change weekly, now I have a 55gal with a trickle filter(came with the tank) plus a full length air curtain and a large round air stone, 2 parrots, 6 blue congos ,a couple of odd tetras and (god knows where) 4 corys, question, once the tank is cycled, Iv been told that I only need to do partical water change monthly unless weekly testing shows a problem, what do you guys think, with a bad back it would be better for me

cory cats

Im thinking of adding a little group of corys to the tank,but Im put off by the thought of a tank full of eggs, how do you guys with corys find that? also does anyone know if one type of cory is hardier than another?

black/ parrots

So, can you tell when looking at a parrot which is orange and black, whether it is black spot or a juvenile just going through its colour change?Would size alone be a clue?

Posting Pictures

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Just wanted to let everyone know that the little parrots I bought from walmart the day before yesterday are doing great. The one that was about 3/4 black is now turning the bright orange he should be. The black is gone from his gills and most of his body but is still very evident on the fins. They seem to have settled in quite well athough the tank is way too small for them (I have them in a 20 gal quarenteen tank). Yesterday I bought them a 48 gal tank but it will take a while to get it set up and cycled so I can put them in it.

Aquarium Salt / Cories

I have always used some aquarium salt in my tank(s). Over the weekend I read online somewhere (and in more than one place) that cory catfish do not tolerate salt well. Doubtful, but I am wondering if they could possibly mean as in a saltwater tank? Has anyone every had a reaction or anything from their cories due to salt - I know some of you have cories because I got them after being recommended here. Anyway, I only use the amount recommended on the container (it's one scoop per 10 gallons, and I think that is about a teaspoon).


I am just wondering

I am just wondering what size tanks everyone has for their parrots, how many you have in a tank and what if any tank mates you have with them

Another Walmart Rescue

I was in town today picking up 2 small aquariums that I was given for free when I thought I would make a quick trip to Walmart to pick up a heater for one of the 15 gal tanks I was given. I promised myself I would not even look at the fish LOl I was minding my own business looking at the heaters when I heard a teenager gush about how cute the red and black fish was but that it looked a little different than her other goldfish. Soooooooooo of course I just had to glance over and it was a blood parrot.

top ten most posted questions? In no particular order!

1) why is my fish turning black?
2)why are my fish hiding?
3) why are they digging?
4)why are they kissing?
5) why are they fighting?
6) are they kissing or fighting
7)how do you tell male from female?
8) what is this tube thing hanging down?
9)theyve laid eggs, why dont they hatch-help?
10)the eggs HAVE hatched, what do I do - help?

welcome to new people

i just wanted to welcome any new people and to let you know that the people on this site are very nice. people who post on here don't try to make you feel bad for not knowing about fish care. we all started without knowing anything and have learned by sharing info. anyone who is trying to get information about their fish and is trying to have the best possible environment for them has come to the right place. some petstores give bad info and sell you too small a tank for your fish. this is the best site for the parrot cichlid. so welcome, and we hope to hear from you.

thank you

i just wanted to thank parrotcichlidgirl for taking care of this site and giving us a good place to share info on our unique fish. there isn't alot of positive info on the internet about our fish and i have learned alot from this site.


One of my parrots has what looks like a mole below his lip? It's fairly black but it doesn't look like it's growing... I had the water tested and it's in good condition. It's a 55 gal with 2 parrots, 6 silver dollar fish and 3 cory catfish... Any ideas?


One of our parrots is turningg black

Alright, to start off for those of you that dont know, I work at a pet store. We have 4 Blood Parrot Cichlids in a tank. I love our parrots like they are my own. They have quite the personality. Well the other day I noticed that one of them had blood patches on its fins and body. I didnt think much of it. I had 2 days off and when I saw the fish again it was even worse than before. I dont know what to do. I work tomorrow so I wanted to see what you guys think. As far as medicating the one tank we can not move the other 3 into another tank, we have no room all 35 tanks are filled.

Another Poll

What would you suggest -

A 20% water change every alternate day

A 50% water change every week

A 100% water change every 10 days.



Now Xmas is nearly here, how about asking for gift vouchers for your LFS, from all your friends and family, its a way of upgrading your tank without paying the whole amount yourself (here in the UK, all garden centers have aquatic depts)

Black Spots


I have 2 BP's in a 14 gallon tank, and the Bps are about 2.5-3 inches. Everything has been fine and they seemed healthy. Last night we added two small snails that were given to us. The parrots seem to be curious and try to eat the snails. This morning I noticed a lot of black on one of the Bps fins as well as on its underside. Is he/she sick!?

Please help!

Thank you!



new"ish" tank, one week on

New tank has been running for exactly one week, was stocked with all gravel,water and fish from old tank, plus old filter is running along with the new one for the moment, added 25gals of new water,conditioned and dechlorinated, no water changes as yet, Ammonia between 0 and 0.25 (hard to be sure,)PH 7.4, nitrite 0 nitrate 5.0, Im not too sure when it comes to cycling, hows it looking anyone?


i am new to this site and a fairly new parrot parent. So far my girl is doing fine and is friendly to me and her tankmates, however..........How on earth do you guys get good photographs? If i havnt got smaller fish darting infront of the camera, my parrot loses interest as she knows she isnt getting fed after ten mins of my face gawping at her! shes so bright and pretty, i jst want a good pic... help


Is there still a chat time or is it 'just-find-someone-online-when-you-are'?




I'm fairly new to having my H2O loving pet and I was wondering if play sand is really safe - i.e. from Lowe's - or should I get the marine stuff from the pet store? I realize that I'll need to clean it but I just got a new tank/filter and would really to like not screw it up!
Also- do Parrot's like a mixed substrate or should i look into removing the pebbles before adding sand. I thought that having some pebble with the sand might help keep the sand from compacting, but I really don't know. Any info would be helpful! Thanks!



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