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Sick Parrot *Help*

Hi guys new posting here, but been reading for about 4 months. I have a parrot fish that I believe has ick. He has white spots, rubs his body on the gravel and ornaments in the tank. He also kinda just rest/lays on the bottom of the tank. He is in a 75 gallon tank with another parrot, 2 bala sharks, 4 tiger barbs, 4 diamond tetras, 2 rams & 1 pletco. I asked the man at the pet store and he said he thinks it is ick. So I am treating the tank with a product called "API Super ICK Cure". I have been treating the tank for 3 days so far by doing what the directions say, removed filters etc.



I have had five red parrots for six years and about six months ago one began to lie on bottom of the tank upside down most of the time, but came up to eat-Hitari ciclid floating food. This morning another began the upside down behavior. Half the
water is changed weekly and I use an over size Fluval filter and a small aeriating fountain. The other comments on the upside behavior don't seem to apply. I havent lost one in six years, but afraid something is going on. Bloating doesn't appear to be the problem, but I am worried and need help.



I tested the water today on my tank which is cycling,all results neg apart from the PH which was as dark as it is possible to be, no ammonia, no nitrites or nitrates, nothing apart from the PH, nothing has changed apart from the 4 little corys, Im wondering whether Iv been overfeeding? I have never had a PH higher than 7.5, what is going on?

Fran form wal-mart

Hi Again,

Just wanted to say It's ok. I know how ppl get about wal-mart. Just so you all know. All the tanks at wal-mart have shared water. All the warm water mixes and filters together, and all the cold water mixes and filters together. So if one tank gets contaminated they all do.


dark brown sand?

is there a dark brown sand thats is ok to use, that is cheap like pool filter sand or at least brown? i'm am not wanting white, i can't find anything on line thats not like $15. what do you all use?


how do you think an apple snail would do with 1 parrot?- snail is about the size of a golf ball, maybe tad bit smaller- thanks


black/white corys,

YES! they are still there,eny,meny miny and mo, my black/white corys which blend perfectly into my black/white gravel(BIG MISTAKE) and who haven't been seen since they went in one week ago, made an appearance today, IM THRILLED!!!!!

kirins of the future

i got an awesome pair of flowerhorns last night. one male and one female. i am going to breed the male with my female parrot. he has alot of color, pearls and his flower line looks good. he should make some very nice kirins with junior. she isn't picky at all who she lays eggs for so it should be easy. i got them from a guy on the other site that i go to for 5 dollars each. i have seen very plain looking ones on aquabid for 10 times that and these are beautiful. now i just have to wait for him to mature some more. he is only 3 inches long. i am very excited.

1 bp in a 29 gallon?

is it ok to put 1 parrot in a 29 gallon with other dithers? i don't own any as of now but would like to, and only have room for a 29. if so what would be good dithers? any info is great! thanks!


Hi, I'm new here

My name is Fran. I've been reading your site for about 6 months now. You all seem very nice and you seem to know alot about Parrot Cichlids. I have 3 now myself. They live in a 55 with a few angels, clown loaches, and Bristlenose plecos. We also have tons of live plants and 4 snails. They are all doing great, growing fast, and getting along very well with each other.

220 gallon aquarium

what would be an ideal mix of fish in a newly established 220 gallon tank with 3 or 4 parrots, thanks bob



Has anyone else got a trickle filter?mine takes water out of the tank, runs it along the length at the back of the tank(but inside the hood) where a spray bar along this length,spays it through several mediums then it trickles along to the end where its aerated and pushed back into the tank, really easy to clean, just lift out individual sections of the filter out(means you can clean the filter in sections to avoid any spikes)and its access is separate to the rest of the hood, its meant to be very efficient,but while my tank is cycling I really cant get a proper idea

another parrot?

55gals - 2 parrots, one 5" one 4" ,6 blue congo, 4 tiny corys(somewhere?), top of the range filtration, can I add one small female parrot who has lost her companion and is alone in my friends tank,apart from a discus

water change

I had a 30 gal tank which I did a 25% water change weekly, now I have a 55gal with a trickle filter(came with the tank) plus a full length air curtain and a large round air stone, 2 parrots, 6 blue congos ,a couple of odd tetras and (god knows where) 4 corys, question, once the tank is cycled, Iv been told that I only need to do partical water change monthly unless weekly testing shows a problem, what do you guys think, with a bad back it would be better for me

cory cats

Im thinking of adding a little group of corys to the tank,but Im put off by the thought of a tank full of eggs, how do you guys with corys find that? also does anyone know if one type of cory is hardier than another?

black/ parrots

So, can you tell when looking at a parrot which is orange and black, whether it is black spot or a juvenile just going through its colour change?Would size alone be a clue?

Posting Pictures

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Just wanted to let everyone know that the little parrots I bought from walmart the day before yesterday are doing great. The one that was about 3/4 black is now turning the bright orange he should be. The black is gone from his gills and most of his body but is still very evident on the fins. They seem to have settled in quite well athough the tank is way too small for them (I have them in a 20 gal quarenteen tank). Yesterday I bought them a 48 gal tank but it will take a while to get it set up and cycled so I can put them in it.

Aquarium Salt / Cories

I have always used some aquarium salt in my tank(s). Over the weekend I read online somewhere (and in more than one place) that cory catfish do not tolerate salt well. Doubtful, but I am wondering if they could possibly mean as in a saltwater tank? Has anyone every had a reaction or anything from their cories due to salt - I know some of you have cories because I got them after being recommended here. Anyway, I only use the amount recommended on the container (it's one scoop per 10 gallons, and I think that is about a teaspoon).



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