general fin

new tank

new tank , looking rough!

blue congo's

here are my blue congo'syou can see the female at the top of the group,just golden brownish with no coloured stripe


captain fin

heres my fish


clown loach

My friends parrot never arrived, she decided to get another plus a new tank,so now that Im not having that one I would like to add some clown loaches, (Iv had them before),my 55gal tank has 2 parrots, 6 blue congos,and four corys (which I hardly see due to the fact that they are the same colour AND pattern of my tank floor, that was a senior moment on my part),I would like 3 or 5, what does anyone think, as always I don't want to crowd the tank and know some of you already have these,

Uh oh

Ok... I think one of my parrots has the very start of hole in the head. One small hole or two, no white puss or fungus and is acting fine so far. I think I caught it pretty early.

I know this is treatable... but anyone with experience that can tell me the best treatment to use?

I've heard clout worked very well... anyone know anything about it? I think I saw it on Dr. Foster's and Smith, but I'm not sure. I also heard of Metronidazole in the food. Anyone know what food to do this with?

will a 4 ft fish tank be alright upstairs

hi plan to put a 4 ft fish tank in my bedroom for my parrot fish as they need a bit more room but i was thinking of the weight of the tank when it is filled up. because i dont want it going throght the floor the fish tank is 48x12x15 eny suggestions thanks for reading

Changing color?

Ok, I have to ask because Im really confused. This is my second set of parrot cichlids. I bought one BP and one black parrot cichlid. They are in a 30 gallon tank with a pleco and a bottom feeder. When I bought my black one, he was in a tank with a bunch of others that were mostly white in color. I picked this one because he was all black. I have had him for about 3 months now, and he slowly started turning all white. Whats the deal? He did a Michael Jackson on me! I name him Phantom because he looks like a ghost! Is this normal? He seems to be behaving normally.

Blue Congo Tetras

Hi Guys, Last night I went to the fish store to get some new fish for my community tank which seemed a little spare. I ended up with five little tiger barbs, which are doing great in there - they really add something to it. Anyway, the really exciting thing was that they had blue congo tetras - they only had two tho - so I bought them both and put them into my big tank with my BP's. Instant success. Everyone is having a great time and it does not look like there will be any kind of problems.


awesome site!

this site is awesome, i am a member at a couple of other sites and the people are awful, if you ask a question you get yelled at and talked to like your the worst person in the world. i don't know anyone with fish, and the only fish i had growing up was a goldfish my parents hated. i am starting this hobby from scratch, and the smartest of people learned from asking questions. you all on here really are awesome. i want to give my soon to be "wet pet" the best care possible. i feel that you all have same passion for fish as me. the thank you soo much for the help, and your patience.

natural color?

ok i have looked all over this site and can't find if this is what i saw or not. i have been looking all over in my area for undyed parrots, well i think i found some (they where like a light yellow) but the smallest one in the tank had like a blackish top fin and top part of its body. is this the black spot disease you all talk about or is it just the color of some young parrots? is this contagious, will the other fish get this as well?


Here we go again! another poll to help out a new member, dithers everyone

mine are corys, blue congos and a few large penguin tetras (55 gall tank)

White dot on top of swollen tube

Please help !!
I have this parrot for about 5 years. She has been lay eggs 3 times but this time, the "birth tube" got so big and looks like swollen with white dots on it. She did not eat for three days and did not swim normally. I am worry...


Would This Work

I am new here I have been reading the board for a couple of months now and have learned lot about parrots. I have my 2 in a 30 gal tank, they are just small yet but with an early christmas gift of a 55 gal tank, I am excited about setting it up for them and I was thinking of adding an angel, maybe a severum and a rope this going to be too many fish for this tank?? Are the fish even compatible?? I have a very good filtration system......its the fluval 405.... or 404 or something like that

Welcome to Parrot Cichlid Cam! And what a great site!

What a great site! Wanted to introduce myself and ‘show off’ a bit! Take a look at my FishCam!


Sick Parrot *Help*

Hi guys new posting here, but been reading for about 4 months. I have a parrot fish that I believe has ick. He has white spots, rubs his body on the gravel and ornaments in the tank. He also kinda just rest/lays on the bottom of the tank. He is in a 75 gallon tank with another parrot, 2 bala sharks, 4 tiger barbs, 4 diamond tetras, 2 rams & 1 pletco. I asked the man at the pet store and he said he thinks it is ick. So I am treating the tank with a product called "API Super ICK Cure". I have been treating the tank for 3 days so far by doing what the directions say, removed filters etc.



I have had five red parrots for six years and about six months ago one began to lie on bottom of the tank upside down most of the time, but came up to eat-Hitari ciclid floating food. This morning another began the upside down behavior. Half the
water is changed weekly and I use an over size Fluval filter and a small aeriating fountain. The other comments on the upside behavior don't seem to apply. I havent lost one in six years, but afraid something is going on. Bloating doesn't appear to be the problem, but I am worried and need help.



I tested the water today on my tank which is cycling,all results neg apart from the PH which was as dark as it is possible to be, no ammonia, no nitrites or nitrates, nothing apart from the PH, nothing has changed apart from the 4 little corys, Im wondering whether Iv been overfeeding? I have never had a PH higher than 7.5, what is going on?

Fran form wal-mart

Hi Again,

Just wanted to say It's ok. I know how ppl get about wal-mart. Just so you all know. All the tanks at wal-mart have shared water. All the warm water mixes and filters together, and all the cold water mixes and filters together. So if one tank gets contaminated they all do.


dark brown sand?

is there a dark brown sand thats is ok to use, that is cheap like pool filter sand or at least brown? i'm am not wanting white, i can't find anything on line thats not like $15. what do you all use?


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