update on fhs and junior

the flowerhorns and junior are getting along well. junior is a female. she chases the female fh around and is doing well in the tank. i am hoping that she will like the male. he is very nice looking and would make awesome fry with her. i will keep the best two and either give away or sell the rest.

new arrivals!!!!

I finally got my two new parrots, its nice to note that the pet shop filled a form in prior to selling the fish, wanting to know the tank size, how long it had been set up, how many fish were in and when Id added the last one, the first hour the little ones were chased around the tank,then my other two went back to fighting each other between the chasing and right now the new arrivals are holed up behind the filter where general fin and baby(no longer though) can fit, they've both been out to feed, so far, so good, possible names are Captain Jack(I think it may be male, looks like a bloke

come to chat? now

do you think if my parrot fish and oscar grow up together will my oscar not eat my parrot fish when my oscar is fully grown


one or two?

I have two parrots in 55galls, Im looking to add another but would prefer to add two, I do weekly water changes, I know that its pushing it and it should really be 60gals but could I add two? quick answer needed as I want to make a decision by friday

Update on: Help! My fish has something stuck in its mouth!

Ok, my sister was as worried about my fish as I was so she asked her vet about it...he said he wasn't an expert on fish but bring it in and he'd try to get it out. The fish was so weak and i feared it would die either way so we put it in a container and took it in to the vets office. He picked it up and could see the black object in the back of its mouth but was hesitant to pull it out not knowing what shape it was so he used a probe with a camera on the end.

my parrot keeps chasing the oscar please help

i have recently brought a baby parrot fish about 3-4 inches and i put him in a small 17 inch wide fish tank for know with my 3 inch oscar and 5 inch plec but my parrot has been bashing the oscar and chasing him like hell. do you think if i move him over to a three foot fish tank with the oscar and plec will the parrot fish have territory and stop chasing my oscar. and what other fish would you recomend me with the parrot fish in the 3 footer tank.


cant eat, rubbish

Iv heard it said, by non parrot owners obviously, that parrots have trouble eating as they cant close their mouths, well, my old granny could eat a chop without a tooth in hers , my parrots eat cichlid sticks, floating granules, flakes,peas, sweetcorn,cucumber,ham, chicken,prawns ,crabsticks,frozen food, live foods(from a ring cone stuck to the side) and catfish pellets from off the tank floor (meant for the corys)cant eat, rubbish!!!

glazed or unglazed?

ok sorry shaz, but after falling in love with your tank i have decided that i want to put a clay one in my tank. but after going online and researching about how to make them safe, i am getting conflicting advice, some say to use glazed because it keeps out bacteria and others are saying non glazed because the glaze could be toxic. then some even say only glazed on the inside. but i guess thats the internet for ya! what types do you all use? thanks for your help!


new tank

Help! My fish has something stuck in its mouth!

Hello! I've been visiting this site for a couple weeks...ever since I aquired a pair of parrots. Though I'm not new to freshwater aquariums, I am new to the care of Parrots. My pair are about 5" in length and very beautiful.....but one of them seems to have tried to swallow a rock or something and can't spit it out! Whatever this foreign object is, it is black and maybe somewhat flat. It tries to spit it out and vigoriously shakes its head....but just can't get it out. Then the object goes further back in its mouth.



sorry about the BIG PHOTOS, Im just attempting this for the first time!

general fin

new tank

new tank , looking rough!

blue congo's

here are my blue congo'syou can see the female at the top of the group,just golden brownish with no coloured stripe


captain fin

heres my fish


clown loach

My friends parrot never arrived, she decided to get another plus a new tank,so now that Im not having that one I would like to add some clown loaches, (Iv had them before),my 55gal tank has 2 parrots, 6 blue congos,and four corys (which I hardly see due to the fact that they are the same colour AND pattern of my tank floor, that was a senior moment on my part),I would like 3 or 5, what does anyone think, as always I don't want to crowd the tank and know some of you already have these,

Uh oh

Ok... I think one of my parrots has the very start of hole in the head. One small hole or two, no white puss or fungus and is acting fine so far. I think I caught it pretty early.

I know this is treatable... but anyone with experience that can tell me the best treatment to use?

I've heard clout worked very well... anyone know anything about it? I think I saw it on Dr. Foster's and Smith, but I'm not sure. I also heard of Metronidazole in the food. Anyone know what food to do this with?

will a 4 ft fish tank be alright upstairs

hi plan to put a 4 ft fish tank in my bedroom for my parrot fish as they need a bit more room but i was thinking of the weight of the tank when it is filled up. because i dont want it going throght the floor the fish tank is 48x12x15 eny suggestions thanks for reading

Changing color?

Ok, I have to ask because Im really confused. This is my second set of parrot cichlids. I bought one BP and one black parrot cichlid. They are in a 30 gallon tank with a pleco and a bottom feeder. When I bought my black one, he was in a tank with a bunch of others that were mostly white in color. I picked this one because he was all black. I have had him for about 3 months now, and he slowly started turning all white. Whats the deal? He did a Michael Jackson on me! I name him Phantom because he looks like a ghost! Is this normal? He seems to be behaving normally.


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