2 parrots fish acting weird?

Hi everybody,
My current tank contains 2 big parrot fish, 2 small ones, a green arowana, an iridescent shark and a small pleco. All of my parrot fish are heart-parrot cichlids. In fact, I have lost 1 of the big parrots about a month ago, so I've just bought a new big one.
Now I am facing to the following problems:
- The 2 big parrot fish always hide themselves in a corner of the tank, although they do come out to have their meal. All of the time, they are just lying on their sideways adjacent to the filter.


Some Pics

Here are some links to pictures of my parrot cichlid and the new tank I got for Christmas. I hope they actually work and don't just give an error. Enjoy!

My Christmas Present

Is my fish having sight problems?

My blood parrot is 7+ years old and I've noticed that in the last month or so she is having trouble "catching" her pellets. I don't know if she's not seeing properly and therefore missing them (that's what appears to be happening), or if there's something wrong with her mouth. Before she always just aimed for the floating pellet and got it. Any ideas? Are there other types of food that she might be able to more easily get?


sick parrots

Im a new owner of parrots, the store owner sold them to me with a 15 gl. tank. So I had 2 parrots, 1 angel and an algae eater. One of them started looking pretty awful, little did I know I needed a heater, So I bought one and was told ot keep it at 78, is that correct? Since installing he heater I had 2 parrots die on me. Ive replaced them and now the new fish are doing showing the same behavior, staying in one spot at the bottom of the tank near a hole they dug. Am I killing my fish? Help!!!


My Parrot

I have 1 parrot cichlid named Polly and I've had her (or maybe him??) for a little over 7 years. She was about 1 1/2 inches long when I got her and is now about 8 inches long. She's full of personality and we all love her (she chases the kids up and down the tank and comes up to the glass to "kiss" them). I'm glad to have found this site with it's useful information and lack judgmental comments toward the fact that I own a "man-made" fish! Lisa

want to start with a breeding pair

I just started an intrest in bps. At my local fish stop, the owners saw a pair breeding and decided to sell them as a pair. I WANT THEM!!! but all I have is a 20 gal with a 40 gal filter. there is no way I can a) afford a bigger tank and b) my landlady will NOT allow another tank set up! will the 20 gal do? Or should I wait till i have a bigger tank and the room? mind that the shope is selling the bp CHEAP!


BP questionon tank mates!

I have a few questions I would like you to answer. But first let me tell you some info.

I have a 55 gallon tank with some plants, reg. gravel, a nice filter and an airstone.
Im getting at least one BP for my 55 gallon planted tank and I wanted your advice on some tankmates!

I have a few questions I would like you to answer. But first let me tell you some info.

I have a 55 gallon tank with some plants, reg. gravel, a nice filter and an airstone.
Im getting at least one BP for my 55 gallon planted tank and I wanted your advice on some tankmates!


Type of parrot?

I currentlly have two parrot cichlids, one BP and one that was all black. The black has faded and all the black is now gone. It is more like a neatral color like a piece of manilla paper. What kind of parrot cichlid would this be? Would it be a jelly bean?

Changing filters?

Hey guys, I was wondering how often a fish tank filter should be changed? I have been changing my water at a 30 percent water change every week and was wondering how often the filter should be changed. Any answers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys!


is there a reason that my points keep going down?

i had well over 200. every time i come to this site my pooints are lower. the first time , i only lost about 10 points. the next time about the same. now, i just posted another message and it said my total was 179.

Red Parrot with Humpy head flower-horn fish?

Just curious to know if I can keep humpy head flower horn fish with Red Parrot? My parrot is (2 of them) are of size ~ 5 inches and flower horn fish is about 2 inches in size. If not now then can I keep them together when they both are of same size?



Need help in understanding Parrot behavior!!!!


Welcome To The New Year...

Wishing all the members and parrots a very very happy new year.....


Our pet "Peaches"...cancer in a fish?

We have a large approximately 7 inch peach colored cichlid named "Peaches". We were actually informed by a local fish expert that Peaches is actually a "he" but we were so used to calling her a "she" that we still do anyway. We bought Peaches from a pet store going out of business about 5 years ago, maybe 6 years ago. I don't know how old she was when we got her, but she hasn't grown much at all since that time. She has always been very healthy and happy, eating well and enjoying life in her 36 gallon tank.


Fire Eels and Blood Parrots

would a 55 gal tank be large enough for 2 blood parrots and a fire eel? I have done some research but am getting conflicting responses as to the min. tank size needed for a fire eel.

New User

Hi Everyone. I've been looking at your site for about 3 months. It's Great!! I have owned my parrots for about 4 months now and I have learned alot off of this site. I currently have 1 King Kong and regular parrot. I love them. I am just glad to see a site like this one...Thanks!! Happy New Year!!

E-mail penpal

would anyone like a internet penpal from the UK? send a private message and Ill mail back

Ask Gazoo!

Gazoo recently held a press conference, and I think you'll all be very interested to hear what he had to say in response to the questions! Read on for a sampling! If you have questions, ask them in the comments and he will answer the ones that he feels like...

xmas, Ill be at work!!!

I would like to wish you all a merry Xmas, and for those of you may be alone or whose families are away , where ever in the world they or you may be. I wish you peace of mind and send my best wishes for a happy and peaceful new year

emerald corys

Last and absolutely final additions to my tank,four beautiful emerald Cory's, seem to be more active than the peppered ones, up and down the tank sides,(plus one tiny danio that came in the bag,shouldn't think Ill see that for long!) am thinking of taking some decor out, which do you think more important - multiple hiding places or a bit more space?


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