Please help a guy out who doesn't know anything about cichlids

I sincerely apologize if this is a huge breach of etiquette for this board. I need some help and you guys might be able to provide it. A quick e-mail from admin saying go away, and I promise you won't see me post again.

I found this topic from a Google search for "250 gallon aquarium"
And that's why I'm posting here
I know nothing about fish or aquariums.


Parrot Cichlid Change in Behavior

I have 2 Parrot Cichlids in a 10 gallon tank. Present tank mates include; 1 Tiger Barb, 3 Tetras, 1 Cory Cat, 1 Striped Raphael cat, 1 Plecostamos. All have gotten along reasonably well. PH 7.4, ammonia and Nitrites seem OK. Both Cichlids began to stay up near surface of water(2 days). Presently one is on it side at the bottom and the other is still near surface. I believe both are in distress but cannot figure out what the problem might be. One of the cichlids has had a few dark discolorations. No other visible concerns.

Blood parrots How smart are they?

i have six parrots. Sometimes i swear its like they can tell the difference from me and my girlfriend. My girlfriend is the one that pointed it out first. They follow me all around the room, from one side to the other. I swear they would jump out and follow me upstairs if they could. They are so friendly. When i do my water changes they follow my hand and siphon all around the tank. If i cup my hand they swim in and out rubbin against me. Just an awsome fish. I never would have expected it being that they are a hidbrid.

black spots, need advise

What wrong with my parrot, For the last week it has been showing black spots, they are getting worse everyday, adn now today its lips look chapped. Ive done 40% water chage 2 times this week. Is there any meds I can buy to help, or does anyone have any other suggestions.
Thanks concerned OWNER!!!


Posting Pictures with Flickr

I set up a flickr account so I can post pictures. Can someone explain to me how to get the pictures to this site. I read to copy and paste a code with 400 width. Exactly where do I get this code to copy? I am sure it is easier than I am making it out to be. Thanks.


Need 2 know where 2 find heart parrot cichlids?

I have a 75 gal. tank that im tryn to find heart shaped parrot cichlids for!! Can someone help with this task? Thanks in advance!!


Hi! This is my first post here. I just got a parrot cichlid yesterday. She was described as being very active and the storekeeper was very encouraging about getting her. When I put her in my tank though, she's simply spent the last 24 hours hiding behind a giant piece of furniture. I felt like i had too much furniture so I removed some because she seemed to like trying to back up through every available opening. I have a lot less in there now, but she still hides in the same spot. I am a little discouraged about this behavior. Is she healthy... is everything OK?

My BP is weird!

My BP gingerkid is a weirdo! He always goes to the bathroom under the same plant in the tank. He makes noises at the top of the tank when I'm not paying attention..when I look, he plays shy, hiding in his gnome castle. And loves to eat tuna!... He also hugs the tank heater with his body even tho it's set at the correct temp of 78! Anyone else have strange BP's? Just thought I'd share!

Ginger Fishie!

She seems to be fading...

My 7+ y/o BP seems to be fading to white. I've had her for more than seven years and recently upgraded her to a 40 gallon tank. I also realized that I was keeping the water to cool (71-72 degrees) so I've slowly upped the tank temp to 78 degrees. She seems very happy and active but she's getting quite pale. Is this just age????? Thanks!!


euthanize fish painlessly

can I just alert everyone to my recent comment on how to euthanize fish painlessly, it works for me ,if anyone has tried anything else,what do you think about this method,would you try it next time?

My blood parrot

Hello there, I want to start by saying that i have a 25 gl tank with two 5 inches BP and everythig was fine except that they are allways fithing or playing; I really don't know. About one month ago one of them has his or her fins ripped and some kind of a white spot on them.
What can i do...does any body has an idea of what is wrong. He seems fine but i don't like to see him or her like that.

Thanks, Lina



The justly named Pumpkin is the new(er) addition to the tank. I just now joined this forum, but have had Pumpkin for a few months now, and Pumpkin is about 4.5 inches. I believe that Pumpkin is a female, because I THINK I saw her ovipositor on her under side a couple weeks ago.

Tank mates

Just curious what everyone had for tank mates with their BP's?

Please help Alpha and Beta

Hi everyone,


Re Craters in the head

The craters on our big Parrat Cichlid, Joe, started as white spots (like a teenager’s whitehead). Several more have appeared all above the eyeline. I haven’t found any mention of these white spots in my Web searches. We have tried isolating and treating Joe with Novalek for several weeks without success.

Joe swims normally but doesn't eat. He is beautiful and we have great affection for him. If anyone has suggestions or leads for treatments we would be grateful.


Pretty pretty parrots

Ive recently seen a beautiful parrot that ive never seen before, (although there all beautiful!) it was bright orange and had stark white bloches all over her/his body. i was wondering what kind this might be. I also seen a pure black and white parrot.... i jus dont know how they would have made or bred theses parrots this way? Hopefully there not dyed, they said it wasnt but i deff trust you guys on this site way more.

What to do next?

I have a 75 gallon tank with 6 parrots, 2 pink kissing gouramis, 1 geophagus and some random small catfsih. The tank is crowded now that they have all grown in size. I am aware of that and I am working on getting a 55 set up to move some so they have more space. I have had 3 of my parrots for 6 years and added a couple of baby ones about a year ago and they all have grown quickly. All fish have lived together and have never had any problems getting along until recently. Last week I found my oldest and second smallest parrot upside down with his fins ripped to shreds.


craters around head area of parrot fish

Hi, i am new to this website. I was wondering if anyone elses fish have been suffering with the condition that some of my fish get which comes and goes and has no effect on behaviour or eating but the fish develop large holes around the head as if something is eating away at he fish. It is alarming and i am wondering what is the best treatment for this condition.


Thinking about buying a Blood Parrot

I currently have a 29 gallon tank with an Oscar in it. I am going to move the Oscar into a 55-75 gallon tank within the next few weeks in order to allow him to grow larger and to have more room. He will be in this tank by himself.

My intention is to use the 29 gallon tank for something else and because I like the look of Blood Parrots, I was intending on putting one or two in the 29 gallon tank.

I am curious about the PH and temperature requirements and full size of a Blood Parrot. Can I put two in a 29 gallon tank?

Captain Jack gets brave!!!!!!

At last! Captain Jack (the tiny parrot) can now be seen swimming about at least 45% of the time, although he can still make it back behind the filter in double quick time, if I had been new to parrots, and not understood their behaviour, I might have been worried, it was mid November when I got him, is this a record for a non appearance by a parrot?


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