New Worry, could use some help : (

My fish are pretty much at the bottom of the 55g tank and very lethargic. I'm worried.

Still cycling, and showing a reading for both ammonia and nitrites; in that order 0.20 and close to 1.0 (this is freakin me out).

Shoudl I change some water for them??????? I know that they are far more apathetic then is the norm.

Advice anyone???

My poor parrots!


Quick Survey: Feeding Ur BP's

1. How often do you feed your BP's?

2. What do you feed them?


first time breeding

hello i think it is what is happening we have a hollow upright log and one is in and the other one chaseing all the other fish away my wife and sister in law can see what we think is eggs can any body help me on what to do.
thank you


The story of my parrots, thus far... : )

SInce all I have thus far done is worry and look for good advise I feel it is now time to - bum-bum bum bummm - describe my guys.

I have four blood parrots. Though the first is by a bit of a margin my absolute favorite. - His name is Paul and I think of my tank as 'Pauls' House'. Paul was discovered in a store when I was only window shopping,... You know, in order to begin and paint a picture in my minds eye as to what fish I wanted for my tank. - And I was only going to have one large fish after all as the tank was only twenty gallons...

another question for everyone

Hey everybody I reall appreciate all the help and of course I have 1000's of questions... I have taken your advice and I am buying a larger tank and now for future reference I am wondering if bp's will do well with aggressive fish? (ie red devil cichlids) I noticed in the pet store they keep the bp's in the aggressive tan but they seem far from aggressive!

junior's tube is out and she is in the pot again

this time i am going to wait until the eggs a fertilized and remove the eggs so they can't eat them. i cleared out my 5 gallon for the eggs and will be raising them myself. they have eaten two batches already. i think it is because that tank is in a high traffic area and they feel threatened. we will see.

i know probably not...

but could i also get a convict in with my parrot and dithers. tank is a 29. tank is still cycling so there is nothing in it yet. i just wanted some of your opinions! thanks!!


ok i went and looked at some parrots today and there were 2 different tanks. one tank had some parrots that were yellowish with dark drown. which i know is common for baby parrots but then there were some above them that were just beautiful and were a dark orangeish red. and of course like $10 more. but the lady called them bloody red parrots. i know the colors will make them more but are they bred with different fish. the lady of course had no idea. why are they called something different. i mean goldfish come in different colors but they are still called goldfish.

Okay i feel stupid

well as I said I already lost one of my BP's and the remaining one seems to be doing fine with only a spotted raphael in the tank how long do I have before I should up size my tank and is it absolutely necessary to get a 55 gallon tank cause I just don't have the room in my bedroom.. i was hoping to get a 40 gallon at the most, my parrot is only about 1.5" and I was told he would only grow to his surroundings is this true?

feeding question????

I had tropical fish at one point & I have a very large container of flakes would it be problematic if I fed it to my bps????

Possible New Parrot Owner Has Questions ...

Hello! I saw my first Blood Parrot last night at our local pet store. She smiled at me, and I fell in love!! I really want to go buy her after work tonight (before anyone else gets her) but I know I need to get quite a few things for ... like a tank and much more. Can someone please tell me what I need to get and how to get started. I want to do this right, but I want her tonight! : ) Thank you!

Concerned: update #2 and grateful for all your feedback so far

(Note: Last update is down in the chemical readings of my amonia/nitrite levels. Last updates are IN BOLD TYPE, including new questions, which are all inserted directly into this post, which I started yesterday. I still could really use some advice at this point so that I can continue to give optimal care to my fish, and maybe gain some piece of mind in the venture! : )

I have a 55 gallon tank, it is approximately 3 weeks old and contains 4 BP's and 2 Convicts.


New Tank

OK y'all i FINALLY got my tank. It is up and running, still cycling. but i am so excited! Just a 29 but, as of now that is all that would have fit. We'll see after the move!


New comer

Hey everyone I love my surviving parrot and I am new to this so does anyone have advice on Parrot fish I only have a 15 gallon tank with 1 blood parrot and a spotted raphael is there room for another parrot or should I buy a bigger tank?

How do I tell a male from female

Hello everyone I am new to this and it is my first time keeping fish. I went to a pet store with my girlfriend and fell in love with the parrot fish... I think it is just me but I think they look like they are smiling...Lol! no one else notices this but it was the first thing that stood out to me! Anywyays I have hundreds of questions about them such as how to tell which is male a nd female and whether or not it is okay to have just one parrot in a tank or if they should be paired up?

chat room anyone?

Possible Parrot Diseases

Hi, I have a rather open-ended question regarding my beloved parrot Bambi. He was around 2 1/2 years old, and very healthy. Unfortunately he died of no apparent reason. The tank was not overly clean, as I had only cleaned the filter and then forgotten to plug it in. The water was normal and his body appeared unharmed and had no black spots (ie black spot disease).

If you know of any disease or way he could have died I would really like to know, especially for my conscience and for my other parrot fish, Any thoughts will be greatly appriciated as I feel terrible,



rubbish tank!

My smaller parrots have taken to hiding this week becaurse the bigger ones are defending eggs, so I have finally rearranged the tank so now everyone is happy,but the tank looks rubbish!!!!oh well,back to the drawing board!

Pictures of my rainbow fish, maybe?

Ok... I have a brown fish that changes daily in colors, he goes from a dark brown to a light brown, goldish orange color to sometimes, yellow and even a greenish or blue color. I have had it about 3 years. He has stayed under 5 inches for the last two years, I dont even believe that he is even five inches, maybe 4.5. He is not agressive but will defend his territory. I recently came to the conclusion that he is a rainbow chichlid. I read about it in a fish magazine, in my opinion he meets the rainbow guidlines. I have one other "fish person" say that he is a rainbow as well.



Here are more pics of my tank. The one with the black stripes is the one being bullied. The black stripes are normal for him, he has had the same ones for six years. There are more hiding spots than ever because they are picking at each other so much. I have added things and taken away things and rearanged things every week for the last month. I also just got some black widow tetras and phantom tetras for distraction. I really hope things settle down in there.



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