Okay i feel stupid

well as I said I already lost one of my BP's and the remaining one seems to be doing fine with only a spotted raphael in the tank how long do I have before I should up size my tank and is it absolutely necessary to get a 55 gallon tank cause I just don't have the room in my bedroom.. i was hoping to get a 40 gallon at the most, my parrot is only about 1.5" and I was told he would only grow to his surroundings is this true?

feeding question????

I had tropical fish at one point & I have a very large container of flakes would it be problematic if I fed it to my bps????

Possible New Parrot Owner Has Questions ...

Hello! I saw my first Blood Parrot last night at our local pet store. She smiled at me, and I fell in love!! I really want to go buy her after work tonight (before anyone else gets her) but I know I need to get quite a few things for ... like a tank and much more. Can someone please tell me what I need to get and how to get started. I want to do this right, but I want her tonight! : ) Thank you!

Concerned: update #2 and grateful for all your feedback so far

(Note: Last update is down in the chemical readings of my amonia/nitrite levels. Last updates are IN BOLD TYPE, including new questions, which are all inserted directly into this post, which I started yesterday. I still could really use some advice at this point so that I can continue to give optimal care to my fish, and maybe gain some piece of mind in the venture! : )

I have a 55 gallon tank, it is approximately 3 weeks old and contains 4 BP's and 2 Convicts.


New Tank

OK y'all i FINALLY got my tank. It is up and running, still cycling. but i am so excited! Just a 29 but, as of now that is all that would have fit. We'll see after the move!


New comer

Hey everyone I love my surviving parrot and I am new to this so does anyone have advice on Parrot fish I only have a 15 gallon tank with 1 blood parrot and a spotted raphael is there room for another parrot or should I buy a bigger tank?

How do I tell a male from female

Hello everyone I am new to this and it is my first time keeping fish. I went to a pet store with my girlfriend and fell in love with the parrot fish... I think it is just me but I think they look like they are smiling...Lol! no one else notices this but it was the first thing that stood out to me! Anywyays I have hundreds of questions about them such as how to tell which is male a nd female and whether or not it is okay to have just one parrot in a tank or if they should be paired up?

chat room anyone?

Possible Parrot Diseases

Hi, I have a rather open-ended question regarding my beloved parrot Bambi. He was around 2 1/2 years old, and very healthy. Unfortunately he died of no apparent reason. The tank was not overly clean, as I had only cleaned the filter and then forgotten to plug it in. The water was normal and his body appeared unharmed and had no black spots (ie black spot disease).

If you know of any disease or way he could have died I would really like to know, especially for my conscience and for my other parrot fish, Any thoughts will be greatly appriciated as I feel terrible,



rubbish tank!

My smaller parrots have taken to hiding this week becaurse the bigger ones are defending eggs, so I have finally rearranged the tank so now everyone is happy,but the tank looks rubbish!!!!oh well,back to the drawing board!

Pictures of my rainbow fish, maybe?

Ok... I have a brown fish that changes daily in colors, he goes from a dark brown to a light brown, goldish orange color to sometimes, yellow and even a greenish or blue color. I have had it about 3 years. He has stayed under 5 inches for the last two years, I dont even believe that he is even five inches, maybe 4.5. He is not agressive but will defend his territory. I recently came to the conclusion that he is a rainbow chichlid. I read about it in a fish magazine, in my opinion he meets the rainbow guidlines. I have one other "fish person" say that he is a rainbow as well.



Here are more pics of my tank. The one with the black stripes is the one being bullied. The black stripes are normal for him, he has had the same ones for six years. There are more hiding spots than ever because they are picking at each other so much. I have added things and taken away things and rearanged things every week for the last month. I also just got some black widow tetras and phantom tetras for distraction. I really hope things settle down in there.


Breeding with other cichlids

I have a pair of parrot cichlids that try to mate every month or so but seem to be unable to hatch any fry. They seem to be trying hard to be good parents, they do all the breeding behaviors that I've been reading about i.e. digging out a little nest and guarding it. The female has laid eggs a few times now but it appears that the male is sterile because the eggs have so far turned white and disappeared after about a week (I think they eat the white ones).


having more trouble!

please help ive been trying to keep parrot cichlids and theres something wrong! I have one absolutly gorgeous big parrot and hes very apathetic and pale, and starting to have cloudy eyes. Ive had fish with cloudy eye b4. what works! help please!

Name that Parrot

I have a 30 gallon tank with one parrot fish. When I bought it, I was told it was a jellybean parrot. After looking at many pictures, I'm not sure if it is a jellybean parrot or not. This fish is very aggressive when I clean his tank. He can close his mouth when he bites/eats. Can you help me identify my fish? Thanks!

Tank mate suggestions?

I recently moved my 4 1/2 inch parrot into a 40g aquarium. I've also added three dither fish in with him and he's doing great. I 've been wanting to add some more fish, but since my aquarium isn't exceptionally large, I'm not sure what kind of other fish I should add that won't get too big, and also won't cause any tension within my aquarium. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Should I let them duke it out?

I have six parrots in a 75 gallon tank. I have a tunnel, a large corner cave and a pot with many holes to swim through. My water perameters are good except my ph is low. It goes up with my weekly water change and back down a day later. I have tried adding stabilizer but it does not seem to be working. I have had this problem since the end of December. I have had my parrots divided in half with three on each side becuase they have been fighting or trying to breed or something. I have three large parrots that keep picking on my medium parrot.


a definitive tank mate thread

Everywhere I read, I get different information about what tank mates are compatible with my BP. She was amazing with my buenos aires tetra and mollies. Life was good. I added a midas cichlid, and my seemingly sweet girl is just chasing the new cichlid around like crazy. Is she going to hurt him? (NOTE: the gender of the fish is only imagination... I don't know) I had enough inches to add another fish to my (now) small tank since they are juvenile. I plan on upgrading my tank size after the move.



I just bought a blood parrot and a gold severum..both are about the same size..small to med..Ihave a spanish gallion both front and back in the 55 gal tank...The parrot is chasing my poor gold severum all over the tank..I thought the blood parrot was peaceful...???
I am afrain my severum will be dead from stress...
the parrot seems to want both of the parts of the ship for his cave...what do I do?

junior and flowerhorn update.

i have done alot of research about breeding kirins. it is alot more involved than breeding fh and parrot. this combination breeds kamfa. kamfa look like flowerhorns with some parrot characteristics, ie fins, sterile males, sometimes a shorter body. anyway, junior is in love with the flowerhorn. they are paired up good. swimming together eating and sleeping in the same place in the tank. they spawned not long ago, but right as the eggs wre supposed to hatch, they ate them. errrr! they will try again in a couple weeks or so. he is already trying his pickup lines on her.


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