Home Made Filter! Simple But effective...

Hello All, I prepared a home made filter and it's running fine now.. I guess, someone might have tried here. I used a air pump, water bottle, a sponge! Anyone has any other idea what to use (karbonn filter or something) inside the bottle too? Thanks in advance.



I was passing by a nail salon place and happened to look in the window and saw a 200 gl. tank housing a couple of large, familiar looking fish. I took a double take and wound up going in. There was these two Parrot fish doing a typical standoff/dance/fight thing that they do! These fish were at least 10 inches long and really thick. The guy that owned the place wasnt able to tell me if they were the blood parrots that we know and love ( the hybrids) or if they were the other parrot fish found out there naturally.

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Yellow parrot

Hi I have a pair of yellow parrot. its been 2 months i have bought them and have kept them in a 45 gal tank.

Home sweet home!

For my fish I like to keep a tank with some live plants,driftwood and natrual looking hides such as rocks and caves. But I also house them with fish of their community but also ones who come from South and Central America. Such as convicts,angelfish,and also midas and blue front cichlids who make the beautiful hybrid parrot cichlid. Also I think a 30-40 gal tank should be to just hold one parrot cichlid or with other fish a 50-240 gal aquarium. I have sand as my substrate woth pebbles in it. It is ok to have sand but add a some pebbles for them to pick on.


Two Angels at our home now..

Hello Everyone.. First of all, I would like to express my feeling that how impressed I am with this website, and all site members like a family...!!! Site is fabulous and having full of imformation.. Your hardwork and hobby presents the work here.... Thanks to everyone. My name is Piyush and my wife Nehal.. Ok,We would like to introduce our Angels (Parrot Fishes).. - Pinky and Bapu (The orange one).. You can see them in my profile picture.


red eye cichlid


My name is Karla and I have two Blood Parrot Cichlids. They are 5 years old. One is smaller than the other. I  love my cichlids dearly, they are so much fun to watch and take care of. I feed them sinking pellets and shrimp brine. Just recently one of them has red eyes. Can some one tell me if this is normal ? I have them in a 20 gallon tank.

Thank you,



my blood parrot is about 3 inches long and in a 5 gallon tank.  he (or she) is one year old and seems happy, eats well.  (pellets and bloodworms for occasional treat)   the tank tests high for alkeline....what does that mean?  when i vacuum and change out the 20%, it's always pretty clean.  also, she just developed black patches which the pet store said could be scratches from digging.  she is the only fish in the tank.  thanks, input is appreciated.


7year old needs help

Has anyone had the same problem? I have a 7 year old parrot cichlid which has been a great fish for us entertaining and endearing it's self with her owners and company over the period. Now however she has a problem. Despite looking and behaving well she have a swelling hanging down at the egg tube area  outside the body which has a blood/ flesh type appearance. I thought it might be a blockage and have stopped feed for the time being. Is it a Hernia or maybe a prolapse of the rectum and can anything be done?



I have three parrots, used to have 4. I took 1 back to the pet shop because he was overly aggressive. During this period of time where he and 1 of my females were trying to make a family, he became overly aggressive towards all the fish in my tank this behavior didnt stop for two weeks and in that time the female went through the ritual of egg laying. I could be wrong because no eggs were produced. On the underside of the fish a white tube was extended she was being guarded by the male while she was swimming upside down in the cave.

crossing with red devil

I really, really want to try my hand at breeing my own parrot babies. I have 2 parrots which I know are female (have previously spawned with male parrots) and have just bought a young (hopefully) male red devil. I was thinking of adding both females to the tank so that he can take his pick and then remove the extra female.

Does anybody have any experience with this? Is there anything I should do to encourage them?




In need of some advice

Hello everyone..I am new here and this is my first post. Im sorry but im gonna jump right in because I am desperate for help.I have a 2 year old blood parrot..she is in a 55 gallon tank with 4 redfin tetras and 3 glo fish.  They all get along just fine.. Lately, Ruby..My blood parrot has been staying at the surface in the water flow from the filter. She also has been twitching her anal fins and flashing. It almost looks like she shakes her head at times also. She seems to have a hard time eating..almost like she cant suck it in or something..she will only try to get the very small pieces.


New parrot

Got my first parrot a few weeks ago. So cute. He had a lot of black markings at first but now is completely orange with some light blue spots on tail. He comes out a lot more now too and just this week started taking a pea from my fingers. Such a cool fish. Love him already!

Solo egg laying?

After three years, my blood parrot cichlid began laying eggs.  She's the only fish in her tank and always has been.  Previously, I'd read the fish wouldn't lay eggs without a mate present.  Has anyone else ever had a fish begin laying eggs alone?  Is there a "maturation" age for fish?  Are there water conditions that suddenly triggered my fish to begin laying eggs alone?  I don't really mind that she lays eggs since she's very (ew) diligent about cleaning them up.  I'm mostly just curious if anyone else has experienced this.



Does anyone have any cant miss remedies or ideas on how to get your water crystal clear. I follow everything to the "T" I even have two filters in a 55 gl tank, a fluval 305 and aqua clear 70 it drives me nuts I cant get my tank to be crystal clear no matter what I try! Any help out there?

important inquiry

ok, i have 3 beautiful parrots, one male and 2 females.  I have had many species of fish over the years but 2 huge parrots at a pet store of course caught my eye, they were a pink not orange and so clumsy and funny to watch, thats when I fell in love with them!!  Their my water puppies, I have them hand tamed to actually come into my hand to be gently petted and played with.  My daughter and husband could not believe how tame and lovable they are.  Anyway I just want to make sure i'm right, but every month the spawn and lay eggs and have their own caves of sandstone rock and granite, now i


dwarf parrots


 I have a 48 gallon freshwater aquarium with a few platys and swordtails, I just found out that there are dwarf parrot fish Does anyone know how large they get?I,ve heard 2" I do not want to buy them only to find out they get big

thanks barefoot2

My big Parrot Chichlid keeps attacking my little Parrot Chichlid

I rescued a pair of parrots about a year ago.  They were in a 25gal tank. I put them in a larger tank (55 gal) there are no other fish but them. Hal (the bigger one - 9") is very larger, and Cupcake is only a third of his size. They've got along very well. But, over the past 3 months I've noticed he is more aggressive. I have put extra hiding places in for 'her', but no matter she always swims back to him.  Over and over. I have seperated them and put her in a tank next to him, and oddly they both stayed in a corner looking at eath other and they looked soo sad, I put them back together.

New Parrot fish

I have 4 BP for about a week now,  I understand that they will hide at first but I have only seen one of them since I put them in the tank.  The one that I do see will see me and almost kill itself trying to hide.  

Is there anything I can do to get them to come out?   When I picked them out they were the most active.


Thank you




I just purchased two Flag Fish that are about an inch and a half in length. I was told that they would be fine in my tank which currently houses 3 Parrots, 4 Rainbow Cichlids, 2 Silver Dollars, 2 Plecos, and 3 Gouramis oh and how can I forget my 7 inch Tinfoil Barb!. Anyway one didnt make it overnight! There is no sign of this fish in my tank and he didnt jump out because there wasnt a dried up fish on my basement floor this morning so I can only believe that he was eaten! I feel like he was killed then eaten. But who is the culprit?


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