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Theres another site if it's ok with parrotcichlidgirl I would like to share it with everybody. Its just a site that has stories of people and their pet Blood Parrots. I think its an old site with old postings I think the most recent posts were in 2010 or 2011. It is by no means a site like this one, which is the best Blood Parrot site on the web in my opinion, it's just a bunch of stories that are funny, interesting that I would like to pass on if its ok.What you have to do is put in a search for Blood Parrot animal stories and thats one of the things that comes up.


There are those of you who I am sure have read all my past posts on my fish and the egg laying or non egg laying rituals she sometimes (they), go through. Well, this latest time has all the usual activities in place. She is at the stage where her and her partner are in the cave taking turns who stays in the cave and who takes a quick swim around the cave chasing away any fish that come close. She has removed most all of the gravel that lays beneath one of the stones.


Pinky fights with Bapu

HI Guys, Sorry.. And of course I missed you all. :-) Happy Friendship day.

It's long time I visited this site. So It feels like getting back to the world of Parrots!

But on this Friendship day occasion, I observed that Pinky (Young-Pink Parrot) fights with BApu (Orange fish) and Bapu is not doing well :-(

I removed Pinky from tank and Bapu is recovering (Fingured Crossed).

I need an advise whether Pinky would be doing friendship with Bapu If I will put Pinky back in tank ?


BP is looking terrible


idk if this is the right place to post this but my blood parrot looks sick, much paler than usual and has a huge bulb on the corner of his mouth, please any help is much appreciated, i am very worried.


Bored with my tank!

The thing is I take what I would say is great care of my fish and they will live a long time which in turn leaves me with a small dilemna. I am at my max with my fish count and, until one passes along the fish I have are the fish I have, and I wish I could house more! Another tank is out of the question, I was almost thinking of switching some fish with my local, lfs is what its called I guess,(local fish store)lol. Well I'm not gonna take any fish back, I dont think its right because I feel this tank is their home. They are comfortable here!


For the owners of BP's that got there from Petsmart would you  consider them reliable place to get BP's. I've been  doing a lot of reading on theses lil cuties and a couple of sources claim that places like Petsmart get the lower quality BP's. They call them lower quality because they can keep there mouth closed and some don't turn orange as they get older. Is any of this true? and what was your experiance with BP's and Petsmart? THX!xoxo

what are your thoughts

In my tank I have a small 1" white parrot. Petdumb told me it was a Blood Parrot and would turn orange eventually. I've learned it's probably a jellybean cross and will never turn orange. I also have 2 Blood Parrots (Dudley&Deloris) who are much bigger and bully the small jellybean (Fionn), often not allowing him out of his castle. My female blood parrot laid eggs and they hatched. Dudley and Deloris are very protective and move them around. Since BPs are sterile, my assumption is that my little Fionn fertilized the eggs but I'm not sure how.


purple parrot crosses update

Hello Everyone,

I was looking at the stuff on the borders of this site and noticed that article about where did blood parrots come from? Well, one of the pictures is a red headed chichlid. That is the exact shape most of them were. I will have to get a picture of my orange, blue, and black hybred purple parrot X red texas chichlid. Wich has almost no black left on it. just orange and differant shades of blue. 

Scott The Plumber


blood parrot X red texas update

Hello Everyone, I still have a couple of those blod parrot hybreds i have been working on. A whille back i got a purple blood parrot and a red texas cichlid to breed, and most of the babys turned out to be normal fishy shaped, and ran from black to metallic blue with ruby red eyes. I have one that is orange, and blue, with some black, wich i expect to fade away. Only two had any kind of parrot shape to them. And overall they tended to be on the eyeball eater side of mean, If you crowd them. I will have to post some more pictures.                

Scott The Plumber



Again one of my Parrot fish is going through what I know to be the egg laying process. She is paired up with what I thought to be another female but he or she is acting like a male. They are both together in the cave, or they were they are now swimming about. Without going into this long story I would like to know if it is possible my fish are eating the eggs soon after laying them? Or, is my female unable to produce eggs? Her white tube is long and extended where it is usually barely seen.

white ich on my blood parrot PLZ HELP!!!!

FRNDS my blood parrot pair is suffering from white spot or ich . i have kept them in a bucket with malachite F green soln for 3 days  with slight aeration , but the ich is increasing.   plz suggest me remedy to get rid of this disese. plz do help.



suggestions invited at        


Dewie and Parrot cichlid girl

You guys had both responded to my post about having a cloudy tank and offered some help. I apologize first and thank you second. I didnt get back to you guys because I fixed my cloudy tank problem immediatly after posting about it! I did like a 50% water change and purchased two air stones that pump out double the amount of bubbles than my other one did. I have since been doing 20% water changes weekly, without skipping a week. A simple fix but that was the trick. I guess the bubbles are just keeping a flow of the tank nice with the weekly water changes was all I needed.

Follow up on a story from a little while back

A while back I wrote a story about returning one male Parrot to the fish store after having him for over a year. Well I have been checking up on the guy and it seems that he did the same thing in the pet stores 200 gl. tank as he was in mine. After adapting to his new home he took up with another female, they paired off picked a corner of the tank and commenced to building a nest. I asked the pet store owner how much he would charge me if I took my fish back. I was suprised when he said 20 dollars but thats neither here nor there.

Does parrot dance ? My pinky does....

Hello Friends.. My eyes were widely opened when I saw my Pinky (Orange but now Pink Parrot) was dancing... She/He was turning head left and rigt and tail in head's opposite direction...What a beautiful movement it was...moreover, She/he is throwing stones by his/her mouth at sucker mouth fish....I am really happy to see that but not sure about his/her body moment, was she/he dancing..????


I boil up some water then throw in some frozen spinach leaves and a brussel sprout, let them cook for a couple of minutes then pour a little cold water over them after I take them out then I cut them up into small pieces. In my tank are 4 silver dollars, 2 rainbow cichlids, 3 gouramis ( 2 gold, 1 opaline) 1 large tinfoil barb, 2 plecos and 3 Blood Parrots. 15 fish in a 55 gl. tank. When I put these cut up vegetables in the tank every one of my fish, ( except the plecos) race to the spot and frantically gobble up the offering! They all seem to love spinach and brussel sprouts lol!


Home Made Filter! Simple But effective...

Hello All, I prepared a home made filter and it's running fine now.. I guess, someone might have tried here. I used a air pump, water bottle, a sponge! Anyone has any other idea what to use (karbonn filter or something) inside the bottle too? Thanks in advance.



I was passing by a nail salon place and happened to look in the window and saw a 200 gl. tank housing a couple of large, familiar looking fish. I took a double take and wound up going in. There was these two Parrot fish doing a typical standoff/dance/fight thing that they do! These fish were at least 10 inches long and really thick. The guy that owned the place wasnt able to tell me if they were the blood parrots that we know and love ( the hybrids) or if they were the other parrot fish found out there naturally.

New! User badges!

What are those little orange stars next to some people's names? 


Well, I'm trying out a system of user badges. If you post 5 items - messages or comments - you will get one star. 10 items gets you two stars! At the moment I've limited it to 4 stars maximum.


Yellow parrot

Hi I have a pair of yellow parrot. its been 2 months i have bought them and have kept them in a 45 gal tank.

Home sweet home!

For my fish I like to keep a tank with some live plants,driftwood and natrual looking hides such as rocks and caves. But I also house them with fish of their community but also ones who come from South and Central America. Such as convicts,angelfish,and also midas and blue front cichlids who make the beautiful hybrid parrot cichlid. Also I think a 30-40 gal tank should be to just hold one parrot cichlid or with other fish a 50-240 gal aquarium. I have sand as my substrate woth pebbles in it. It is ok to have sand but add a some pebbles for them to pick on.



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