Is 10 gallons ok temporarily?

Hi, we bought a baby parrot fish today as company for our adult, we took all the bogwood and caves out, rearranged them and popped the new fish in.  Sadly our original fish wouldn't leave the baby alone, she looked like she was trying to bite him (she hasn't caused any obvious injuries), it might be that she was just pushing him with her mouth, it was hard to tell but he was terrified, she was finding him everywhere he hid and chasing him out.  


Bought a third Blood Parrot, bullying ensued. D :

Okay, so I am completely new to keeping Blood Parrots (but I promise, I did my research beforehand don't you worry!).  I fell in love with them about six months ago, and have been waiting to find the ones who stick out to me.  A month ago, I finally found my babies.  They were at a pet store an hour away from home, in two seperate tanks.  One was a piebald, seperated and priced higher, and the other was regular with another blood parrot in with it.  Both only 2 inches or so.  I felt terrible for taking the remaining Blood Parrot's only tankmate, and worried about him constantly.


Verizon Introduces: Parrot Cichlids!

During the lead into the fourth commercial-break, while watching tonight's episode of "Scorpion", I rose to get a ginger-ale. As I turned back towards the T.V.-set, I catch sight of a young East-Asian man "mugging" for a photo with a Red Arrowana for his girlfriend, while walking-about an East-Asian city. (Don't ask me which)

Our 6 year old cichlid has stopped eating

I was doing my normal filter / water change-out when I found a slimy mess inside the unit.  I cleaned it and did the change-out.  Next day, the water was cloudy (that's a first) so I did another 50 percent change-out.  I checked the filter the next day and it was filthy but the water looked does the fish!  But then I realized that the mess was due to his not eating.  The build up was unused food.  He was on a pellet that floats and I would give him the occasional peeled peas to prevent any swim bladder.  So, who knows how long he's gone without my noticing he was not eating.

A Trick Of The Light....

Well, I did it... Broke all the rules I preach, but I finally got myself a new Parrot Cichlid and placed him in a 10-gal tank at my bedside. And how couldn't I...?  When I spotted him, in that superstore's tank, he came up to the glass--as I touched it--and did that classic "Will you feed me?" wag-wag dance.

So-far, he's made one of my Moon-rocks as his new home. And feeding has gotten interesting... Soon as the flakes start to sink, he's in a race with the Tetra Glo-fish to get whatever he can. And winning!

Blue Liquide

hi i need help about blue liquid. when we have to use it?????

how much have to drop ?????

is it good for fish health?????


want to Know more how To care Red Parrot Fish

hi i bought 4 blood parrot i am giving him sufficient meal but they bite each other what is the reason behind of this is it they are playing each other or what & also some black spot is there ?????


Why Pure Parrot Cichlid Spawn Are Rare (Corrected)

While on YouTube, I found a video that I feel explains why our beloved aquatic species usually can't breed with it's own like.

I hope this helps all of you understand why, too:

I apologize to those that used the previously posted link, as I had no idea that it led to something totally unrelated. Obviously, that an unwitting error on my part. And now, the correct one exists.

Thank-you for your patience...


Is My Parrot Healthy?

Hello, I am just wondering if my parrot cichlid is healthy! Please respond! :) 


Parrot Cichlids Make Television Appearance!

  Okay... I know I've made mention of Parrot Cichlids making an odd appearence in visual-media before, but all of you must admit: It's good to see them somewhere other than on YouTube.

Prolapsed egg sac?

Hi, I have had my parrot fish Delilah for approx 10 years, she has regularly laid eggs. Two weeks ago she started to hang around in the corner of the tank and didn't seem herself. Overnight a large 'tumour' erupted from underneath. I did some research and now think this may be her egg sac. It has egg like objects in it and seems to shed skin like material. I tried some antibiotic into the tank and took her out yesterday to give her an Epsom salt bath. The growth seems to be getting bigger. She lost her colour and I haven't seen her eat for approx 8 days.

Adding fish

I now have a single blood parrot, about 6 inches in size, who has been the only fish in a 75 gal tank for about 6 months.  I was told I can only add fish that are larger than him, but our only fish store that had large fish is now closed.  Can I put smaller parrots in with this one, and what is the best way to do it.  Thanks for any assistance you may provide.

Image upload is fixed

I have fixed the image upload.

Here are the image upload instructions (and I also fixed them in the Help area)


Uploading images is simple. Just click the button shown, browse to select your image from your computer, and click Open! The image will appear in your post. 


Once you upload, if your image looks too big, double-click the image in the editor window and the Image Properties window wwill appear.

The fish inside the filter

Suddenlly I heard strange sound coming from the fish tsnk in the other room! When I went there I saw the fish ( it is one fish in a round tank) under or inside the filtter !!!! I quick;ly inpluged the fillter and hlped the fish to swim litter farther than the filter. It went down the tank and layed on its side for few secounds but then it swam good bit slower than it usually dose, (It is almost like Nemo in Finding Nemo movie when Nemo tries to free all the fish from ther tank and to the sea) It is the firs time is see a fish behaves like this in real life. 

Worried my lady has hith!,

 Hello my name is George and i have had my fish Cruella for over a year now. She is about 3-4 inches long, and resides in a 55 gallon tank by herself. I have a 75 gallon water filter on one side, and a 15 gallon on the other side along with a air strip and heater. The tank sits around 78 degrees and i vaccum and do a 50% water change every 2-4 weeks and it always tests clean. I was feeding her Hikari cichlid gold and the occasioanl cricket 2-3 times a day, i changed her diet because i believe she had swimmers gut?

I'm new

I am new in this forum and now I introduce myself. My name Leafy and I'm passionate about aquariums about 15 years. I started like most of us with goldfish, then devote myself after a few years of breeding and Tricoghaster and Gourami. After then, however, I decided to switch to angel and disco fish. Currently I have two tanks, one dedicated to Red Parrot and angelfish ... The tank where he lives 2 baby Red Parrot is about 300 liters, an external filter tetra ex 1200 and one inside. After this presentation, I'm looking for information and advice about Red Parrot.

Parrot fish swimming upside down.

what can I do to help my fish? He is floating upside down. He tries to swim upright but just rolls over belly side up. I am worried because part of his body is out of the water when he does this. He is in a 75 gal tank with 1 spotted puffer and a few Cory catfish.  Water parameters are good. 

Blood Parrot unable to chew, help!

Hi, I have had my blood parrot for over 5 years. He has always had a voracious apetitie but recently I noticed that while he took food into his mouth, it was coming back out minutes later. It seemed as though he was trying to chew but couldn't hold it in his throat to do so. (This is different than bloat in my opinion as he does not spit the food back right away and try again--he keeps it in for a long time trying to eat it) He can also hardly get the food by himself, I don't know if he can't see well or just can't angle his large body under it correctly.


Walkabout Fish-Tank, or... How To Take Your Fish for a Walk.

While musing ideas for tank designs, I took a 1.5-gal. clear glass tea-jug w/handle, made sure the drain/pour spout at the bottom was water-tight, rinse-washed it thoroughly with the hottest water I could and added a Tetra Whisper 3i in-tank filter with a sponge over the inlet for coarse mechanical flitration. Since it was air-powered filter, I merely employed a small, battery-powered air-pump--found among fishing supplies in the sporting-goods section of any local superstore--and ran the air-line & hung the pump's clip through the pour/fill hole in the jar's lid.

Hello. Newbie here.

I am so thankful to have found this site. Thank you for accepting me into your group. I have this big, fat, puckered lipped ball of scales and personality and there is no one here who cares to listen about his antics. If the fish isn't filleted, breaded and pan fried, my husband isn't interested. I had no clue that the day I brought little Nibbles home in his plastic bag that I was going to literally fall in love with him. I swear that darn fish has a sense of humor. Anyway, Thanks again. I look forward to reading about your little guys and girls and seeing your pics too.


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