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    I have had my parrot fish for a long time and it has grown significantly. But everything I put in the tank with it dies! I want to know why?

    the trick to keeping other fish with your parrots is to find out what they like laying there eggs on and put it into a corner of the tank so when they do lay the eggs the other fish will beable to take refuge away from the bps as they will get aggressive to others because they are very protective of there eggs i tried to get some bad eggs out the tank the other day and they was trying to fight me off i nearly crapped my bags lol

    Perhaps it's the pH, but it depends on what other fish you are adding. Parrots are semi aggressive. I have Plecostomus in with mine and I've had no problems...

    Hi, I once asked the fish storekeeper man, the same question as you and his answer was: becaue they are very aggrrasive but if you feed them enough , ( the exact amount of food or/ and multiple times a day) they most likely will not attack other fish although Parrot fish dose not go along easliy with any type of fish. They can live peacefully with Oscars and Scavenger fish. 

    it may be because your tank is too small. how many gallons is your tank, and how many blood parrots are there. also, you may have more luck if your parrots are baby's

    I think the only reason this is happening is because of the tank size or because of incompatible tank mates.

    Do specify what fishes did to keep as tankmates with the BP?

    I would like to know if parrots that are Red ,or orange,are dyed or is it there natural colors?¸Thanks!