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Red Parrot and Goldfish

I have red parrot fishes and goldfishes in separate small tanks. I want to put them together in a larger tank. Does anyone have experience if this would work?



I don't believe this set up will work due to goldfish being cold water fish. I think most people keep goldfish tanks at around 70 degrees or a little less. Blood Parrots like warmer water. I keep my BP's at around 79 or 80 degrees. Tammy

I always had the impression that goldfish could live in any kind of water. I have mine in a tropical tank and they are doing good.

I have a 55 gallon tank that I have 2 gold fish, 3 silver dollars and 2 red parrots. My 2 parrot fish were pretty nice sized when my son won 2 feeder goldfish being student of the month. I had no where to put them because all of my tanks were aggressive. So I thought that tank would be the best. Everything is full grown and they all get along. The parrot fish are to busy picking on each other than to worry about any other fish in the tank. Hope this helps

i have 3 parrot fsh (1 bp orange and 1 pink and one white) i also have 4 goldfish(large) all in a 55 gallon tank they get along great. my lg bp (polly) is the ruler of the tank. i love my parrots (polly, jellybean, and spermy)

i would have to say no aside from being cold water fish they also produce a lot of ammonia that can kill all the fish in the tank it also depends on the gold fish a fedder gold fish givs of a lot less ammonia thin a koi