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Gill Damage

I was recently given a really big parrot fish (and a smaller one) by a friend who had bought a fish tank on craigslist that came with 2 parrots... Anyways, the big one seems to have its lungs hanging out, which I have seen before on blood parrots, but they look slightly damaged.. It looks like parts of the red gills are white and perhaps infected?
(Had a really hard time capturing a picture of it, can't really see what I'm talking about in the pictures I attached)



Is he breathing quickly? if so, check out gill flukes,

Haven't noticed quick breathing... The fish actually seems incredibly mellow all the time (may be because of it's age)

found this picture on an old post on the site.. this is how the gills look except some of the strings in the gill are white

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I remember answering a question belonging to that picture way back, there was several ideas, are none of them of any use? Id take a phone or digital picture(or laptop) to the fish supplier, just to eliminate gill flukes or anything else, when you say that hes mellow could he actually be lethargic?gills should be cherry red with no signs of bleeding and the filaments be separate and well defined with no sign of clumping, fish are all different but if you know what is the "norm" for your fish then you know when things aren't quite right,gill appearance change under certain conditions but just in case!

fish has been alright.. im begging to wonder if previous owners of this fish had poor water quality... the fish also has (what looks like) permanent black spots almost colored into him... will do my best top get these out. interesting that it would affect the gills though

I saw your photo and it is exactly like what my fish have. Was your problem solved? What did you do? I suspect Gill Flukes too. Please let me know, I'm worried about my 3 BP's. They are acting fine but the gills look exactly like your photo.

my parrot fish has had this for at least 5 years or more.  he is not ill and behaves like NOTHING is wrong and always has.  I have many other fish in the tank with him and no on else has ever had gills like this.  i have reviewed this site and it seems like no one has an answer for this.  if anyone ever does please let me know.  i have treated my fish with medicinal products for various posibilities but nothing ever changed.