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My parrot fish are developing black spots PLEASE HELP!

I have a relatively new 30 gallon setup with marine sand. I have had 3 parrots, 3 catfish, 3 tiger barbs, 3 rosey barbs, and 5 glow-fish (the bright pink ones that look a little like neons) for 4 weeks now. I added a plecco 3 days ago.

I tested the water and my nitrite level is within the " stress range" . This evening I noticed that two of my parrot fish are getting black spots on their fins. What is causing this? How do I treat this? Should I add tetra EasyBalance with Nitraban, or should I just do a partial water change and add Stress Coat? Should this fix the problem?

Also, I am going out of town for a week (leaving an auto fish feeder)so should I wait until I get back to treat the black spots so I can monitor the water conditions? This is my first aquarium of this size, and first time to have parrot cichlids.

I decided to add 20ml of Stress Coat just now. I am very worried about all of my fishies! I need help A.S.A.P. PLEASE. I leave on Friday.



From the aquatic community website: "Blood Parrot cichlids are the only fish that can get Black spot disease. This disease is very common among parrot cichlids and displays itself as black spots on the fish. This is not normal or healthy and you should never buy Blood parrot cichlids that display signs of black spot disease. This disease can be a result of poor water quality and effected fish will get better if you improve the water quality. If the water quality isn’t poor the fish can get better after a few days. Black spots can however also be a sign of that your fish is in spawning mood." From the list of the fish you have for your tank, it may be overstocked, therefore reducing your water quality. I have a 30 gallon long with 2 blood parrots and 5 small cories.And thats all that will ever be in the tank. Tammy

I have the same problem but I don't have blood parrots. I have King Kong parrots. It is only 1 that has it. I have 3 King Kong parrots in a 20 gal. Tank. Is this set up overstocked too??

Your tank is over stocked. definetlly could be stress signs. I wouold do 20% water changes ofter and add stress coat to the new water as a conditioner. Make plans to get a bigger tank or adopt out some of your other as that is way to many and the tank will not be able to handle even half of them soon. parrots seem to show the black spots and streaks when nitrates are high ( overstocked or inder cleaned tank) and around aggressive fish unless they are spawning.

I totally agree with Tammy. Tanl is way over stock and defiently stressed. No room for any fish growth and the nitrates will easily get sky high. Water quality is hard to keep with that many fish. The BP's are always the first to show sign of stress. Good luck and let us know how it goes.

I find it interesting that your BP's starting getting black spots shortly after you purchase a plecco. Mine did the same thing. Let me know how you made out.


you are overstocked, 3 parrots ha vent enough room in 30 galls without any other fish, choices are a)give fish away, b) get bigger tank,or second tank c) stay as you are and see problem after problem occur,possibly losing your fish ,sorry but there is no way around this

Yes your tank overstocked. The black spots are stress in this case because of water conditions. The parrot fish show everything. You have to read my post on plecos also because over time when the pleco gets larger it will try and suck on the sides of the parrot fish while they are sleeping. I had to find a new home as this was stressful. Parrots also need more water changes as they are messy eaters. Also you need hiding spots such as a cave from petsmart as they like the shelter. definelty get other tank or new homes for the other fish as soon as you can. The parrits grow fast in a great environment. I feel sad that you were over sold fish and the combo together. The black spots will go away when conditions are better. Black spots do come when they spawn but this is not the case. I love my parrot fish and hand feed them and they greet me everytime I am in the room. Great fun loving fias I wish you the best of luck and do your research!

mine get black spots when there really stressed, which im sure urs r. no room. i think the idea is clear here, get a bigger tank please! the rule is that 1 parrot needs 30 gallons, then 10 gallons 4 every additional 1. i think that all ur fish, especially the bps will get sick if u dont get them some more space. good luck

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Am really enjoying this site....very informative. I love my bp. I have 7 in 75 gal. Tank. I also have a Bala shark, 2 clown loaches and 2 albino bristle nose plecos. I find the bp very comical and interesting to watch.