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Picks up gravel

I have noticed that my parrot fish is a little shy, but he does seem to be getting better, but i noticed the other day, that he has a habit of hiding under the filter and picking up the gravel in my tank and spitting out by the filter. Should i be worried or is this just normal behaviour? (have only had him 1/2 months?)


Dont worry, completley normal

This is common behavior for cichlids. They like to build nests in the gravel and uproot plants as well. Plastic plants are usually better for cichlids. You will often see them picking up gravel and moving it around in the tank. Once they pick a spot they like it is hard to dissuade them from leaving it alone!

It is very common for parrots to try and dig around in the gravel. Mine used to do the same until I added some hiding places for them. I also added pebbles in the tank for problem areas that I knew were too heavy for them to lift. As soon as I added the hiding places for them they seemed to calm down and stop digging the gravel. Instead they stay in the hiding holes and come out to feed and swim around when they see the dither fish roaming the tank.

y two parrots used to play tag and swim in and out of thier caves and have a good ole time. Lately they have picked a large boulder and are protecting it with thier lives. There is a clear slime like substance on the boulder and I could be wrong but it looks like small eggs are inside. They are hybrids I didn't think they could have little one?
Waiting any ideas.

Sounds like you have eggs, females are fertile and lay eggs ,so if she was to pair up with another type of fish ,that fish could fertilise the eggs which could then hatch, but because approx 98% of male parrots are sterile, this is far as its goes, eventually both fish will eat the eggs and then start all over again

nothing to worry about..just normal behavior for parrots to be digging gravel an moving them up..lots of other cichlids do.

I have had mine for 4 days now and mine have completely redecorated. One got fungle infection and I am treating now. When they stir up the gravel that should bring back any old burried germs should it?

It is so normal. My fish used to do it all the time, but every week when I cleaned the tank I would suck up and fix all the spots he cleared out. After a few times of doing this, he gave up. It sure is fun to watch.

My parrots have done the same thing to my aquarium. THey keep digging up and rearranging my plants. They are fun to watch! :)

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