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Parrot Cichlids' behaviors are their most endearing qualities. They are thoughtful, playful, and highly intelligent.


I recently got my first RBP, he is in a tank all by himself, I worried when I first got him,he was so shy, hid all the time,would not come out to eat, but he has gotten a little better. I just love this fish an I was wondering if i should get him a buddy now. I would like to have another RBP I just don't want one fish to pick on the other. I would say my RBP is 3 inches from mouth to the end of his tail, about the same size as when I got him 2 weeks ago. Could anyone give me some advice about adding another RBP now or later?

I was having problems trying to get my RBP (Shyler) to eat, I guess he was so shy he was afraid to come out and eat. I had been trying different ways for a week, I finally decided if I don't get some food in him he is going to die. I began to net him and put him in a breeder box feeding Shyler while he was in the box, he was starving an ate real good, I knew I could not continue this, so today I came up with another idea an it worked, I had a small white plate I washed it an put it on the bottom of the tank got some pellets in my hand an put them on the plate, he want eat off the plate if he can see anyone, I went back awhile later an the pellets were all gone. Hope this feeding ritual continues to work. OH, by the way this started when I first tryed to feed him, I dropped a few pellets in the tank an they went straight to the bottom out of site, I knew this would not work.