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Why is my parrot fish turning black?

I bought my parrot fish about four months ago and suddenly as each day goes by, the more the fish is turning black. Why is that?



hi my understanding is that it can be a stress thing my bps had it and as quick as it comes it goes again, i know that my water was not right at the time . but also my two large bps are desplaying spawning behaviour and he has black on him DEBS102

when was the last time you changed the water? And what size tank do you have?

Bottom line reason for the black spots is that your fish is stressed. The underlying reason could be anything from an agressive neighbor to ineffective filtration to a change in your pH level. Have you added any new fish recently?

I have 3 of them and all of a sudden the smallest one is turning black and always hiding beside the filter, he swims fine and comes out when he wants to and eats just like the others but he is turning black. its not spots, it's more like the fins and then strips on the body is mouth is fine.

Maybe due to the water...

When did you last change water in your tank.... What size is your tank???

I went to my local pet store and saw some BPS there. Out of the 6, 2 had black spots. So I asked him about the spots.

Surprisingly, this guy tells me that the spots were black patches which make the fishes look more attractive. He also adds that these patches signify that the parrots are paired and ready to breed.

LOLZ..... I am from India... So people here are not much aware of BPS.... Any comments about this??

anything that puts the fish under stress IE overcrowding, poor water, wrong tank mates, wrong temp,neglect, moving fish, over cleaning tank(scrubbing everything) no hiding places, illness and disease, being new to the tank, tank being new,the list goes on and on,spawning activity also, juvenile blood parrots are dark grey with dark patches and go through a colour change gradually someone on this site posted a great set of pictures showing just that,anyone remember who?sometimes(as with spawning activity, it comes and goes) sometimes you have got to find and rectify the problem (as with illness) and usually daily water changes clear it up if it is environmental, think of black spot as a sort of early warning system that something is not quite right (I think that the pet guy saying it makes them more attractive is pretty lame,given all of the other reasons)

I have watched my fish for 5 years turn black and then go away my conclusion is everytime they turn black they are growing and I have proven this to be true after they got bigger everytime they turned black. :) Don't worry its completely fine.

most of the time it is just water conditions, stress, or even getting ready to breed. one of my males got an X on his forehead connecting his eyes one time right before they tried to breed.

i bought an albino oscar fish (size as my parrot fish) and 4 of my fishes start to have black spots. 2 orange ad 2 blues. so i  think the main reason is their new mate. :) 

I don't want to go to a generic pet store and buy a small orange fish,that by size indicates he/she should still bee brown w black on them. Is it safe to by from breeders found on thevinternet?

I don't want to go to my local pet smart or petco and buy a bright orange BP that by size should still be a baby with brown and black coloring. Is it safe to go to online breeders for my first BP purchase. I will only purchasing one as I only have a 30 gal tank for now...who knows what the future holds... Second question...for a bp's happiness, when I get my next tank, should I get a long or tall tank? Thank you very much for you time on these questions. Angi