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Difference between Parrot and King Kong?

Hello I just joined this site and I can't believe i actually bought a pair. or at least i hope a pair of King kong Parrots.

They are currently in a 29 gallon tank and are about 2 inches or so. My guestion is whats the difference between King Kong and a reg. Parrot?

The lady at the fish store assured me that they are King Kong. They are mostly orange/whitish with a little black on the face. Really cute little things and I named them Pinky and Winky. Name seems to fit them



I have a KK parrot, named "Taz" because of his crazy "I'm in charge here" behavior. Taz is bigger than most of the other parrot cichlids in the tank, but same bright orange color. He's a little more disk shaped, but that could be just because he eats more. He's a complete pig, always first in line to grab food out of my hand.

the picture is Taz when he was a baby.

All BPs start life as grayish striped so the black you are noticing in yours might be the remnants of that color change.

king kong means they have red devil or a midas bred in with them. these will get huge up to 14 inches. the jelly bean variety is breed with convicts and stay under 8 inches.

okay i have one of the most beautiful bps, but i just seen some bps with white spots on them and some that had big bloches all over them, they were absolutly beutiful (although they all are), id like to know what kind theu are or what they were bred with, because ive been inlove with bps for like foreve hehe, but ive never known they could come in these colors... and id love to own some albino parrots! every time i tryt o find them they either dont have them or they say that they need to order them and like ner do..... ugggh so please help me out???<3333333

the white splotches and spots sounds like a disease!