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Blood Parrots keep dying

We have had 3 sets of parrots since January 6th. Lots the first 2 after 2 weeks and the last ones in days. I've done a full water changed and recently purchased 2 more - one is very large. The water was tested and showed oily content which I was told could be due to over feeding. How much do you feed the parrots if they are large? Today the smaller of the two is starting to show signs like the previous ones and laying on its side. When you try to catch him he can still take off. He's eating. The big one seems a little white in colour but doesn't have spots to speak of and he too is acting different. We completed a 1/2 tank water change and added aquarium salt 5 tsps (50 gallon tank) and stress liquid (1 capful) and we also put the product in to remove the chlorine from the water. Help I don't want to loose these guys too. We have the temp at 80 degrees. We have a yellow belly shark, pleco-small, gourami with them


Hi, Could you test your water with your test kit and post the parameters like amonia, nitrates, ph and nitrites. Also what kind of tank is it. What products ( chemicals ) are u adding. You mentioned you water was oily. Wonder where is that coming from. Do you use Tap water / RO ? Avoid changing large quantities of water. If you have to change water then no more than 20% at a time in a day and also ensure the water parameters of the ones that you add are the same as the one in your tank. How long has your tank been established. Did you give it enough time to cycle and what is your filtration system. I would suggest you get activated carbon and add to your filter. This should remove any chemicals that may be preset in your water. Make sure you turn up your oxygen pump. For now keep it running all the time.

My tank has been established for quite a few years. I don't have an oxygen pump just a filter? I will get the carbon to try. Stress coat, aquarium salt and Aqua Plus tap water conditioner. The bigger one seems to be struggling more today. He tries to swim and seems to be rubbing against the gravel. Then he goes back to the corner and just sort of lays there

Rubbing against the gravel could be signs of ich and poor water quality. What is your water temperature like you may want to raise it to 80deg. A air pump is a must and you should invest in one. What is the kind of filteration you are using and what is your tank size. Perform a water change of 10% every day. Just add the water conditioner and no other chemicals. Get the carbon and add it to your filter if it supports it. This will remove all the chemicals from your water. Also do you use TAP water or RO / distilled water. If possible while performing the water change the new water you add put it from your RO if you have one.

we had tap water. Don't have r/o. They are still rubbing against the gravel. When I feed them they eat and then go lay down! I see no signs of ick but what do you recommend for ick that works the quickest. Our pump is for a 50 gallon and I was told by the store that was enough for air. Aqua Clear Cycleguard 200 power filter. What kind of air pump do you recommend?

ok I've done the water change with the conditioner. I do and always have had the carbon in the filter but yesterday we changed and cleaned the filter. When this first started with our first set of fish we had a heater malfunction. Even though I changed most of the water could this have caused the water quality to be poor? We do have it at 80 degrees. The gourami is even at the bottom which he normally is at the top. Would not taking them out and putting them in fresh water and changing the whole aquarium not be best?

Well I noticed ick today on my yellow belly shark so assumed that was the problem. Got quick cure and put the drops in and already the big one has perked up but not the little one yet. He's still lying down. Poor guy , hope he picks up with the 2nd dose.

Ok first raise the tank temperature to 82deg. Add aquarium salt. This acts as a good medicine for ick treatments. I would usually add 2 tablespoons for every 10 gallons for treatment purpose. You mentioned your tank has a 50gallon power filter however what is the tank size. LFS are known to boast of products however they are never true and under rated. if you have a 50 gallon tank then your filter should be 2X. Do not perform any major water changes just do a regular 20% every other day. Make sure the new water you add is chlorine / chloramine free and of the same temperatue as your tank. Do not remove any fish at this stage as this would stress them further. Check your PH and nitrates and keep them at good levels. If you can get the API Super Ick Cure. You could check for the air pumps. I would suggest tetra followed by rena followed by ario. Ario are neat with lights and a dramatic visual effect in your freshwater

we added salt two days ago when we did the water change. I used quick cure for ich and can't believe the change in them already. More playful not laying down anymore or hiding. I have to do 3 days of treatment and then the water change I will do. My tank is a 50 gallon tank. The filter I have says it is for that size tank. I think the ich came from the second lot of fish from Wal-mart - may be $10.00 cheaper but not worth all this trouble

Glad to know they are recovering well. Keep the treatment going. In the future it is always advisible that you get a quarantine tank and whenever you buy new fish keep them in there for a week and ensure they are free of any diseases before you add them to the main tank. Also a filter that is rated for 50gal is usualy the maximum size it can support considering optimal bio load and water conditions. Which in almost all our cases does not happen. Which is why most experts would suggest you go double the size or have 2 of them. I personally think getting 2 is better just incase one were to fail for some reason you have a backup till you find replacement parts for the other. Also helps during cleaning of the filter media as you can alternate the cleaning processes thus causing less harm to beneficial bacteria that you may loose otherwise. Hope this helps.