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I Have recently purchased 2 rainbow parrot fish - they are a yellow colour with a pink forehead and then a pink, turquoise and green stripe down the sides and very pink lips (looks like they are wearing lipstick). Are these fish dyed as I have never heard anything about them before?. Also we bought 2 normal golden colour parrot fish this week and when we got up the next morning they were dead - the 2 rainbow parrot fish were chasing them around the tank and head butting them from both sides (together) Only other fish I have at the moment with them that seem O.K is a large 6" catfish and a 4" one. Can anyone suggest what I can put in the tank as it is a large 40 litre tank.



These fish are dyed,lots of you will have dyed fish that you just love,just be aware when buying new ones that this a cruel practise driven by demand, refuse to buy and sign on-line petitions against this profit making ,ethicaly wrong practice.These buisness people dont care about fish, only profit and as long as we continue to buy they will contiue to sell them, also your two parrot fish will need every drop of your 40 litre tank,they may outgrow even that!Dont add any more!!

very true about the room. i wouldnt add more :(

Old post Katie...

I have the same kind of fish that I was given for birthday. I have a pair of them and they will chase each other around the tank.

They are actually tattooed somehow. Sounds cruel but the fish that I have seem extremely happy. Listen, if people are so worried about the fish's well being, then keeping them in a tank is cruel too. How would you like to be couped up in one small room your whole life? But the truth is, fish have very short memories. They do't realize that they're in a confined space because by the time they reach on end of the tank, they've forgotten about being at the other end. As soon as they see another fish, they've forgotten that they've seen it before. So do you really think that dyeing the fish affects it's mental health? Don't get me wrong, these fish are smart! They swim over to me when I walk by the tank. But it's not because it's me, it's because it's a behaviorial pattern based on getting fed - almost like instinct. They don't remember. They just react to repeated stimuli, such as getting fed. If you tattoo'd them every day - now that would be cruel.

thats not true. these fish know there owners. if i walk up to the tank its a compleately different reaction then if a stranger does ( they bolt and hide). and even if they dont remember, it doesnt make it right that people do things to them like dying and tattooing! it doesnt matter about mental health,but it does about physical health. and fish that have been dyed r definitly at more risk for health and immune problems. they strip off there natural slime coat with chemicals and dye them, that leaves them open to all kinds of health problems down the road. if u have healthy ones ur lucky. this person didnt know about dyed fish though. i would just suggest not getting anymore in the future. there r so many NATURALLY beautiful, colorful fish to choose from.

I know I endow my fish with human attributes but I feel that providing my fish with an environment as close as possible to their natural habitat and dyeing(first dip in acid) and tattooing are completely different, while agreeing that fish have short memories and don't remember what is done to them ,the point is, this doesnt make it right!The ones that survive are indeed happy(thousands die during the process before reaching the shops)I stand by my belief that it is a cruel and unnecessary practice I suppose that my real objection is that people cant make a choice if they are unaware of this practice(just look how many posts are from people worried that their fish are ill because the colour is fading)they are told sometimes that the fish are color enhanced( with food pellets? dye?),in the UK there are growing numbers of fish suppliers choosing to sign up voluntary and not stock dyed fish, why? because they too feel this is the wrong way to go, if suppliers had to state on the tank, THESE FISH HAVE BEEN DIPPED IN ACID TO GIVE YOU THIS COLOR, how do you feel the general public would react?People who access this site do have an interest in the well being of their fish, so I do feel that this subject should be considered when choosing new ones,I would love to hear comments from any fish suppliers on this!

I have the same kind of lipstick parrot that I recieved as a gift. To think thoygh, if a tattoo hurts a human, I can't imagine how bad it hurts a fish!

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These rainbow parrot fish aren't dyed. They are a hybrid. Some are a double hybrid. These fish are specifically bread to have these colors.

This is an old post. They are not dyed but I think they are tattoo'd.

oh my god ur right! i never look at the date then feel stupid! either way its cruel. how do these old posts keep showing up as new ones?

Someone probably searches and then posts a message. I always check the home page before I check the New Message sidebar.

where can i buy a lipstick ( rainbow ) parrot?

At any unrespectable fish store. You shouldn't buy those.

Where are you located at? Are you looking to buy in a local fish store or buy fish online?

this is an old post from  :)


I just got my first parrot fish on Christmas!  I named him Ignatius and he is hot hot pink and he is the only fish in a 20 gallon tank.  In his tank there are two large plants and one pirate cave/toy.  I feed him once a day with cichlid flakes (around 5 or 6).  He seems happy and he swims around all day. He has a dime sized spot of black right beneath his "chin". 

Is this a problem?

Am I doing anything wrong?

And my real question, Should I get him a friend?

Please answer soon and I can supply pictures if needed!

Love, JuliaGrace