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Aggressive Blood Parrot, possible tank mates?

I'm back with another question for my murderess (ah yes, SURPIRSE, she's female not male!).  In her 40g breeder, she killed one BP and bullied the other so badly we had to rehome him.  She also killed four Green Tiger Barbs, and so we had to rehome the remaining school.  She's been laying clutch after clutch of eggs since she got the tank to herself, and has been alone and seemed sort of depressed for the past two months or so.  For my birthday this past week, I was given a brand spanking new 75 gallon tank, and my new stand is being shipped as I type this.  I've been told by several people that the 40g is large enough for a singular Blood Parrot, but would she be happier in the 75?  And could she possibly have tank mates if given more room without murdering them?  I just want her to be as happy as possible, but without killing other fish in the process.


Should I just keep her in the 40g and use the 75 for something else?  If I move her, what tank mates could withstand her without killing her for being a bully?



Well, lord-knows I could use a 40-gal. for cheap, so...

But seriously, the only fish I know BPs to be comfortable with--and not bully--are Iridescent Sharks. Mind you, you might need to give away the shark after awhile, because of how much they can grow... but in a tank of the size you're speaking of, that won't be a worry for some time. When they get too big to turn-around easily (i.e.: Doing rolling flips instead of just turns) is the time to consider re-homing them.

Plus, I wouldn't recommend more than two, seeing how they are fairly messy. My last one, Spot, wouldn't poop for days... then, suddenly [after eating], a storm of poop would shoot out of him. Needless to say how keeping one is a test of both filtration and patience over tank cleaning. 

If all else fail... you can pick-up & quarantine a large stock of Neon Tetras, and enjoy watching nature take it's course. (BPs LOVE 'EM!)