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Ick or not?

I have white sand substrate in tank.  Not sure if this is ick on blood parrot or just white sand or air bubbles stuck on slime? Can someone please help determine by pictures attached.  BP acting normal and all ammonia/Nitrite/Nitrate levels are all good.  Greatly appreciate everyone’s help.  Thanks.




I'll admit: Even I'm having a hard time telling...

But, to be safe, ull the carbon--if any--from the filter, raise the heater setting to 90*F and add doses of anti-ick for a week or two... If it clears-up, keep it up for a few more days to be safe, then return the carbon to the filter and perform a water-change.


In my experience, ich presents as little raised dots, not one big area of "vitiligo". this looks more like the color variations that happen on these fish.

Appreciate the responses.  Additional white spots have appeared on blood parrots + tetras in tank so I’ve began steps needed to remediate.