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Eek! a LEAK!!....

In the fishkeeping hobby, there are few things as feared or panic-inducing as discovery of a leak. Be it obvious and gushing, or not, the frustration of it can be disheartening... And this is how my dealing with one went:

One night--while bedside to my tank--I found water between the lower framing and the dresser-top the tank sits upon. Knowing how sloppy it's water-changes sometimes go, I simply mopped it up and thought nothing more of it.

Then it happened...

Awake around 4:00A.M., I touched the dresser-top's corner and felt it... the unmistakable sign of a puddle forming. No wonder the water level had been dropping quicker than usual--it was seeping out somehow! Grateful to have a makeshift holding-tank ready, I immediately moved Shebert & Zipper to it and gathered my water changing equipment, draining the 20-gal as low as the pump could take it.

"Great!" I thought... "I just hope someone has tanks on-sale!" After removing the decor and setting the tank into my tub to await inspection, I began a search among big-chain pet shop sites for a suitable replacement--at a reasonable price, of course. Sadly, I had no-luck... Nobody that listed their stock had a decent ($1-gal.) sale, forcing me to substitute an inexpensive transparent storage container instead.

Then the real fun began....

While filling the new "tank", the hose burst--sendingwater under household pressure everywhere!... Then--once filled with water--the longer sides of this polyvinyl container began to bow outward. " Not a problem--I've dealt with this before." I figured. Once I had the lid--a raised-top design--trimed to clear the HOB and in-place, I discovered that I had removed a piece of material from the lid crucial to keeping the walls from bowing outward, and my HOB was unleveled... and dripping water out the back, and down the wall behind it!

A piece of hose on the HOB's leveling leg later, I decided it would be best to get a design of lid--the type that wasn't "domed"--meant for the container, and try again at trimming it. This time, so there's proper bracing across the opening for the HOB. Once that was done, it was time to adjust the level of the HOB (Again!) and rearrange the decor that got pushed inward by the now-reinforced walls... so as to keep anything from touching the heater, which is laid diagonally across the tank's floor. 

So... The question is: Am I happy with this new arrangement, now that it's all-done? Answer: No. After fitting the new-er lid, I realized that it will make doing water-changes difficult, and perhaps feedings as well. To add to it, I decided to swing by a big-chain pet shop that didn't list their stock online... And guess what I discovered: A HUGE aquatics equipment & supply sale, with tanks going for 20%-off! And I had no money!! What's more, kid working in that store--whom I asked for a price on an unmarked tank--told me of a way that could've easily prevented this mess... something like I did before with my 40-gal breeder.