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We have had our parrot cichlids for about 5  years and I've noticed that one of the fish has a very narrow mouth and has difficulty eating. We have tried flake food, blood worms and pellets and she (who knows if it is female) can't seem to suck in the food effectively. Anybody hav any thought on how to help her or what other foods we should try?





First-off: don't worry... I once kept a small BPC with such a pronounced dropped-jaw, I resorted to exclusively feeding his entire community tank flakes. It saddened me to see it need to make repeated "stabbing" darts at the food as it sank, just trying to get a bite... And yet, he managed to eat well-enough to survive!

I notice mention of feeding your BPC worms... I can only assume you mean that you've been feeding them by hand. If not so, perhaps it's best you started a repertoir of handfeeding. These may go slowly at first, but if you're familiar to them--especially in relation to feeding--they will grow accustomed to this method; this species is not as dumb as they look to most people, and certainly not as dumb as most people think all fish are.

As for how dumb most people are when it comes to fishkeeping, however....