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The Return of Sherbet... And a Pairing!

For those of you whom haven't seen my videos thus-far, I will tell of what has occurred in my little community in the past two weeks.
My male Parrot Cichlid--Sherbet--had been showing off signs of aggression... Namely, attacking his own reflection in the tank's glass. I figured this as a sign that he needed a mate, and immediately got him one--Zipper, a female Parrot Cichlid that seemed barely older than another Parrot Cichlid female I once had that paired-off early.
Sadly, when Zipper was introduced, Sherbet chased and bullies her relentlessly. Being fearful for Zipper's well-being, I was forced to remove Sherbet and place him in a makeshift tank with filter, and keep him isolated until his temperament changed.
Now, after two weeks in isolation... as recommended by a professional Cichlid-keeper... I reintroduced Sherbet when I noticed Zipper displaying the same behavior as Sherbet did before I introduced her. And to my surprise, Zipper began behaving and swimming in a way I never seen before!
It was strange... Zipper was swimming every which-way, her fins fully spread, not giving Sherbet a moments rest. I could even see the dots of blue iridescense in the trailing parts of her fins--which never was really visible--clear as day! The same with Sherbet!! And the next thing I knew, they began a pairing ritual!!!
As I sit and view them now, they seem to be attempting to spawn... for which I can only hope they're successful at, as I'm sure many keepers of Parrot Cichlid pairings are.
Well, here's hoping for the best... And that Zipper doesn't have a prolapsed egg-sac. I don't see any eggs yet, so here's hoping hard for the former, and definitely not the latter.
Hoping all goes "swimmingly" for the new couple...