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Thinking of Adding A Flower Horn

Hello Mike,

It has been a very long time since I posted anything here at the forum. So far all of my five (5) Parrots are doing just fine and are growing at a good pace. About every two weeks one of the males is always spawing with the females. But like you have always explained the males are sterile. So I thought about adding a Flower Horn to the tank. But before I go ahead and do this I would like your advice first. Not sure if you remember that I have a 100 gallon tank that I keep my Parrots in so I am thinking it should be ok to the add the Flower Horn. Anyway I will wait to hear from you on what you think about adding the Flower Horn.

Have a great day!

Frankie G.




It's good to hear all is going well for you and your BPs... They must be quite comfortable to attempt spawning. It's also nice to hear you're considering breeding, and will attempt so with a BP cousin. I wish you well with the results, as I've seen what happens when such crossbreeding is done... Good and bad. Here's hoping for the "good"!

As for your concern over tank size, it's well-founded. As you might have noticed, Flower Horns are notably larger than Parrot Cichlids, on-average. And, being they are a cichlid, they can be quite aggressive. That last part aside, 100-gal. of tank-space could get a little crowded with five Parrot Cichlids already there, so adding a Flower Horn might be pushing it... I'd need to see the existing community in the respective tank--as to how large it's current members have already become--to determine if you have room for such an addition. 

Looking forward to the new pics, and please... checkout all the videos I've posted on my YouTube channel. You can find it via the link in my posted article: Home-Movie Time!

As always, good-luck and hoping all goes " swimmingly"...