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Home-Movies Time!....

Hello again, fellow PCF-keepers!...

Nothing much to say, just here to share my long-lost and recently found videos of the examples of our beloved species I kept in the past... as well as ones recent. What follows is a link to one of YouTube videos I recently posted showing what-all I've only spoken of in past postings here, starting with the all-so-popuilar mating dance: 

I invite all of you to view & share the other videos on my channel, thank you for watching... And again--as always--hope everything goes "swimmingly"!




Hi, I fixed BPTV so the player is working again and added your video.

To see the full playlist, click the menu item in the upper left corner of the video player. 

Thanks, PCG... It's good to see one of my videos got favor. I invite you and all others to view all the videos on my page, and thank you for making this one part of your compilation. Hope I see more of my Parrot Cichlid-related make your cut.