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Re-Planing The Tank Set-Up... Again!

It never fails...

Just when I finish getting a fish-tank how I want it, I turn-around & find myself thinking about changing some part(s) or all of it... and today was no exception:

After finishing the new setup, I saw one of the air-stones in the under-gravel system wasn't bubbling like the other, despite both sharing the same source/air-pump. This led me to consider doing one of the following:

A: Ordering a power-head to place atop the riser... One with enough suction to draw the waste material out, but not with so high of flow-rate that it upsets the tank and its community.

B: Beginning the set-up of the twin-canister system I saved from the tanks at Flo's--drawing through the under-gravel, as I planed.

C: Just buying another air-stone from my local indie live-fish store, and installing it at first chance.

Since money & space weren't really available, I choose the third option and visited Trop-Aquatics in Lombard... my old "fall-back" store for quality stuff that I can't find cheaply enough elsewhere.

Once inside, I do my usual look-around to see what's in-stock... including eyeing whatever used equipment they have for sale. Now when it came time to get a larger tank for the fish Flo & I kept, I had eyes on a 65-gal. tank & cabinet combo that PetSmart carried. Sadly, because of space-constraints and lack of money, I couldn't get it--even while it was on-sale--and settled for a 40-gal breeder-style from them, which I drove cross-county to get after ordering online. When Flo lost the apartment, I then emptied it and gave it to Trop-Aquatics to sell... Off-commission.

Anyway, while at T-Aq today, I noticed several 65-gal. tank/stand combos for-sale... With the tanks marked $129.00. And once-again, I knew money & space were against me... so I just kept looking-around spotted the same--only used and with a cover & lighting! For the same-price: $129.00!!

Naturally, I first considered space. There wasn't enough room for it in my bedroom... no-matter how I juggled things around! But... there's enough in the other one, just to the right of the door...! And the cabinet with it would provide the perfect place for the twin-canister system, plus all the supplies.

But the MONEY! NO-WAY my dad would allow such an expenditure this month... Especially after what happened last-month! And if there's one thing I've learned about this store, it's that used equipment in good quality don't stay around long.

Well, I suppose I could offer the shop a down-payment to hold it... At-least until I can complete the full-payment next month. And since I made so much room in the computer-bedroom by reorganizing it, I suppose my parents will understand me getting a larger tank--so the larger fish can grow-out properly... Maybe. I'll still care for them just-the-same... and maybe have enough room for one more of even their choosing... Maybe.

Oh, there I go with my ambitions again... Whenever I see a chance to do something big, I go right-ahead with making my plans, regardless if I really can see them through or not. And if I do, it'll start all-over again when I see a another chance, just because I tend to dream big, and never seem to get enough or have good-enough... All because I'm bi-polar, supposedly.

Like of I said: It NEVER-FAILS!


like all "hobbies"  upgrading might not be an option, but re-arranging can be just as satisfying.  good post, mike.

you mention "Lombard"  ....  same Lombard that is a suburb of my favorite (Chicago) city?    if so, GO CUBS

Yes, I do mean that Lombard. I live in the next town to the South--have since I was 2-weeks old. Being right near the edge of Will County, and in the middle of an area with a highway on each side, I can easily get to any chain-store location quickly. 

Sadly, there aren't many IFR's in the area... but there are at least some knowledgeable staff at the Petland: Aquatic Adventure near me. (The only one "near" me.)


 BTW, my Cichlid is so back to his/her own self.  Very relieved.