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Verizon Introduces: Parrot Cichlids!

During the lead into the fourth commercial-break, while watching tonight's episode of "Scorpion", I rose to get a ginger-ale. As I turned back towards the T.V.-set, I catch sight of a young East-Asian man "mugging" for a photo with a Red Arrowana for his girlfriend, while walking-about an East-Asian city. (Don't ask me which)

Having seen video of a East-Asian LFS on YouTube, with Ranchu's (fancy goldfish) big as a NFL "pigskin", I was curious about what I missed. Thank-goodness it was on DVR... I quickly restarted the ad--being for a new Apple iPhone--and about midway through spotted something; a direct shot of our beloved species in a tank, followed by a through-the-tank shot of the young East-Asian man--through the same tank!--with tanks holding close-relatives of our beloved species behind him.

Well, there you have it... Parrot Cichlids in a T.V.-ad. That makes three ways they've appeared in mainstream-media. So all those whom consider Parrot Cichlids "Ugly, mutated goldfish" can go to you-know-where... because there must be something photogenic about them for directors of film, television & advertising to seek them out for appearance in their work.


Aside from sharks, I think Parrot Cichlids are the most photogenic, charismatic fish out there!