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A Trick Of The Light....

Well, I did it... Broke all the rules I preach, but I finally got myself a new Parrot Cichlid and placed him in a 10-gal tank at my bedside. And how couldn't I...?  When I spotted him, in that superstore's tank, he came up to the glass--as I touched it--and did that classic "Will you feed me?" wag-wag dance.

So-far, he's made one of my Moon-rocks as his new home. And feeding has gotten interesting... Soon as the flakes start to sink, he's in a race with the Tetra Glo-fish to get whatever he can. And winning!

The only problem I'm having is the community's reaction to any visible light... any color of light they can see... has forced me to keep the tank dark when it's not feeding-time, and resort to some interesting methods of lighting just to get pictures. Take this as example:

I shot this using a UV-light. I have another, which I really wanted to post, but the damn uploader won't allow rotational correction.


Go ahead and upload anyway - I'll fix the rotation. UV light is an interesting solution, for sure.

What is the problem with light? Not sure I understand why they need to be kept in the dark? 

Okay, trying this again...

Here he is again, being "blue & beside-himself"...

"Hey! Who's in my house!?"...

I got lucky with that last one... but not as lucky as I did last Sunday, when  found a 20-gal. tank w/gravel & water inside--sitting at someone's curb! I just cleaned it & let it sit in my tub, filled with water to check for leakage. Best part: it'll fit atop my dresser, right in place of my 10-gal!

Also, since my Parrot Cichlid ate all my Jumbo Neon Tetras, got some 2"-length Iridescent Sharks & Hakari's Sinking Cichlid Gold mini-pellets. My Parrot Cichlid struggles a bit with eating them, but he manages... as so do the Sharks! Their mouths are barely big enough to even try get one od those pellets inside, but they do it! The Parrot Cichlid just chews at one for a bit, then spits it out and either looks for another or tries at it again. At least it gives the Tetra Glo-Fish a chance to eat the flakes. Maybe I should get Hakari's mini-wafers for all of them...?

Great pictures! So funny about the pellets - it reminds me of trying to eat jawbreakers as a kid. 

Well congrats on your new parrot, I am happy to seen that you broke your own rules. By the way rules are meant to be broken, LOL. Anyway good luck with your parrott and hopefully everything will turn out smelling like roses!

Oh by the way I was suprised that you didn't reply to my post I put up a few days ago!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Frankie G.