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want to Know more how To care Red Parrot Fish

hi i bought 4 blood parrot i am giving him sufficient meal but they bite each other what is the reason behind of this is it they are playing each other or what & also some black spot is there ?????



From your other post, I gather you're new to the hobby of fish-keeping, so I'll ask the most importan t question first:

What can you tell me about the tank they're kept in? And please, leave-out no details... as the more you can tell me, the better I can picture what's going-on. And the better I can help/advise you.

As for now, all I can say is they're stressed-out... Most-likely from being introduced to a new--and probably uncomfortable--situation. Medication can help, somewhat--but unless they can actualy get comfortable in their environment, they'll remain stressed-out. And if that happens for too-long, it's "So-long...!" to your fish.

BTW: I've once kept a few well-grown Parrot Cichlds in a rather small tank--briefly. And because Parrot Cichlids are aggressive, territorial fish, they fought over each-other's territory quite often. And if your tank is too-small for the size/number of fish you keep, they will be doing the same.

If nothing else, add some little ceramic caves, hollow logs or flowerpots that they can hide in. If they don't see each other so much they won't fight quite as much.

Thanks for adding that, PCG... I was going to to hold-off on such details until the OP gave further details, but I guess--depending on the situation--some pieces of advice are best given immediately. I hope we hear from this OP again soon.

And yes, ocean2151... Hiding-places are a necessity for territorial fish, as I've learned with my own. Just make sure whatever "hide" you provide is large enough for you fish to grow into.