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Prolapsed egg sac?

Hi, I have had my parrot fish Delilah for approx 10 years, she has regularly laid eggs. Two weeks ago she started to hang around in the corner of the tank and didn't seem herself. Overnight a large 'tumour' erupted from underneath. I did some research and now think this may be her egg sac. It has egg like objects in it and seems to shed skin like material. I tried some antibiotic into the tank and took her out yesterday to give her an Epsom salt bath. The growth seems to be getting bigger. She lost her colour and I haven't seen her eat for approx 8 days. Is there anything else I can do to help her please? Many thanks 


That *might* be a bunch of eggs hanging off the end of the ovipositor. You could try to catch her and see if they can be scraped off. The ovipositor is like a fleshy tube that protrudes from the belly area when in use. They sort of rub it against the walls of whatever is handy and glue the eggs to the surface. They aren't in a sac when they are glued - just individual eggs spread over a surface.


Don't try too hard to scrape them off - you don't want to hurt her, just see what you're really dealing with. 

Hi thank you for your reply. I'm not sure what the 'growth' was as on one side there was definitely a sac which  was clear and on the other side it was full of what looked like eggs but could have been a tumour. Sadly Delilah died on Friday night. I'm heartbroken, beautiful fish, I will miss her lots . 

That is so sad, I'm very sorry.