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Adding fish

I now have a single blood parrot, about 6 inches in size, who has been the only fish in a 75 gal tank for about 6 months.  I was told I can only add fish that are larger than him, but our only fish store that had large fish is now closed.  Can I put smaller parrots in with this one, and what is the best way to do it.  Thanks for any assistance you may provide.


Six inches, you say...? Well, that certainly borders on the biggest as they come, but it doesn't mean any-&-all smaller fish will be endangered by sharing an open tank with it.

But yes, you can keep other smaller Blood-Parrots with it along with other types of smaller size... so long as they are a match for each-other in aggression & aren't small enough to fit into it's mouth easily. Mind you, I've seen video on YouTube of a BP attempting to eat a Bala Shark, and have personally seen several Neon Tetras disappear within hours when kept alone with one particular female I kept (Jude). So keeping several fish--even differing fish--in one tank as a community isn't a problem... Just have plenty of hiding-spaces for them arranged in the decor and all will be well.

Thanks for the help.  I've had this one, and two other parrots and 2 tin foil barbs for about 9 years, but gradually over the last year have lost all but this one.