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Worried my lady has hith!,

 Hello my name is George and i have had my fish Cruella for over a year now. She is about 3-4 inches long, and resides in a 55 gallon tank by herself. I have a 75 gallon water filter on one side, and a 15 gallon on the other side along with a air strip and heater. The tank sits around 78 degrees and i vaccum and do a 50% water change every 2-4 weeks and it always tests clean. I was feeding her Hikari cichlid gold and the occasioanl cricket 2-3 times a day, i changed her diet because i believe she had swimmers gut? She wouldnt eat and was doing strange spin swiming around the bottom of the tank.

 About a week ago now i did a water change and had a bright light next to the tank and realised she has some white spots and one pin hole on her nose. I have heard of hith before but wasnt worried about it because i thought i was okay if i didnt feed her live minnows. So here i am freaking out. I couldnt see it cause i normally dont have a bright light in the tank, just the light from the room. In the transition of the first problem i had already changed the water and intend on doing so again real soon. I also bought her a higher quality sinking food called New Life Spectrum cichlid formula as well as frozen Emerald Entree food cubes which has protein and veggies cause she spits out peas.

My theory is the problem developed when she was experiencing the swimmers gut when she didnt eat much for 2-3 weeks (lacking nutrition). From what i understand clean water and proper nutrition help alot of problems? Was also considering giving her a methylene blue bath in hopes to fight off secondary infections? My uncle is a vet but is usually really busy and messages me when he can. He suggested taking scrapings and stool samples then follow up with antibiotics but we never discussed a time and a place.... I have a 15 gallon med tank on stand by as well as Pimafix and methlene blue from my first fish i rescued.

Ill post a couple pics, the best one i could get. Any help, suggestions on treatment or medication and where to get it would be great. Or proper ways on diagnosing the cause of the hith. I think its early and want to get on top of it because i love my little orange friend.



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Anyone have any info or a lead?

Hi, First, I have lost 2 blood parrots due to something that sounds similar. White puss/fungus in their sensory pits/ stop eating/ HITH. Once the fish starts eating, his/her chances of survival are slim. Is your fish eating again? My fish always loved blood worms the best. Seachem also makes a product (Entice) that is supposed to make food more flavorful and encourage your fish to eat. As for curing HITH, there are two ways to do it. First, is that many believe that hith is caused by poor water quality. Doing a 50% water change every day or every other day is recommended until the HITH goes away.  You could also add salt to the water to help with the healing process.  Blood parrots make a lot of waste and doing only a 50% water change every 2-4 weeks is definitely not enough. The other option is with medication. The medication you want is called Metronidazole. This can be purchased on Amazon or you can get it mixed with Praziquantel in API General Cure. Good luck.