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Walkabout Fish-Tank, or... How To Take Your Fish for a Walk.

While musing ideas for tank designs, I took a 1.5-gal. clear glass tea-jug w/handle, made sure the drain/pour spout at the bottom was water-tight, rinse-washed it thoroughly with the hottest water I could and added a Tetra Whisper 3i in-tank filter with a sponge over the inlet for coarse mechanical flitration. Since it was air-powered filter, I merely employed a small, battery-powered air-pump--found among fishing supplies in the sporting-goods section of any local superstore--with it's clip hung into the same original hole in the jar's lid... Which I also fed the air-line through.

Whenever the hospital-tank was occupied and I needed to quarantine a single fish from the rest... or needed to take one or two to be examined by my local aquatics-veterinarian... I'd fill the jar with tank-water to just below the filter's spout, place whatever fish I intended it for inside and add a battery to the air-pump. People would marvel at it, and be amazed at how I made such a "cute" fish carrier w/functional fitration. Even the vet was impressed!

If I were to do this again, I'd look into a jug made of BPA-free plastic--for both toxic & handling safety--and see about adding a nano-tank "smart" heater... If I can get it to be powered by a reasonably sized battery.


We moved all of our fish across the country once, using battery powered bubblers and coolers. When transporting the coolers we drained enough of the water to make them tranportable on a cart.  When we stopped for the night we added dechlorinated water (made in another cooler) and added portable filters.  But this wan't nearly as portable as yours!

Thanks... It worked well with all my smaller fish (3" and under) but when Jude, Zira, Puff & Curio became big enough to mate, there was no-way any of them could fit inside comfortably. (Not enough wall-to-wall space) Heck! When I loaded them all into a 5-gal. bucket w/bubbler, to give them all to my local LFS, the shark stretched across the width of the bucket... touching wall-to-wall inside of it.

Perhaps if I do this again--in a larger form--I'd either cut large windows into the sides of a 5-gal. bucket, and then adhere (glue/epoxy) a loosely rolled-up sheet of lexan to the inside, with the ends butting against each-other... Or I'll just buy one of those 2.1-gal. pet carriers from Meijers, and work-out my other ideas on it.