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Why does my baby BP have rosey cheeks?

I've only had him 3 days and I noticed that he has rosey cheeks (came that way). Is this normal? Could he be changing to a darker red color? He is about 2 1/2" and very happy in his 37g tank. I plan on upgrading to a larger tank a little later. 20161024_144110.jpg


Oh-boy! I've seen this allot on BPs in superstores lately... and if that is where you got this one, my simpathy to you, as I've been noticing something disturbing with the latest stock of BPs these places get:

Normally, a healthy stock of BPs will last well-until they start gettting too-big for the tank these superstores keep them in. But lately, I've been seeing new stock start showing obvious health-issues within a week or two of introduction, such as: Either lying upon the bottom in one of the corners or against the wall, or being caught-up in whatever plant decor of the tank there is... all the while, just barely breathing.

As a fan of this species, I find this alarming... But a talk with my local, independent live-fish retailer/seller assured me that this is only an issue with the stock superstores buy, as most reputable IFS' usually get "first-pick" of whatever stock breeders offer, with the "buy-in-large" superstores typically selecting whatever lesser stock remains for the lowest cost per head.

I hope that whatever you're experincing with this BP isn't detrimental... as I'd hate to see even one, let-alone another private tankful of these--as I've seen on YouTube lately--suffer & be lost to whatever epidemic is causing this.

I've had him going on two weeks now and he is doing great.  The red cheeks have disappeared and he is very interactive and happy.  Also putting on weight and busys himself digging in the sand and begging for food.  He never did shy away from me when I first introduced him. 

Being from Ontario, Canada I tried to find a private breeder but couldn't find one.  I did check out several pet stores in the area, including PetSmart but I refrained from buying there.  I ended up traveling over an hour to a small community pet store that was very clean and the owner actually has blood parrots himself.  

My little guy is cute but he doesn't look like the pictures of real blood parrots with the flattened triangled mouth.  Mine can't close his mouth but his beak seems a little more pointed.  He does have the protruded head and round body though.

It's good to hear that you finned friend has improved... And I know I might have mentioned it before--elsewhere--but have you added a measure of aquarium salt for the comfort of him & the others?

Also, it's good to see you found a indie LFS that appreciates the species, as there are many people--even some LFS owners--that argue against its existence. Some of them feel it shouldn't be sold, and others still that it should be outright destroyed! But these people forget: Evolution is the product of a mistake... and we, the "evolved" race, are hybrids ourselves. Besides... We all know where the idea of enforcing eugenics comes from.