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Possibly need to re home my true parrot

hello! My names Joe I'm in Kansas. I had purchased two parrots from this place called Picasso exotic equatics in leawood Kansas. Anyways I purchased both of them juveniles a blood orange reddish lookin guy, and a bright yellow one. As time goes by, I noticed some changes in the orange after further research the orange one turns out to be the KKP virarity, and is not a true parrot, anyways the (KKP) is now almost twice the size of the other and very girthy now the yellow one is about 4.5 inches or so, she's gettin big to, but not near as big not near as fast. I'm thinking about rehomeing  the yellow true parrot so I can possibly put more aggressive species in the tank with the KKP and I won't want to worry about my yellow one if that makes since. Anyways she's got some bruising on her, her color is fading she's not as bright anymore. I rearranged things. Put more hiding spots. And nothenreally works he still antagonizes her to the point of malnutrition something needs to give. And I'm not trying to wait around until the Unavoidable happens

If anyone is in my area let me know. 




When I entered this hobby about a year ago, I had a small 20g tank, in which I had several different species in over time. Eventually, I setup a larger 40g breeder tank, so they could enjoy better health & be more comfortable. When my larger BPs started showing aggression with one-another, and some of the smaller fish in the tank, I restarted the 20g (Read about it elsewhere here!) and placed them into it. After some further consideration for the needs of all the fish I kept, and seeing how the smallest of the bunch struggled to feed because of it mouth being so oddly deformed--even for a blood-parrot!--I carefully arranged decor with consideration towards all that would be in ther--including two mature Angelfish & a male Silver Dollar--and moved all of the smaller fish in the big tank to the smaller one and vice-versa.

This worked out well, as the small BP didn't need to struggle so hard to feed, and he tended to swim contently among the others & around the decor. Plus, he hardly ever hid after awhile... even when my hulking mass came by the tank!

So, in the end... placing your little darling into another, smaller tank would likely be the best thing to do. And when it grows to a size that matches the other, you might be able to re-introduce it to the bigger tank... Just watch to see if any other aggressive in that community start bullying it, and if it falls back to its old ways of handling it.