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Am I doing something wrong?


 From long time ago, I had nine Orange Parrot fish for about six years. Then they died one after the other. Now I have two Orange Parrot fish and one Oscar. Yesterday I resceved two Oscars but one Oscar had died today. I requrly clean thier filter and chage the water or at least renew half of the tank's water, specially if one fish died. I also have another goldfish tank. They used to be four gold fish but two died and yesterday my sister got a new gold fish. All of them are in a good health, the Parrot fish, the Oscars, and the Gold fish.  

I always try to clean both fish tank's fillters frequintly, change the tank's water, add more water if needed. I feed them every other day such as if I fed them today I do not feed them tomorrow. ( The store store men always tell me use method)  Please tell me if I am doing anything wrong. 


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